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  1. @aaljibar Bro, leave this topic. This was a scam played out by the infiltrators and when this plan flopped, they moved on to create British Shiism. No one cares about Ahmad al Hasan now except a few misguided ones. May Allah guide them.
  2. I guess you are a loner and don't have enough friends. Because friends do effect you a lot. And if they are good, they will help you grow positively. So try making more good friends and everything will be better inshaAllah.
  3. There is hadeeth from Imam al Sadiq (a.s). He says - Insaan is neither completely free nor completely dependent. He was asked about Predestination and he replied that. It means there is some predestination and rest is on the deeds of person. But Allah is All Just and All Good, remember that. And spiritual laws are too complex to straightaway comment that anything happening to me was predestined. We can't comment on that. But never does Allah creates a man to put him in hell. He leaves it to man to decide where he wishes to go. "There is no compulsion in religion".
  4. Talk to him and ask him does he has any problem with you? Does he wants to continue this marriage or not? Ask other questions to understand why he is not behaving like a husband.
  5. Yes you have to. If you are not a frequent traveler. Who is a Kasir al-Safar (frequent traveler)? Answer: One who travels for ten days in a month and sixty days in six months, he is considered a frequent traveler. Therefore, he should offer complete prayers and observe fast. (Sistani.org)
  6. There no thing like "Can never find someone like you". Atleast when it comes to sorting proposals. He might find someone better than you. And InshaAllah Allah will give him the best, And you InshaAllah will find a best match as well.
  7. Did Prophet (saws) and other Imams or their wives did Mut'ah if its Mustahab? Do you have any reliable historical accounts mentioning that? I have seen people quoting this one hadeeth but its much debatable because we find no accounts of Ahlulbayt practicing this as "Mustahab".
  8. If you are unable to do Mut'ah or Nikah - If a Muslim cannot marry soon after puberty, then he or she just has two options: temporary abstinence or temporary marriage. (A) Temporary Abstinence Islam has allowed marriage as soon as a person becomes physically mature, and it also strongly recommends that at least during the early years of marriage to adopt a simple life-style so that the lack or paucity of financial resources does not obstruct a happy life. But if a person decides, for whatever reason, not to marry soon after he or she becomes physically mature, then the only way is to adopt temporary abstinence. After strongly recommending the marriage of single people, the Qur'an says, "And those who cannot marry should practice restrain (or abstinence) till Allah enriches them out of His bounty." (24:33) Reference : https://www.al-islam.org/marriage-and-morals-islam-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi/chapter-three-islamic-sexual-morality-2-its
  9. That would've been perfect for that specific time. Not anymore though. - No dear Sister. Islam has came for the Last Age only. Its the PERFECT deen and all its constituent are well applicable and will lead a human being to perfection and closer to God. Its us who have made ourselves deprived of the fruits of Islam which comes in the form of Shariah. I have one of my friends who married at the age of 18 (and he is a boy) and just after one year he has a daughter too. They are now moving to Qom to study Islam. If parents have enough money to support the boy/girl and if they find the match, better to do it early. And almost people get a job at 23. Marry and do a bit of struggle. Allah has promised to handle everything.
  10. Sister, I was referring to Permanent marriage only
  11. Permanent marriage is way way way too better and Ahlulbayt have advised to do marriage as soon as one reaches maturity and financial stability. Also its from Ahlulbayt that if one is unable to do Permanent marriage at an early age then they should observe "Temporary Abstinence". And when the period becomes so long and still the person is unable to do Permanent marriage and temporal abstinence is not possible now then only go towards Mut'ah. So Mutah is not encouraged very much in Islam. But is allowed for some scenarios as I told. It is a Mercy to those people who can't marry and have exhausted themselves of temporal abstinence. Yes, Normalizing Mutah like any other sunnah will have adverse effects on societal level. It will cause more harm than doing good.
  12. This WAS and IS the only solution for youths who are dragged into Haram because Society just isn't ready for Halal.
  13. https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2018/10/iran-economic-corruption-death-sentences-sultan-coins.html https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/428835/Iranian-Supreme-Court-endorses-death-verdict-against-gold-coin Iran's Judiciary is now taking on "Nitro Mode" by thrashing away those who are found guilty of "massive" corruption. Game Over - Death Penalty. It is a form of deterrent punishment which will make others deter from such corruption. We have so many examples in Qur'an for deterrent punishments to establish Social Justice. progress and peace.
  14. Translate this for me in English word by word. Please brother.
  15. Well Written Brother. May Allah bless you. I hate Western policies and its indoctrination system its using via every possible means. Even education is not kept away from harming people.
  16. Well said brother. I had one of my Shia friends who now is an Atheist after watching GOT.
  17. Salamun Alykum all. We all know that its a part of our Aqeedah that Imam al Mahdi (aj) will rise and will fill the earth with justice. Nobody knows the time of his arrival. But eventually we also somewhere agree that its not too far because world is at the peak of injustice right now. From genocides to social crimes, capitalist monsters to imperialist butchers are all ruling the world right now. There are some small resistant groups like Iran, somewhat Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah but they just form a really small percentage as compared to the camp of enemies of humanity. The entire dynamics of human life has been indoctrinated. From education to relationships, careers, agriculture, consumer market, war machinery, various other industries, banking, etc. Each on of them are resulting in a great loss of humanistic values and loss of life. Being said that, if the Dhuhoor of Imam is really close (maybe within this century or so) then what are we Muslims (Shias atleast) are suppose to do? We are no where man! No tech, No Economy, No Agri, No Aerospace. Apart from Shias of Iran which itself is under serious sanctions, Shias of other countries like Iraq, Pakistan, India, etc are almost dead in recent developments which are going all around the world. When I see Israel which is a clear enemy of Humanity has done some amazing development programs. They are leading the World's water technology, yes by starving Palestinians to death at the same time. They have done groundbreaking developments in their Agri-sector. From being 80% arid, they are now just 20% arid and rest of the agricultural land is producing 16 times better yield. (Reference : Documentary on Israel's Agriculture by Rajya Sabha TV). They are controlling the World's economy in someway. And they are just 9 million jews only. So enemy is doing really its best and we Shias are really just "praying at homes" and thinking when Imam will come, we will support him without any Global preparation. What are your thoughts on this. What is the checklist that we should follow to get really ready for the Arrival??
  18. Dude, why would you watch one? Life is short, Spend it in good and noble things and not being a puppet of Satanic System. Peace.
  19. God created us to show Goodness as He is All Good. And he placed this attribute in humans as well. A good person despite being needless of that good will help others become good so that they appreciate this 'Goodness". God created us for us! He created us so that we human beings can reach Eternal Salvation and Perfection. Its all to show goodness to us.
  20. Of what I have heard from Ulema is to give eyes its right. And sleep is one of the rights of the eye. And its natural for us human beings to sleep at night. Day is made to work and night to take rest. So this hadeeth might have some weight in case Aimmah (a.s) don't want people to deny the eyes their right and earn money during day and night as well. But for those who work at night Only and not during the day, I guess this haddeth might not include them.
  21. Waseem162

    dream/ urgent

    Haha. Please ignore these kind of stuffs sister. It is just a bad dream in Islamic terminology.
  22. Just ask this question to yourself dear sister - "What will I get if I leave Islam??" Just focus on your beliefs. You are here to travel the road to perfection and not the road to keep everyone happy. Never ever will everyone be happy with you. Even God doesn't has 100% fans of His. If practice is becoming a burden on you then ease it a little bit but leaving a religion is too much of a greater trouble than finding some space within the folds of Islam. If Allah would have shown you the reward of your hardship, you would have asked Him to never end this hardship on you until you're alive. This is a test and this is the point where you can prove Him that all your prayers were for Him. Face it with great courage and prove to God that you are worthy of His Eternal Love and Jannah. Imam of the time is also watching your struggle. One more thing, whenever black clouds of hardship surround you, Remember Aba Abdillah al Hussain (a.s). His hardship eases everything. Our hardship is not even a speck of dust near his (a.s) hardship. Do tawassul from Imam Hussain (a.s) to help you out in this situation. O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient. (Surah Baqarah, Verse 153)
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