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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, thankyou for your kind actions, but please ask Allah swt to give shiffa to my mother, and all of us to live a long and happy healthy life
  2. ali akbar ( son of imam hussain who was also very young anf fought) , qasim ( son of imam hassan, who was young and fought in the battle of karbala)
  3. thankyou very much for your quick reply, is this from any specific marja? my marja is ayatollah sistani
  4. salamu alaikum, firstly i would love to say ramadhan kareem to all! my question has been stuck in my head for so long, because i have anxiety, i felt that something that helps me to cure it is music, but its k-pop, and i love it, i wanted to ask, would it be haram o listen to music because it helps me with my anxiety, i think i read other marajas thoughts, but ayatullah sistani didnt have any questions to answer, and i was wondering if any of youze might have an answer, thankyou
  5. i live in sydney, but in my closest nandos area (auburn, a suburb in sydney with all the muslims and lebos, afghans, iraqis , somalis etc) it is halal, but the oportos in there lost its halal certification, but this happened this yr
  6. okay, so because the night before i slept, my gum was bleeding a bit after i brushed my teeth, so maybe thats the reason, but i dont know because the link that you sent said that i will go through calamity
  7. thankyou @Ashvazdanghe, and salam, so what your saying is that the bleeding of teeth is caused from my sadness and worry? or the dream will cause sadness and worry?
  8. salam, so in my topic before i asked a question of teeth bleeding in dreams, now the person that i had a dream of that his teeth was bleeding and broken passed away because he was sick for more than a year. now last night i had a dream that i was at the orthodontist and me and my mum was looking at a picture i think or myself (i dont really remember) of teeth with blood in between it, and now i am getting really scared, could someone pls tell me what it could be
  9. thankyou so much ParadiseSeeker thats exactly how i felt, ofcourse when i pray, i give dua that my anxiety goes away and sometimes i cry to myself thinking 'why am i like this?', and thankyou to everyone for their posts
  10. btw to everyone who doesnt know, i am a teenager, and i always think to myself "i want a normal life with no anxiety", but it doesnt happen, because i always get these annoying thoughts that ruin myself emotionally and mentally, alhamdullilah my anxiety hasnt gone far to having bad thoughts or doing bad stuff, but the worst is anxiety attacks, crying, and staying up till late on my phone until i get sleepy so i dont have to have anxiety thoughts
  11. thankyou everyone for ur comments, but the thing for me and like others is that when i hear death or think of it, my mind just wants to explode, i want to know how i should accept death, ive had this anxiety for many years and sometimes it would go and other times it would comeback in a bad way making me get distracted from daily activities (school) and other things
  12. to eThErEal i dont know really,its just the thought of death that gets into my mind
  13. salam, as some of you know, my last topic was a question of how to help my anxiety of death, and alhamdullilah a few people answered, but although it did help me, my anxiety keeps coming back, and the fact is that when i think of death i always get scared, some nights i would have panic attacks, and i just feel like i need help from people rather than going to a doctor etc. so it would be great if someone could please comment on how i can accept death.
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