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  1. Good answers brother! By the way I mentioned the link for the 3rd Question I asked. You can see the Prophecies made in that Hindu book which is the "Only" book on Last Age in Hinduism and is considered on of the most precious works of Old Age. It is also mentioned that the Kalki (The Saviour) will come on a White Horse with a Sword in his Right Hand. Further the names of The Family of Holy Prophet (saws) is clearly mentioned. Imam Ali(a.s) and his 3 brothers are mentioned. Imam Hasan (a.s) and Imam Hussain (a.s) are mentioned. But their names are in Sanskrit and their meaning are just pin point to that of Arabic names of our Masters! Here goes the Prophecy - BARM UTTAR KHAND Barm Uttar Khand is a book at Hindu religion. Late Molvi Abdur-Rehman Chishti (11th century of Hijra) translated it into Urdu, in his 'Mirratul-Makhluquaat'. According to that book, the famous Hindu Avtar, Mahadew told his wife, Parvati, all the events of future, while they were on the mountain, Kailash Parbat and Bishist Muni, his disciple, wrote it down. The relevant parts are translated here from Muqaddama Anwarul-Qur'an (by late Maulana Seyyed Rahat Husain Gopalpuri) pp. 40-43. Mahadewji says: After six thousand years, the Almighty (God) will create a wonderful person among the children of Adam in Mundarne, which is between the seas (Arab is surrounded on 3 sides by the sea.). ... O Parvati, he will be from the loin of Kant Bunjh; (Kant Bunjh, means Servant of God, which, in Arabic becomes "Abdullah". Abdullah was the name of the father of the Holy Prophet) and he (Abdullah) will have the piety and knowledge of God like a river; so (from that river) will emerge a pearl. And the name of his wife will be 'Sank Rakhiya.' (Sank Rakhiya means 'Peaceful' which in Arabic is "Amina". Name of the mother of the Holy Prophet was Amina.) And he (i.e., Abdullah) will have read three books; and he will leave the fourth book after reading only, 'Alif, Lam, Mim ... O Parvati, he (i.e., Abdullah) will be a chief in his tribe; people from all villages will come to his door and will follow him. (Abdullah's son) will have no fear of the creatures; he will be very brave and having the knowledge of Allah, and his name will be 'MAHAMAT'. People will be astonished to see his style ... And he will not worship as the people of his tribe will be worshipping and he will tell people that "I have been told by that Almighty and Only One (God) not to indulge in such senseless worship; and I am not turning but to Allah; therefore, you should follow me." (Compare it with the ayat (13:36) of the Holy Qur'an, Say: "I am commanded to worship Allah, and not to join partners with Him. Unto Him do I call, and unto Him is my return.") O Parvati, MAHAMAT will teach his own shariat to all the creatures, by abrogating all ways of worships and all previous shariats; and he will try to make all people follow him. Gradually, countless people will come into his religion, and many of them will reach God. And as people use our Sakh era (i.e., era of Hijra), likewise, unto the end of the Kaljug (the last era) people will use the era of MAHAMAT. ... O Parvati, after him (after the death of Muhammad's son) the almighty who has none like Him, will give a daughter (Fatema, the lady of Paradise, the Chief of all the women.) to MAHAMAT who will be better than 1000 sons, and she will be very beautiful and matchless, and very perfect in the worship of God. Never shall she utter any wrong, and she will be protected from every sin big or small: and through her father she will reach nearer to God, that almighty (God) will give two sons (Imam Hasan (a.s.) and Imam Hussain (a.s.)) to the daughter of MAHAMAT, both will be handsome and beloved of God, strong, having the knowledge of God, courageous, brave and matchless in the deeds of virtue. And the Almighty will not create, after them, any human being having such perfection in hidden and known virtues. The same two sons of MAHAMAT will be his successors; and they will have numerous children; and they will bring people into the religion of MAHAMAT day by day by their true arguments; and they will illuminate the religion of MAHAMAT and MAHAMAT will love them more than all his people, even more than his own daughter. And these two sons will be perfect in the religion of MAHAMAT: they will not do any work for their own pleasure, and all their utterances and deeds will be for the pleasure of the Almighty. O Parvati, a few years after the death of MAHAMAT, some evil men will unjustly murder these grandsons of MAHAMAT without any cause: just for the sake of worldly greed; the whole world will become 'headless' by their death. Their killers will be Maliksh atheists, cursed in both worlds: they will have no love for MAHAMAT and will never get deliverance from Nark (i.e., Hell). But in appearance, they will remain in the religion of MAHAMAT, and gradually others also will follow them, and stubbornly will do many deeds against the way of MAHAMAT and his sons. Only a few people will remain on the path of MAHAMAT, majority will follow the path of those who killed the sons of MAHAMAT; yet in appearance they will be called followers of MAHAMAT; and in the last days of Kaljug (last era) there will be many of those hypocrites and will create disturbance in the whole world. After that Mahadewji explains the appearance of Imam Mahdi; coming of Quiyamat and arrival into Paradise of Bibi Fatima together with her followers. KALKI PURAN In many holy books of Hindus, mention of coming of ten prophets, has been made. So far nine have come and Hindus await the tenth. The name, which is ascribed to this Tenth Prophet, is "Kalki Avatar" (Kalki Prophet). Descriptions and symptoms, which are found in the books exactly coincide with those of Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) Kalki Puran is one of the holy books of Hindus. It is written in this book that the reason why this prophet will be known as "Kalki" Avatar, is that he will remove Kalki (rust and darkness) from the hearts of the people, and will prevail over all the artifices. It is also written that people of his community will be worshipers of God. The name of the father of Kalki Prophet is written as 'Vishnuais" a combination of two words, Vishnu (God) and ais (Servant); both put to gather mean "Servant of God". This also is the meaning of Abdullah the name of the father of Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.). The name of Kalki prophet's mother is "Somti" which means "Trustworthy", and the name of Prophet Mohammad's (s.a.w.a.) mother is "Amina" which also means "Trustworthy". Further it is written that Kalki prophet will have three brothers, named, KAVI, SAMAT and PARAK. Kavi means "wise" and same is the meaning of "Aqeel". Samat means "Knowledge" and same is the meaning of "Jaafar". Parak means "One who commands High Position", and same is the meaning of "Ali". Aqeel, Jaafar and Ali, were three (cousin) brothers of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.). The birthplace of Kalki prophet is mentioned as "Shambhal Nagri" - a name given to the Hejaz in Arabia. "Sambhal" means, "Sand" and "Shambhal Nagri" means a country of sand or desert, which fits Arabian Peninsula perfectly. Regarding Kalki Prophet, it is also written that he will worship in cave. It is well known in Islamic world that Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) got his first "Revelation" in the cave of Mount Hira - a desert hill and his chosen place for retreat near Mecca. Further in "Kalki Puran", it is written that he will receive education through "Prash Ram" which means "Soul of God". It is well known by all Muslims that it was the Angel Gabriel who brought the first revelation to prophet Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) in the cave of Mount Hira, Gabriel is called "Ar-Ruh-ul-amin" (The Trustworthy Soul) in Islam. Further it is written that Kalki prophet will marry the daughter of the king of Shambhal Deep. Thus Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) married the wealthiest woman of Arab, named Khadijah. It is also written that Kalki prophet will migrate to the hills of North. Thus on the command of God, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) and to migrate from Mecca to Madina which is in the North. FROM OTHER BOOKS Late Molvi Abdur-Rehman Chishti has given many quotations from other Purans and even Veds. Some of them are translated here from Muqaddama Tafsir Anwarul-Ouran: - Athruben Ved: Lailaha Harni Papan Illallaha Param Padam Janm Baikunth Birap newti to Jane nam Muhammadam. Translation: Saying 'La Ilah' removes the sins Saying Illallha' bestows Parm Padwi If you want Paradise eternal Always recite the name 'Muhammad'. The founder of Arya Samaj, Dyanand Sarswati, had to admit in his book, 'Satyarth parkash' (Chapter 14; p. 739) that alloo Upnishad mentions the name of 'Muhammad' as Rasul. He contends that someone, in the days of Akbar (the Moghul emperor), must have added it in the Athrubin Ved, then he writes: "Someone may say that how can you claim it when nobody has said or written so in all these days; how can we accept your claim (of later addition) without any proof? But this claim cannot be wrong by non-acceptance of anyone." What a claim! And what a proof! Bhonik Uttar Puran: Vyas Rishi, the author of Ramayan, writes in Bhonik Puran: "In the days to come MAHAMAT will come; and it is his sign that cloud will always protect him from the sun; his body will have no shadow; fly will not sit on his body; the earth will be folded for him (i.e. he will Journey to far away places in very short time); ... whatever he will earn, will spend in the way of God, and himself will eat but a little ... whoever will follow that book (i.e., Qur'an) will reach to God. At that time there will be no other path to reach to God." All these predictions in clear words from beginning to end are about Mohammad Mustafa (s.a.w.a.). They have not been applicable to any other person, nor there can be any objection from Hindus regarding its consistency. AND IN MY LAST QUESTION YOU SAID MUSIC WAS ALLOWED BEFORE? Really? Why for the the Ummah of RasoolAllah (saws). Do you know the proper reason?
  2. Obviously they are not at all related to Islam. But It may have happened that some Prophet of God did gave them the right path which they later fabricated fully and were left with nothing. The little bit remains of their teachings sometime makes you think that way. There is only one True Path. The Path of Allah and His Truthful Proofs on Earth and Heavens!
  3. I watched this 2 hour long debate. There is a really humble man named Mr. Banerjee who was discussing the concept of God in Hinduism. He explained it using Vedas and Upanishads(They consider it divine scriptures) and claimed from the writings of the books that they consist in Only One God and all other beings are just the creation. He also opposed the idol worshiping from those books. Now my interest in Hinduism is so because I am from India and Hinduism is an inherent part of this country. I will suggest everyone to find some time and watch the complete debate without skipping parts. I am sure it'll make you feel good but at the same time It will leave a question in your head that "Whether Hinduism back then was really led by Prophets because their books contain too much real on God". One more thing, the Muslim guy in the debate is a Salafi and he is really rude. He makes faces and humiliates Mr Banerjee. This debate was conducted in a Salafi majority environment so you know how it feels. Also Mr Banerjee has worked for UNICEF and he has been in Iraq for some years. He also discusses about the Shrine of Imam Hussain(a.s) but the moment he says this name, That Salafi guy makes a very annoying face. He says I dont know about Shia and Sufis, All are going to Hell Fire except Ahle Sunnah. Now the Question I want to ask from you all reading this topic is - 1. Was Hinduism really a right religion brought by Prophets? 2. Did any of the Imams in any of the narrations confirmed that Hinduism has been fabricated but was real earlier? 3. I have a link which contains some Prophecies about Our Beloved Master Holy Prophet(saws) from Hindu books such as "Kalki Puran" (The book about Last age). There are clear very clear Prophecies. Link - http://www.ezsoftech.com/akram/prophetprophecies.asp 4. Hinduism contains too much knowledge on various Arts. Music is one of them. In their religion Music is very very essential. This contradicts with Islam so badly. But they consider Music as Aastha. Why so?
  4. Salamun Alykum brother Well to answer that my brother in faith. I would just say its a boycott! And when you are a Muslim, you have to self sacrifice. That sacrifice in the eyes of Allah is more precious than some gold/silver/bronze medal that you'll receive. By doing such a boycott of Apartheid regime "Israel" you are not only following your sentiments but also you're time and again showing the world the true face of Israel by not competing with them. You see this duniya (that see how Iranian players are getting wasted) but in reality the goal is lofty. Its the ultimate humiliation of Israel. If every nation become Truthful like Iran then all will boycott Israel and then in that case Israel will no longer exist in the International Sports Industry! There will be no country to compete with them. Now you'll say if all countries are not doing a boycott then Iran should also let its players play against Israel. Well if Iran also does that then there will no difference in the Resistance and Non Resistance policy. Try to understand things better rather to be judgemental. Keep yourself there. Iran is a nation. A united nation where a person representing it in some Sports competition holds equal responsibility as one of the Guard Corps serving the nation on Border lines. Both are united for the same cause that is "Resistance". So if a Guard corp gives away his life saving Iran from savages then why can't a player give away his chance of winning something and earn the Highest pleasure of Allah.
  5. Concept of Hell and Heaven is inherited by almost all of the religions, but as I am a Muslim (after sincere research of all other Religions) I must ask my Books and My Leaders whether the ones who are not on the right path are liable to be in Heaven in certain circumstances because God is All Merciful. Well If I ask a Hindu/Christian/Jew etc whether he will go to Paradise if he follows his religion, You know his obvious answer will be "Yes". So Why should I ask them? Rather I will interrogate my religion about the issue. Hope you understand.
  6. Is there any tradition from Ahlulbayt(a.s) saying Non believers will also go to Heaven? If yes then please Quote with a proper explanation. (Non believers for Eg - Polytheists, Athiests, etc)
  7. Is there any tradition from Ahlulbayt(a.s) saying Disbelievers will also go to Heaven? If yes then please Quote with a proper explanation.
  8. Search this question on "Quora" and "Reddit". You will get Millions of free resources.
  9. Bro Hadi, Salamun Alaykum. I also belong to a university where World open up its arms and call me to sin. But Hey, that not why the world is being created? Its full of trials. Look, Your parents have worked really hard to put you where you are today. Backing off is not an option. You should be happy that you are given an opportunity to do a Greater Jihad. The Jihad of self. To drag your nafs away from sins. Now coming to your studies, if you feel you don't your curriculum then apply to another course in any other univ if possible. It is a time when taking tough decisions are usual and common. Find your field of interest. It may be geopolitics, Language specialist, banker, sports analyst, etc etc. We need more educated people to thrive our community. We have enough great leaders in the field of Islamic sciences. Don't just attend the hawza because nothing else is working out. Those people attend hawza who thrive to study more than 12+ hours a day. They are always on their toes. Their life is full of struggle. They sometime don't even have a pay.
  10. I'm mailing you. You can check over there.
  11. Check these- 1. http://www.datakind.org 2. https://dssg.uchicago.edu 3. https://www.drivendata.org 4. https://ibmhadoop.devpost.com If you gain enough experience using the likes of these then you can establish your own startup to target different domains of social good.
  12. I too belong to India and am very much aware of what harm has been done to our community. There is no such wave of "Knowledge", There is no thirst to gain as much as we can from various resources. I find students have lost their motivations and are ready to settle for less. Many factors are responsible for demotivation of our students. Our Community leaders have never given any importance to education in the right sense of the word. You can't just open a tier 4 university and brag about it. I am worried about Shias of India. Where all other sects especially Sunnis and Wahhabis are excelling day by day in every field, our children are just active to commemorate Moharram but are dormant otherwise. There is no such All India Shia student community which can establish a great flow of knowledge from Experts to the beginners. Nothing bro nothing! We are still living in the bubble of Jahiliya. We should do something rather than just sitting and talking.
  13. Salamun Alaykum. We should all feel guilty of what has been done to our Islam (Shia Islam). We have heard so many breath taking ahadeeth from Ahlulbayt(a.s) on "Knowledge" and how it is better even than the blood of martyrs. But if we see our situation in the Globe "Where are WE??" Are we even close? On one hand where our Ulema e Ekraam have established a Legacy of being THE BEST intellectually in the field of Islamic Science but on the other hand the people who are responsible to grow the community in other fields such as Tech, Medicine, Astronomy, Physics, Chemical Science etc etc and the list goes on. Why so? What has caused us be far behind those who don't deserve to be there. Holy Prophet(saws) said "Knowledge is the lost entity of a believer." And I don't remember the exact hadeeth but it goes like this - (narrated from 5th and 5th Imam(a.s)) - "Those who are not on the top among the peers and claim to be our shia have false claims, They are not our Shia." What are some root causes we are lagging behind so much? Where world is growing day by day the gap between us and them is going even even more wider. Also after the advent of Social Media the "Wonderful" has taken place. More than half of us have lost our interest + time from studies. Rather I should say We have been largely deviated. Lets draw a line of comparison between the lives of Ulema who are pursuing Islamic science as their knowledge sphere and on the contrary We who are into the Worldly Sciences. Our Greater Ulemas are so much immersed into their studies (Allamah Tabatabai (r.a) is one of the greatest examples) that they don't even have the time to talk unnecessarily. Their life is filled with knowledge and they don't show any sign of arrogance. They are the real embodiment of the lives of Prophets of Allah. But we as the follower of Wordly Science are neither immersed into it nor we are creating a legacy out of it. The families of Ulemas have a chain of Ulemas in their Lineage. But we don't have such chains. If we do have this just Imagine - "How many levels can we grow from our status quo!" I see Iran as a Global Example of how they have established a greater Legacy in Both the Spheres of lives - Religious studies and Worldly Sciences. Please if you all have any solutions of how a global student community can be setup to bring a revolution in this sphere of life then please drop your ideas. And Tag people in this post so that they do notice where are we heading!
  14. You can be of great help to us Habibi. If you wish to mentor us then we can reach our goal of becoming a Data Scientist soon. I'm from India where there is a great boom for Data scientists since past 2 years. People with relevant skills are getting hired in huge numbers in bigger MNCs and amazing startups. Besides this the open resources available for free is another source of motivation and how one can help solve many social problems using data science can't be deemed out. My University where am majoring in Comp. Sc. is also letting us specialize in Data Science with IBM mentoring us and hiring too. All of this has made me come to a conclusion of getting started. Please be a mentor to us so that we can climb the ladder fast enough!
  15. I've loads of resources. I'm also in a beginner stage. I've done Python (intermediate level). I'm versatile in its Data structures (list, tuples, dictionary and sets). Soon I'll be shifting to learn "R". I have taken classes for Statistics. I need some extra effort in High level Probability, Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus to kick start Machine Learning soon. Only then I'll start doing Kaggle because you can fight a war with less resources but eventually you'll fail in such a situation. If your preparation is good and you have good military support its sure you'll go a long way. So before jumping directly to Kaggle I'll first built my skills ready enough to go to warfront! My mail id is syed.azadar313@gmail.com. Email me and I'll be happy to help you and even we could enjoin this journey together of becoming World-Class Data Scientists InshaAllah
  16. Salamun Alaykum. In this growing world of data and need to get answers from this huge chunk of data, opportunities are day by day increasing to gather Data Scientists/Analysts/Engineers to dig in the data and produce meaningful insights out of it. Data is everywhere and so do the need for the right person to handle it. I'm one of the Data Enthusiast soon going to specialize in this very stream via my University. I was wondering - "Is there someone else who is interested in Data and wants to change how things happen in this world for better?" There are many Non-for-Profit companies running who do social work out of this.
  17. I've done a lot of similar research. But I don't find any such work. Thats the reason I asked people out here. There might be someone doing things out of the box.
  18. Assalam o Alaykum everyone. What all you do(will do) to make a living? I'm too confused to decide what I should do. I'm doing my undergraduate in Computer Science but somehow I'm not getting hooked up with this subject. I can prepare for National MBA programme in my country (India) and can appear for a Test right after my Graduation but until then I need to do something online for a living. Can you people suggest me something Halal and peaceful in which I can invest my time and earn something until my Test arrives.
  19. Salamun Alaykum everybody reading this. I'm interested to know about any Digital Marketers over here? How is it as a career when you know you have to spend a lot of time catching up with the Real time trend and market your brand. Will it drag you away from peace? How did you started your career in Digital Marketing. As I'm just starting out to learn the basics. It would be a great help if someone out here can brief their way of how they started. Also, It'll be better if we step up into different fields and establish our own expertise so that we don't fall behind others.
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