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  1. Salam dear sister. Allah has ordered Hijab for women to leverage their status and to make them covered (because women have a great divine quality - Haya/Chastity/Modesty). Allah has made women beautiful and has asked them to keep their beauty hidden from everyone except their husbands. Hijab makes your pure. When you remove your hijab, you only remain an object which satisfies wild lustful eyes of men who are preying on women. Dear, Islam came for people right from 7th century to QIyamah. Its not like Hijab was a timely thing. No. The laws of Islam applies in the same way as it was applied to the family of the Prophet (saws). Please Sister, don't loose your Haya and protect yourself from wild animals out there. May Allah protect you.
  2. I don't appreciate such over protective ambitious parents. This is a sickness and this is against the very spirit of Islam.
  3. Contacting Shia marriage agencies would be the best option as of now (provided you are a female, for males its relatively easier to find a girl). But be very stringent in reviewing your potential spouse and never try to rush into a marriage. If you use facebook, there are tonnes of pages of Indo-Pak Shia marriage agencies. You can use them to reach them.
  4. Yes, but it was for her time. We are the Ummah of RasoolAllah (saws) and we follow his commands and take him as our role model. Before Islam came, Monasticism also has been the practice of the nation of some of the previous Prophets advised by the Prophets itself, but we don't need to follow it now. We have our own time, own requirements and own ways to deal with us and God.
  5. I appreciate your disagreement. Yes its true that not everyone wants to remarry. But a girl who is young and having a divorce for valid reasons should sincerely try to remarry before she gets into her 30s. That would be better for her spirituality and her material life as well. This is what Islam tells us about marriage (its helps spiritually and materially), only if the marriage is done wisely (with a religious, understanding and compatible partner).
  6. You're missing the point brother. The problem is her Husband and not the marriage. Her husband is not religious, not trustworthy and a source of all those problems she has described. I'm not telling her to remarry asap but not to shun marriage forever (as Anonymous2144 said to be single and like like Bibi Maryam(s.a)).
  7. Only and Only if you have no chances of getting remarried. Highly Highly Mustahab. The Messenger of Allah (S) has said, "There is no foundation that has been built in Islam more loved by Allah, (The Greatest and Noblest) than marriage." This hadith shows us the great importance that Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and His Messenger (S) have placed on marriage, such that it is the most loved foundation or establishment upon which the Muslim man and woman can build their life upon. If such a foundation is built with love, honesty, sincerity and true faith in Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى and all that He has commanded, then there is nothing that could destroy such a firm building. It has been narrated from Abi Abdillah that, "A man once came to my father. My father asked him, "Are you married?" The man replied, 'No.' My father (as) replied, 'I would not love to have the world and all that is contained within it if it meant I had to spend one night without a woman (beside me).'" This saying from our sixth Imam (as) shows the importance that the rightful successors of the Prophet (S) placed on marriage. In this hadith, we are told that the Imam (as) would not even trade all the beauties and material treasures that exist in the world, if it means that he had to spend even one night alone! This may point to the fact that the evil whisperings of Shaitan may penetrate a single man or woman to go towards the prohibited and thus, contaminate his or her faith and belief. "And of His signs is that He has created spouses for yourselves from your own selves so you might take comfort in them and He has created love and mercy among both of you. In this there is evidence (of the truth) for the people who (carefully) think." (Surah 30, Verse 21). Really? Spiritual? GET A WIFE/HUSBAND!! Don't be like Iblis who said - God I want to worship you but the way I want to. (Not prostrating to Adam) Complete Submission is to follow what God Wills.
  8. Parents nowadays are having this sickness of making their offspring suffer the pangs of marriage.!! Really disgusting Firstly, why your parents are not looking for someone for you? Secondly, even if you found someone, would your parents allow your marriage (permission of a Wali is necessary sister) ?
  9. She can remarry to other good guy too! Man, your Qisas is brutal. Stay away from doing such rubbish and foolish things!!
  10. I would ask you to do Istekhaara (via an Aalim/Sheikh) whether to divorce him or not. If answer comes yes, Just divorce him. (because all the things you mentioned makes him mentally unstable. He is not mature enough to make concrete commitments and to take huge responsibilities of establishing a healthy family).
  11. Some people are fond of rejecting things bro
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