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  1. We all march towards you o my Imam 2764.png<3 1f622.png:'(
    O the one who was slaughtered thirsty..
    O the on who was slaughtered unjustly..
    O whose body was trampled by the hoofs of horses..
    O the one who gave his Everything in its entirety to Allah..
    O the one who is praised, loved and mourned on Heavens and Earth..
    O the one who is the Beloved Grandson of the Beloved of Allah..
    With you lies our hopes for intercession..
    With you lies our hope for salvation..

    Save us from the fire of hell..
    Help us become "Hussaini" 2764.png<3 1f622.png:'(
    Ya Hussain 2764.png<3 1f622.png:'(

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