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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamualaikum I wanted to know is Oyster Sauce Halal or Haram accoridng to Ayatullah Sistani and Ayatullah Khamenim
  2. For sure I don't think there is any think like Dajjal in Bermuda Traiangle. For me Dajjal is a System of Satan we current living in and Dajjal it not any physical identity at all.
  3. They must have heard from Allama Zameer Haider Naqvi. Btw I have book "Promised Mahdi" it has a really long narration related to Green Island.
  4. Bismihi Ta`ala Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu To shave beard with a blade or a machine that gives a similar result in a way that fits the label of beard shaving is, by obligatory caution, impermissible. Also, the ruling on shaving part of the beard is the same as that passed on shaving the entire beard, i.e. it is, by obligatory caution, haraam. However, shaving hair of cheeks and neck is not objected. From Ayatullahs khameni's office.
  5. Lanat beshumar on this pathetic man. Death to Mullahs :-@
  6. This is so confusing. I have seen statements of many other renowned shia scholars having sympathies with murder of Samiul Haq. For sure we should not encourage killers but how can we forget or ignore the fact this guy is known as Father of Talibaan. Man who is responsible for all sort of interal and extrenal terrorism, suciding bombing, killings of shia and suni muslims, plus he was teacher of Mulla Umer and other well known terrorists and also terrorist organizations such as Sipah e Shaba, LEJ and etc. At one end same shia scholars criticize other shias who are anti-Waliyat Faqih, anti-taqleed or they have different approaches but on the other end for the sake shia-suni unity same scholar are working hand in hand with such right wing. I don't understand why just we can't have any kind of relationship with such figures.
  7. His son says Samiul Haq was killed at home https://arynews.tv/en/maulana-sami-ul-haq-assassination-rawalpindi/
  8. Accordign to the media sources an unknown motorcyclists opened fire on the vehicle of the JUI-S chief when he was returning from a private housing society. The intense gunfire also reportedly killed Haq's driver and guard, sources added. The emir of the Jamiat Ulema Islam-Sami (JUI-S) in Peshawar has confirmed the news of his death. The JUI-S chief was injured and was being taken to hospital when he succumbed to his wounds.
  9. What you said is true. We can't be perfectionist but being a momin we should keep our self away from atleast harm sins.
  10. Those who want to recognize Imam Ali (A.S), they will recoginze it even it is on Moon. But those who don't want to recognize, they will not even Imam Ali (A.S) is in front of them.
  11. Wa laikum Salam, Yeah a better side of a story. But I guess sometimes we knowing commit a sin that Allah is merciful and he is going to forgive us. We might are misusing this concept of mercy to justify our sins. For sure we are weak. Absolutely weak. Without Help of Allah.
  12. It is hard to figure out what is to repent sincerely. After commiting a sin, one repent and have a guilty of disobeying Allah for short pleasure. But as the days pass, one commits a sin again and circle goes on and on :-(
  13. How do you motive yourself to get back on track after doing a sin for few minutes. It is really demotivating, after one put so much effort for years and years to get on spiritual track and one successly keep one self away from haram and sins but unfortunately perform a sin for little period of time, which makes him think he is a hypocrite. How one can get over this guilt?
  14. Rather than having an opinion, I request you to take Fatwa from offical website of scholars. Following are the links mighht help you. 1. https://www.sistani.org/english/send-question/ 2. http://www.leader.ir/en/istifta
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