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  1. Waseem162

    I need some advice/help with my stress

    My 2 cents for you brother @RepentantServant : Am too 23. And believe me if you do these, your life is gonna be AWESOME. Remember there are millions of people earning big bucks but they don't have Allah in their life. You might be earning less, but you have Allah with you. You have a Hereafter in front of you which others don't have. Don't get too much upset with this dunya. Yes this sense of achievement and what people think of you is a barrier to happiness and we humans are built upon that nature. We always want material achievements and we want people to think good of us. Imam Ali (a.s) said- Don't have high hopes, For you death is near. He also said - Keep your hopes (in this world) moderate, as you soon have to depart. Now try to follow the steps listed below and you'll see the change in your life. 1. Count this as your day one. Maintain a daily schedule. If you are free, read Qur'an or listen to lectures from prominent Islamic scholars or do something which brings you closer to Allah. It may be walking around seeing the Sky, birds, breathing in fresh air, anything. 2. Find a job, stick to it for at least an year or two. Work hard, spend less and save more. 3. Devise a plan to maintain your finances. If you get $X a month, break that down to expenditure and savings and keep the balance. Don't spend without thinking 10 times. 4. Keep a short amount for Sadaqah as well to pay the poor. Pay your Khums without fail. You won't want to keep Haram money with you. 5. By the time you are doing your job, keep a certain amount of time to learn some skills. It could be anything from cooking, email writing ettiquetes, how to improve communication skills, how to build presentation skills, etc. Since you dropped out of college (the grave mistake you did is irreversible), you need to learn as much side skills you could. These will prove very very crucial for you to get into any job. 6. Golden Rule : Try to be satisfied with whatever you have after you've given your best shot. Also try to find any cheap distance learning program which could make up for your college. You can do any language courses/journalism courses, etc.
  2. Waseem162

    I need some advice/help with my stress

    NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER TAKE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS . They distort your brain tissues and incite suicidal attempts and thoughts within you.
  3. Waseem162

    Pakistani women and hijab

    India = Pakistan Though we have Hijabi sisters as well, but they are just outliers.
  4. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    Furthermore there is no issue with believers displaying bara'ah amongst each other, away from the followers of the other sects. As if it is practically possible and no Sunni will ever know about it. A majalis where the speaker curses these personalities from the pulpits, that too reaches the ears of the Sunnis. Some do it purposefully so that it reaches their ears.
  5. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    You confuse between Unity of Schools of thoughts and Unity between Schools of thoughts. Now don't say : How can you unite with the followers of Killer of Bibi Zahra. Its that you look it this way and we look it another way. If we don't unite with them in such a way that Islamic Ummah is kept intact, we would lead to self-destruction only. The men of God who are preparing for Imam al Mahdi and are saving Shrines of Ahlulbayt know better than us the importance of unity be it Ayatullah Sistani, Ayatullah Waheed, Ayatullah Hakim, Ayatullah Nasir Mikarim, Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi, Late Ayatullah Khoei, Ayatullah Jawad Amoli, Ayatullah Khamenei and the list goes on. The only paid agents of MI6 and CIA who don't want Muslim Ummah to get united are sitting in Britain wearing British Amamahs and Saudi Arabia wearing Read-white Keffiyeh!! For them unity is only a fiction of our imagination. You keep same ideology as them when it comes to this issue.
  6. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    Did I said so?? Your way of talking looks really weird on this. Don't do anything. Do whatever you want to do in private. Don't display your emotions publicly for the sake of Unity and safety within the Islamic Ummah. You are talking like a kid. I guess you have Baseerah. Our Imams never went to publicly celebrate deaths of those Caliphs or even Ayesha!! So keep that urge private.
  7. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    Yes, but the reason should be solidified. The fact that Umar ibn al Khattab was killed on this day or Umar ibn Saad was killed on this day is not very much proven. We don't have much narrations on this. But the fact that Imam al Mahdi (ajfs) started his Imammate is 100% proven so this should be the only reason for the day to be celebrated.
  8. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    If you "celebrate" the death of Umar ibn al Khattab, then believe me you are doing no favor to Islam rather causing problems for the Shia brethren.
  9. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    Am asking about the hadeeth regarding Umar ibn Saad (l.a). The article says its weak.
  10. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    I just read it and want to know the authenticity of this article. Don't take me wrong.
  11. Waseem162

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    This - https://www.iqraonline.net/celebrating-9th-rabi-al-awwal-what-for/
  12. Waseem162

    youtube channel

    Alaikum asslm Sister. Yes they are a fitna group since long and they have managed to spread their fitna gulping in brothers and sisters of Ahlul Sunnah and Wahhabis. What can we do about it? Nothing. Is this the solution to the problem? No. Channels like Islamic Pulse, Thaqalain, Pure Stream Media, etc are a good source for people to come and get right illuminating knowledge about Shiism. We can only provide info. There will be lots of false info as well. It all depends upon the individual to assess what is Truth and what is Falsehood. What you can do is to spread these I mentioned channels among your Sunni friends.
  13. Waseem162

    Temporary marriage

    If the woman provides for the man financially, then can the woman be the Wali of the man?
  14. Waseem162

    Temporary marriage

    Brother, please explain the philosophy behind it This may help all of us.
  15. Waseem162

    Trying to get married

    Dear Sister, Its okay that a man doesn't needs such permission but most of the places parents play a vital role in the marriage of a man too. Unfortunately such is the case.