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  1. Sorry for the push, but I had to say I can understand your frustration that speaks from your post, too many people, mostly females in that case that probably have a low desire themselves, propagate sexual suppression and many others in our religion aswell. Sexual repression is worse than promiscuity even in my opinion, because it creates monsters inside the head in the first place, because it is a natural need, some have more than others. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) himself married multiple woman, I am sure some people find other explanations than sexual desire for it, because they won't see anything that could shake their strong hostile view to anything that is sexual between man and women other than conventional marriage, which in this day and age is getting more and more difficult for many young people who then have to rely on zina and other bad habbits like porn and masturbation, because the islamic society is often hostile to sexuality in other forms than traditional marriage. Secrecy, Shame, disgrace, isolation and dishonor are a few of the many negative feelings they tend to associate, daughters, who don't get married because of circumstances and because they are not even tought the option of mut'a they go out and mate with multiple partners, seen all that happening. The forces that try to supress these natural god given desires are a major cause for the disease in our society. To people who are easily offended by sexual subjects, don't click the following link. For others, I find this non-islamic, yet rational and realistic article well written http://sexual-sanity.com/2010/11/six-signs-of-sexual-insanity/
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