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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As-salamu alaykum Brother and Sisters, With the grace of Allah, I have developed this project: https://SayingsOfImamAli.com Read one different saying of Imam Ali (عليه السلام), every time you refresh the page. (In Arabic and English) Search for words and get Hadith which contains them. (e.g. lust, knowledge, faith, satisfaction, pray, friend, etc.) Read Hadith, or listen to audio, or view as image. Download them in your device if you wish. Every Hadith also has differently crafted image that can give more charm to Hadith, so you can share with others. Every H
  2. As salam aleikum dear brothers and sisters. I am looking for the reference to this dua, I tried Mafatih al Jinan but couldn't find in that book. Does anyone here know? Thanks.
  3. This is same post I made 9months ago and the service is running very perfect since then, so I want to inform all the new subscribers of this forum.
  4. Thanks for your appreciation. I don't have any intention to sell in preset or in future. I solely did for Allah because he is the best to trade with.
  5. Thanks for your message. Yes these two addresses, you can use as DNS servers. If I had made it as an Application, then it wouldn't work in Android, iOS devices because these devices does not provide Applications with enough permission to see which websites are being accessed. Secondly it also means separate apps for Android, iOS, Macbook, Windows. And lastly, it would only work as long as application is working in those device. Using DNS server you can simply set them in your home router and all devices connected to it will simply get those DNS servers attached. No need to install any app
  6. Thanks sister. Even if people don't use this service, I pray that their children would be safe from bad websites. It's difficult to live at a age where you can't deny your children with latest technologies while also making sure they don't fall in sin.
  7. Salam aleikum dear brothers and sisters, With the help of Allah, I have made DNS For Family (free service), that can be used to block all bad websites at your home, school or wherever you wish. For complete details you can visit: https://dnsforfamily.com In short, as you know internet is filled with bad websites that psychologically effect our's and our children's lives. These websites brings our children towards multiple sins that lowers their piety (taqwa) as Rasul Allah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).w said: "Staying away from sins is the foundation of deen, give up sins so that you b
  8. Salam, I have made a banner for Imam Bargah in our city. So that people who came there can always remember Palestine in their prayers. You can also print it or, share it or with your friends and community members. High quality: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Td40aP3NXQBt-wA4bSfOX8XPN1ZCaKYr
  9. Thank you. May Allah too, reward highly for your contribution.
  10. Sorry, I really don't understand your request. If I add paging option it will be more difficult to move to specific category, say: category #50. You need to turn around 50 pages. But in this scrolling way, with one swipe you can reach to category #50.
  11. Thanks for your message. There is no paging in this App. As all virtues are categorized. When you want to view another app instead of pressing "back" button press "home" button on your phone, in this way the current running App will go in background instead of exiting. And it will be there till mobile memory allows. But still, for you and other people, I have updated the App. Download latest version (1.17) to enable this feature. It's already published and take some minutes to go live on Play Store. Now you can easily mark the last virtue you read by clicking on small yell
  12. I see that Updated App is live on Play store. If it's not automatically updated for you then just goto: https://goo.gl/eKXFC5 on your phone/tablet and update the app.
  13. Thanks for your message. I have updated the App and now you can select virtue and reference text by holding your finger on them. Download the latest update (1.16) to enable this feature. But other than that, if you only want to share with your friends. Better idea would be to bookmark the hadith and then you get option to share with friends using Messages, WhatsApp or Email. In this way the App put a small notice at end of messages that says "For more virtues, download this Android App: link", so more people can download this app.
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