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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi thank you. Could you remove [EDIT] As you know It is a matter of safety and protection from people who are already tracking me down. I'd really appreciate the effort admin. You don't have to approve this comment since details are here too but I consulted my sister and she asked me to take all these details down; Thank you
  2. Hi. You're right about that. Could you delete this post for me admin? Safety issue. Also thank you for the help downloaded the PDF.
  3. I am crying while writing this... Please read this. Anyway. [Mod Note: Personal details were removed.] We moved to 5 different rented apartments and in every apartment something was up. One apartment was haunted, second had a leaking roof and caught fire, third had a building which was illegal and so it started shaking and almost fell. Finally I prayed to Allah and told him to help me. I got a job and made enough to move us to [Edit] in a nice apartment. Things started getting better until [Edit] I lost my job. I used to treat my mum horribly (I think there was a jinn on me because I still can't believe that was me) and me, my sister and [relative]'s lives didn't change and it was like we were in a circle for [Edit] years. Last year ... [Edit].. Then [Edit] But still its one problem after another. We are devastated and can't make anything out of our lives. I want to apply to abroad with my little savings that I have but before doing that I need this person/persons to stop doing black magic on us. We don't experience anything paranormal anymore Allhumdullilah but its still one problem after another. Please tell me what to do. I often think of suicide because really I am in so much pain. I want to protect my sister and I and make something of ourselves. They ([Edit]) still stalk us on facebook.. Now the apartment we are living in also has so many problems. I want to move on from this life. Please advice and no rude comments or criticizing. I am seeking help. Duas, methods, anything. Thank you.
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