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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hadith Al-Thaqalayn, the deposed will of the last prophet to humanity. https://www.al-islam.org/hadith-al-thaqalayn-deposed-will-last-prophet-humanity-toyib-olawuyi I believe this book may have been shared on here before, I think it would be beneficial to share again as it is one of the more comprehensive works on hadith al-thaqalayn in Sunni books available in english. It is common to start a book and not finish reading it, so I would encourage anybody who is trying to find true Islam between the sunnis and the shia to read the chapters on hadith al-thaqalayn at the very least. Th
  2. Yet you have absolutely no reason to, after all, this is your worldview: Great, so there's no problem in religious people believing stuff because nothing matters. Rather than waste your precious limited time on religious forums, go have fun.
  3. Ridiculous argument. Three points come to mind: They're not our earliest books, most of the personal collections of the companions of the imams (the usool) predate them, they were gathered into larger collections such as Al-Kafi, so there was no need to copy and transmit them seperately thereafter, although some (AFAIK) have reached us in their original individual form. Al-kulayni and his collection Al-Kafi came before Saduq and his books, and you'll see plenty of narrations from the later imams in there, so clearly he and his mashayikh believed in these imams to preserve and tr
  4. You're reply is sound and valid, but I think it's appropriate to say this: My dear brother, I get it, you're trying to be academically honest so you're willing to listen to both sides, but you've read/listened to so much of their nonsense that it's led to you not seeing how nonsensical these objections are, and instead you feel the need to provide a counter-response to everything, no matter how silly. Frankly I think you've already done your duty in being honest in your search for truth, you've found it after closely considering both sides, and you're only doing a disservice to yourself b
  5. Sunnis believe with regards to the companions that they had pure intentions even though they made mistakes, hadith al-ghadeer deconstructs this as it shows you can not fight Amir Al-mu’mineen with pure intentions as 1) he is the mawla of every mu’min 2) the prophet made a du’a for Allah to have enmity with whoever shows Ali enmity so Aisha and Muawiya could not have had pure intentions when they fought him
  6. The statement is a reference to the verse of the qur’an, and the sunni tafsirs of this verse all make it undeniable that the word awla is about authortity, check for yourself, there are several available here: http://quran.ksu.edu.sa/tafseer/tafheem/sura33-aya6.html so when the nabi (s) says من كنت مولاه فهذا علي مولاه he’s literally telling us that the authority he (s) commands over us, Ali (as) also has over us, that he is اولى بالمؤمنين من انفسهم Another point: the tafsirs also state that the meaning of awla is not only encompassing of allegiance, obedience and
  7. I think there is another pertinent point that can be made about the three phrases in hadith al-ghadeer. Regarding the prophet’s (s) preceding statement before “for whomsoever i am his mawla..”, which is: - الست اولى بالمؤمنين من انفسهم؟ (am I not worthy over the believers than themselves?) in reference to 33:6 If this statement is not a qarina for the meaning of mawla, then a Sunni is forced to conclude that this initial phrase was a pointless and irrelevant thing for the nabi (s) to say as it served no purpose (والعياذ بالله). As we all know, the prophet (s) does not speak redundant
  8. Oh don’t worry, he definitely isn’t cold
  9. I think that condition is only referring to talking and not the two points beforehand, so all three points are independent of each other. I don't think they're saying expressing mutual love is only haram if done with the intention of deriving pleasure
  10. Much appreciated. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before as I’ve asked various people specifically about joking/laughing, they would all discourage it but were very hesitant to label it haram outright, so it’s nice to finally get a solid answer.
  11. Source? I’ve been looking for years for rulings on laughing/joking and never seen anything that specific, rather they’re quite general on friendship and being alone. I’d really appreciate it if you could show me.
  12. I fully agree with the bolded part. ...buuuuuut I still think segregration is preferable because on the flip side there will be honest, pious young adults who may otherwise slip up in that unsegregated environment, and then trying to avoid sin after that is like climbing a soapy water slide that gets steeper with each sin. Yes, some sin regardless of segregation, but the segregation acts as a barrier of protection for those who are well intentioned perhaps this is a blessing, being comfortable around the opposite sex sounds cool but in reality it leads to much fasad in general,
  13. Brother, once again, and please pay attention this time, all I did was disagree that 25-28 is the ideal age of marriage because THE VAST MAJORITY OF MEN HAVE INDULGED IN HARAM COUNTLESS TIMES WELL BEFORE THAT AGE RANGE, HENCE MARRIAGE IS ALREADY WAJIB ON THEM WELL BEFORE THAT, why is that so difficult to understand for you? You can’t be selective in the examples of the aimmah, Imam Al-Jawad having two wives at 18 shows that marrying from specifically 25 onwards is not necessarily a sunnah like you keep on suggesting. As for the bolded part, I said no such thing, you’re putting wor
  14. Several times I stressed the importance of piety, maturity, compatibility, and I have mentioned that marriage comes with great responsibilities, that marriage is not just about sex, and yet you tag me in this and frame your replies to me countless times in a way that imply I think marriage is purely about "satisfying urges". You're insufferable. I see you also had no reply to my point about Imam Al-Jawad having two wives at 18. Do you stick by your point or drop it in light of this?
  15. I mentioned a man should work from a young age while studying to help support himself and get married several times. I said family support if possible, clearly I mean if they're willing to help for the sake of their children's imaan, and there's nothing wrong with this, may Allah bless the parents who help their sons get married early. everyone knows what young means, and in the context of this discussion, which I have to remind you again is about the ideal age of marriage, the ahlulbayt also instructed us to get married when we fall into haram, perfect example in the hadith I showed y
  16. Ok, guys can work from young, seek supprt from family if possible, no need to wait until 25/28. Please stop assuming so much, I’m 24, I have the financial means to get married alhamdulilah. The reason I am not married is because I have not found a suitable match, a common complaint which I’m sure you can understand. Even if I were 18, it’s not right for you to casually dismiss a young brother with a tone of superiority due to your age, like you are with the other brothers in this conversation. You’ve misunderstood me from the start. My responses have nothing to do with being hormo
  17. Their advice is to the general masses, many of whom if they wait too long, they sin. They (as) never had that problem. In a hadith, a young man was caught masturbating, Imam Ali beat his hands until they became red, and then got him financial support to enable him to marry straight away. The hadith is here: hadith 3 http://shiaonlinelibrary.com/الكتب/1206_وسائل-الشيعة-آل-البيت-الحر-العاملي-ج-٢٠/الصفحة_348 If I’m not mistaken, that appears to be a reliable chain but I’d like for a more knowledgeable member to confirm or deny.
  18. I apologised for being rude to you in my initial reply, since then you’ve made several snarky comments including a jab at the apology itself you’re a grown man, please respect yourself and those you’re talking to, have some humility please
  19. Pornography addictions are devastating and literally destroying our community, and worst of all they start early during teenage years for many, the only chance we have to stop it before it starts is to provide a halal sexual outlet early - marriage. Again, early marriage is the advice of the Ahlulbayt (as), they are Allah’s representatives on earth, they know what they’re talking about. It’s a problem that we have to solve or see our communities crumble over the next couple of generations. Brother you’re not being reasonable in your assertions, we’re talking about the ideal age to get
  20. Brother, I don’t know where you live, but countless young muslim men complain about sexual frustration throughout their adolescence and early adulthood, it takes its toll over time and leads many to depression. It’s not uncommon for some to end up feeling suicidal because they don’t want to sin and have no release, and the pain becomes unbearable for them. That’s the truth.
  21. Brother, I apologise for the way I replied to you as it is not befitting of the believer to speak to another in that way, please forgive me. I partly agree and partly disagree. Sexual desires are the strongest desire placed in humans by Allah, and we have several ahadith stating that women are the greatest pleasure for men, these can easily be found from a quick skim through wasa'il al-shia. So, I don't think it's correct to label getting married to satisfy these urges as wrong, nor should it be demonised, especially when so many young muslims are either doing zina/addicted to pornogra
  22. And what do you suggest, in your expert opinion, they do with their libidos for the first 12-17 years of their adult lives? If nothing, how do you suggest they deal with the psychological damage that will result from being sexually deprived for over a decade while being bombarded by sexual stimuli since they were children? Man said 28 lol. Edit: Man said 28 with full confidence, you sound like the guy who tweeted the new central line trains will be ready by 2030.
  23. But seriously, sometimes I do wonder if it’s even halal to watch, and in turn, encourage combat sports given the damage that is dealt to the participants, sometimes amounting to severe disability or even death.
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