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  1. Islam should be the boss. And if the man of the house is strictly adhering to Islam then let him be the boss Most of the times, a man's baseerah outlaws a woman's baseerah just because man has more out-worldly experience than the woman does. But in household problems or relationship issues, women tend to have a better say than men.
  2. Don't take a liberal outlook dear sister. Don't you know how fiercely Shayateen act when 2 Na-Mehrams are talking with full privacy. It would have been better if they would have directly asked their parents to set up a meeting if they were really serious about marriage. And I seriously don't trust on "Online Relationships turning to marriage". There is high chance of a failed marriage and some chance of a divorce too. And the father making such an assumption about the nature of the girl is natural as he has seen something which according to his standards is not virtuous. Don't call him backwards - His culture just doesn't allows that.
  3. If you are seeking for a sincere help. As per my advise you need to do certain things - 1. Start with Allah and repent. He is the Only Guide and without His Will nothing happens. 2. You're just 18 and he is just 21. There is enough time to get married. Wait till you turn at least 21-22. And let the guy turn 25. Test him with his patience. Most of the guys just fall for one after another girl as this is the age for the same. But believers are those who are patient with God's command. If he can wait till 25 for you without talking with you and cutting all the ties with you and this proves he really wants to get married with you, else he is just another 'Friend for benefit' type of guy who is fooling you. 3. Never go against the wishes of your parents. Believe me, until and unless they are not calling you for Haram, obey them. This is one of the best form of piety. Finally, if you yourself can't wait for him for next 3 years without talking to him (cutting all the ties), then your love for him is also vague and vain. Why am I calling for cutting ties? Simple Answer : If you don't, you'll SURELY fall into Haram. Your life will become a chaos and God will be upset with you. Solution : Cut all ties with him, and let patience be the judge. If both of you can survive 3 years happily without each other and still want to marry each other when you talk after 3 years about it, then it means Allah will help you out InshaAllah, otherwise if any one gets engaged in between these 3 years with someone else then he/she surely was not in TRUE Love what we say with the other one. Wassalam. May Allah protect you Sister.
  4. Haha!! I see my Indian brothers getting angry at me
  5. At least someone made my wish true in his mind
  6. Born and raised in India but wish I was Iranian (This may seem offensive to some Indian users btw )
  7. One short advice. Take a break. Stop using your phone. Don't go anywhere. Just spend some time being cut off from everything else. And in this time of yours just strengthen your Iman. You know Allah is still Merciful to you as you can differentiate between good and bad, sins and virtue. What you need is a strong connection with Allah which I think this dunya with its rigorous routine is preventing you from. So take a break. Take a week or two off. Pray, cry, scream, read and just think about what blessings, what enormous blessings He gave you in this world and the next. He made you a Muslim, a Momin. Shaytan always comes to those who believe. He has to do nothing with those who are already swimming in the ocean of sins. He is trying hard upon you. Build a resistant wall of Imaan around your self. Busy yourself in reading Islamic books. May be books on Taqwa. This will help you. Even if you are a working individual, take a week off, don't care about any salary cut offs because at this point of time your Imaan is way too precious and costly than your daily job. We all will pray for you to get married asap.
  8. Dear sister, this is really heart breaking. Your situation is a very tough test upon you by Allah. Always trust Him. Don't look to these worldly matters keeping God out of context. Firstly you no where mentioned about any child and thus I assume you both don't have a child. Now coming to the point. Please bear with this. Even if your man had just Mut'ah with those 5 girls before marriage, its still upsetting that he had this with 5 women and you never got mad at him. I might have been other way round. In most of the cases the girl would have been mad at the man for having such intensive as sexual relationships. Secondly, bear with this again, I feel as a man that your husband is a conman. He is a liar and he is not a Momin. Wallahi he is not a Momin if he ditches his wife just because she told a truth in his face that he couldn't bear. What the hell is this!! You can go and have so many sort of Halal relationships and this woman comes you and tells your about her past which was not so good and you ill-judge her and snap away the entire marriage. Your man is a sexually thirsty man. Like, how can someone just throw away his marriage and within a week can get engaged elsewhere and then after that another co-worker gets a boyfriend, he finds a new woman. Can someone tell me if this is not being sexually thirsty then what is it?!! I would say with all the patience and endurance you have been through last 5 years, come out of this chaos. Don't waste your life upon such a guy who takes you for granted and keeps flirting with another woman. By Allah he is not a god-wary pious man and all those Mut'ah were just for fun for him. He has abused Mut'ah and he will be questioned for that. And he has abused you as well. And he has to go from ill consequences if he din't repent. Just try for a last time to make him understand from the depth of your heart that he means a lot to you and he can't just go away like this. But if he ignores and feels happy with the other woman than please leave this man and I tell you God will never satisfy him. Allah will help you get a new good pious husband. There are many out there who were god-wary but got divorced due to valid reasons. Allah is your Protector, He will find you the right one. This was a test for you and you certainly din't crossed your limits but he surely did. Get out of this. Try to talk to your parents and tell them that its not working out. No need to go into details. You are a financially independent woman now. Allah will help you find a good husband. Another advice - Please don't reveal your sins to anyone no matter what. Just like you revealed to him. its haram for anyone to reveal his sin to other person. It was Satan who caused this rift between you two. I hope you understand that this marriage is a failed one not because you but because your partner, never take the blame on you. Because if he had been a true believer, he would have forgiven you and understood you and would have never indulged himself in Zina e Mohsina if he did had a sexual relationship with other woman despite being married to you.
  9. That is why I wrote (Exceptional cases are allowed). Just like its forbidden for women to be jealous of their husbands but is a sign of faith when a man gets jealous of his wife. In the same way m man holding the flag of the family might seem dominating to you but is recommended in Islam than women holding the flag of the family when the man is already there. Also excuse me for using the term 'dominate', a bit of vague and extreme. Take it as being the head of the family. The one for whom Islam says that he must be respected and obeyed by the wife.
  10. Girls mature early and age early too. The 5-6 year age gap where a man is for example 26 and the girl is 20 or 21 will help them both establish a good family because its in the fitrah of women to find a husband who is can act like a shield for her, counsel her and be the "Man" for her. Generally women have this in their nature that they can find this in a man older than them. Its really odd to marry a woman older than you. Personally I think if its not a very exceptional case, it will lead to problems in the long run. Women will dominate the family and man will have no say (have seen such cases) and the entire nuts and bolts of being a successful family will be dropped here and there.
  11. In one such incidents a Sayed came to ask for a loan from a wealthy muslim person but he din't helped him. Later in barzakh he was punished for not helping a Muslim when he could do so. The punishment was increased because that Muslim was a Sayed. This came into the dream of one of the scholars. Surely I will quote the names of the books but if you want to go through such stories you can check out 1100+Islamic stories app on Play Store. Its a Shia app.
  12. I have read many incidents quoted in books where a person was punished in the barzakh for disrespecting a Sayed in his life. These incidents were mostly revealed in the dreams of scholars who knew such people.
  13. Yes it is a part of "religion" to respect Syeds but those who are overdoing it in a way that hurts Non Syeds are to be questioned and not the religion. Indo-Pak is seriously ill when it comes to many issues.
  14. Just "Respect" due to Holy Prophet(saws). The ayah you are quoting is about superiority. Syeds are not superior to Non Syeds but we respect them from one perspective. Non Syeds can also be respected based on their individual personalities.
  15. Official - on the website - It is said about Michael that "He denounced anyone who claims that Iran represents shia, and said the teachings of Imam Al Sajjad (as) encourages free thoughts in the world."
  16. Inviting a Zalim in the Shrine of Abu Fadhlil Abbas?? Inviting Child killers in the Shrine of Abu Fadhlil Abbas?? He is a former pentagon official and a neocon adviser for the Middle East. These are the same Americans who have invaded Iraq and took so many innocent lives. This man (you can check his twitter) keeps bashing Iran and calls it a "Terror Sponsor Regime". He has written rubbish articles on Iranian women and Hijab. Surely US is planning to incite Iraqis against Iran and with the political change going on in Iraq, US will try its best to gauge the Iraqi political affinity towards US and its allies and not IRAN. This is a gross injustice and disrespect to the shrine itself and to the martyrs of the Hashd Al-Shabi. Check out his twitter handle - https://twitter.com/mrubin1971
  17. By saying Iranians I meant the System. Iran is a nation which is the not ideal but the best possible face of Islam in today's era. It is the ONLY nation who is giving its own lives to save other oppressed nations like Palestine, Syria, Lebanon operations, Bosnia operations, Iraqi operations and the list goes on. You need to understand that Global hegemony is hating Iran and wants all its tools in which Media tops the list to divert the public opinion and make them hate the Iranian System which is the heart and Soul of Iran. These global arrogant powers are using CNN, BBC, Amnesty International and other popular media outlets to defame Iran in every possible way. We as Shia Muslims should not fall for their trap. I hope you are an insightful lady. A country whose Justice runs on Shia Fiqh possibly to its best can do no wrong at least at such level. I went on to see this news on CNN, Reuters, Guardian and all have quoted Amnesty. The interesting thing is US itself has questioned Iran over this case, which is a proof in itself that US meddling in such things is a fabricated fake news and US wants to use it to make people hate the Iranian Justice System. This country if were to be oppressors then Allah would have never helped them since 40 long years against all the Global powers.
  18. No handwritten confession is recorded till yet from this innocent child and you can go on to search for the medical postmortem reports of the 2 girls which clearly mentions NO signs of sexual assault.
  19. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/12/18/the-rush-job-conviction-of-14-year-old-george-stinney-exonerated-70-years-after-execution/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.5bbd161d8318
  20. Flute in particular is condemned in many ahadeeth but it would be best if you ask this case from your marja and InshAllah you'll get your answer. I won't recommend you to rely on your own analysis.
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