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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. walakum asalam, personally if i were you i wouldn't say anything as this would cause tention and arguments between you and your teacher causing him to hate you. Just dont worry about what he believes.
  2. asalam a alaykum Is it wrong to say Allah is everyones Father in the sense that he created us? is this shirk? thank you
  3. Asalam a alaykum guys i have a question that im hoping to get answered regarding fortunetelling and black magic. My question is if jinns get info of future events etc from the Angels discussing it how do some fortune tellers guess / predict info about a particular person. Because i dont think the angels of Allah would be discussing personal info about ourselves. Inshallah i get a good response.
  4. I cane across a video by antimajos titled imams are gods (astafirallah) then it led to that
  5. AND SORRY FOR NOT MENTIONING THIS CRUCIAL POINT but as stupid as i was after the second/ half second of me believing that imam ali was god, i still kept repeating the thought in my mind to see how stupid it sounded in my mind and to also get used to the thoughts. astafirallah, should i ask for forgiveness
  6. thank you all for your info but have i commited shirk and should i ask for tawba?
  7. asalam a alaykum brother and sisters please help me urgently, i think i have commited the worst sin in islam (shirk) thoughts of imam ali kept coming to me saying he was god (astafirallah) i kept ignoring it and ignoring it but it wouldn't go away. so i thought if i kept saying the statement imam ali is god (astafirallah) , i would get used to the thoughts and they would eventually go away. so i kept saying this and i think for a second or half a second i believed in what i was saying :'( brothers and sisters please help me.
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