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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Me too sister. A part of me was always separate from people in their company. You know all the stuff that goes on in that "separated part". Naturally I just didn't want to carry the weight of that and now just do what's natural to me. I feel relief and I enjoy nature now way more. I've been thinking a lot about balance though. But yes, fulfill my duties and other than that- the happiest I've ever been. A huge relief.
  2. @Ron_Burgundy ENFPs and INFJs share the same functions but reversed in orientation. I do nothing but laugh with ENFPs then fight then laugh Subhan Allah i had a joke about being in a glass case of emotion haha...
  3. Salam Shia Farm girl. I too am a farm girl from South Lebanon. 854sx/sp nice to meet you @shia farm girl
  4. Wow. Well, in my humble opinion, if you take the good bits of Cognitive Functions, Neuroscience and Enneagram you have a quick little go to guide that basically helps you communicate with others, understand their perspective, understand how their learning process and their inner drives. I also believe, if utilized properly, that the aforementioned can put restraints on how far Western Psychology has gone. I personally don't mean it's progress, I imply it's detreiment to 21st century society. In my 5 year nerd rabbit hole with this stuff I kept thinking Subhan Allah, maybe we were created with certain functions to construct this flow of society. We need a few INFJs for a reason. ENTJs are brilliant and are hew and far between. ISFJs are some of the hardest workers and best nurtures "in real time" as I've met hence their abundance in the medical field. Brain scans prove the parts of the brains used by each type. Over 20 years of practical research by Katherine Fauvre connected patterns in our core emotional, mental and visceral drives, motivations and levels of health. No harm taking the good from what we learn, variables filtered through the equation of our deen, to help understand life, ourselves and the people around us a little better. I am also curious as to why more rare types are represented among Shia. I see it here. I've noticed it when I travel. Very curious. Alas I need data to make such a claim. My purpose here though was to engage with other INFJ Shia because that's a double treat. Rather than look at it as a "special snowflake" how about reshifting your perspective (oh Ni- you can be a gift) and perhaps deduce that a person who is (by chance, I don't feel special, nor do I want any prize and Insha'Allah I am not speaking from ego or pride now) at 1% of the population wants to talk to people who may view the world the same way she does. we are souls, intellect, and egos who wish to connect and be understood no matter what gender or type you are. Not even understood. People vary, within type. Obviously. i wonder if Ni dominance and finding Islam and Shism has answered all of those nagging questions and feel as much peace as I do. I wanted to ask if specific duas help you feel less of .... what we absorb so much! If people want to take tests and share dialogue. It's fun. We can learn a lot. So let's keep it inviting.
  5. I'd be excited to get to know other INFJ Shias. There seem to be a quite a few here.
  6. Jazakum Allah Khayr. anyone ever notice a physical shift during these times? Pressure on the body, etc. Subhan Allah
  7. http://www.duas.org/magic.htm very helpful duas.
  8. Nutritiom and Mental Health One study of many Tibb E Nabawai, Ibn sina and Hippocrates had a point centuries ago.
  9. Tibb e Nabawi Ibn Sina and Hippocrates Just some food for thought ...
  10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd/index.shtml
  11. @amberzahra Salamu Alaikum Amber, Inshallah you are feeling some peace. Neurological, cognitive or mental impairments do not suddenly happen unless you've contracted a parasite, started taking pharmaceuticals and had a negative reaction, or started taking supplements/herbs (like a high dose of manganese for long enough can cause hallucinations in some people). You can check out your B12 levels as well- if that's low then you can also have some neurological issues and it does make you feel off. Sometimes very off. This sounds, seems and feels very different...and this is just my opinion. Don't be afraid. Don't ever be afraid. As scary as it is, I agree with the poster (and her obvious experience) that feeding it will strengthen it. They're like little children trying to cause you trouble. Bully you. Be a nuisance. You don't fear them, you ignore them till they get bored and go away to leave you in peace. Alhamdulila you're fully aware of what's happening. Despite your discomfort (more than we can imagine I gather) be conscious of that awareness and take haven in Allah swt word. So your faith, attaining conscious calm, and some Quran and Dua. AND STRENGTH. Stay positive and be as strong as possible. Don't succumb, ignore. Wouldn't it be okay to have Quran on in the background while she's keeping busy? Did you travel anywhere, Hike, Sit somewhere at night? Perhaps delve into some things out of curiosity? Come across someone who made you feel uncomfortable? inshallah once your more lucid you can look back and see how it happened. And avoid it I agree with the psychic attack and inshallah you will be free of this soon. I am iffy about posting Surahs to read because it's such an unseen, misunderstood gray area. Many more knowledge brothers and sisters will may post exactly what to read/ listen to. Ive heard several times that Surat Al Baqarah Ayatul Kursi Ara'f Yunus Nass Falaq and Adhan are helpful. Your tone and tenor doesn't seem OCD nor did it sound manic. The DSM doesn't factor in the spiritual. Perhaps an Imam at her mosque will tell her to see another doctor. Perhaps that Muslim Psychiatrist will say she is experiencing psychosis. So you have what it takes to navigate through this and it's quite clear Have faith in Allah swt, His word and ignore, ignore ignore. There are a few minerals that can help counter feeling uneasy as well. Stray lucid enough to persevere yet calm your system. It's under stress. All my humble opinion. We all have them. The point is her safety and strength and NOT to be pulled down a pharmaceutical rabbit hole when it could be something else. Allahu Alem.
  12. Jazakum Allah Khayr Hameedeh. Youre very helpful. I was drawn to IECOC the most and am planning to attend inshallah. I'm sure they'll direct me to everything.
  13. Asalamu Alaikum, I believe there is a large Shia community here. It would be nice to open a line of communication with you and would appreciate recommendations for classes, events and community service organizations. Mainly for adults as many are geared toward the youth. Jazakum Allah Khayr
  14. Asalamu Alaikum, I stumbled across a Hadith from Prophet Muhammad SAWS that has stood out in mind at the moment. Especially when thinking about parents, educators, mentors and the entrusted confidants of children. It also made me think about the basics of Psychology. All the observation and research ... and this gift of a Hadith: "a little child's memory is like unto a picture carved on stone, and an adults is like something written on water" Insha'Allah we are all conscious of the words, actions and examples we set as adults around our children and those of our community. Insha'Allah we are aware of what we are carving. May Allah swt forgive me if my mind wandered where it shouldn't and if my interpretation is totally off. Any insights?
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