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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Diet is a concern,because we eat outside most of the time. We're both working, it's kinda hard to eat healthly but we'll try. We did the first ultrasound test, and the doc advise not to fast, and gave her folic acid. I'm kinda cluless. Hunting for a good Gnyae next!
  2. Thank you brothers and sisters for the insights. Makes sense now. Appreciate all the replies and please do remember us in your duas :)
  3. Salam, My wife is 5 weeks pregnant. Her relatives prohibit her from making it 'public', and announce it to everyone because 'it's too early' and 'not stable' or whatever. Is there such basis in this belief? As because a first time soon to be father, I've very excited.
  4. Mahr agreed, with her (her mom and brother, if that counts for anything) :)
  5. Thank you, brothers and sisters. Anyone has the audio for the pronunciation? I know there's one for mutaah but I'm looking the permanent one.
  6. Well, I'm going to marry her officially "the sunni way" next month. We live in a sunni country. We're preparing for the wedding and stuff and I'm thinking to just marry her now 'shiite' way to make it legal and then instead of dating and committing sins. I'm not looking into mutaah but a permanent one. She has no father or grandfather, just brothers and her mom. We don't have access to local scholars. So If I read Fiqh book online from Ayatollah Sistani, all it takes: The woman says: Zawajtuka nafsi alas sidiaqil malum The man says: Qabiltut tazwij Am I missing something? Please help.
  7. Salam, I recently met a wonderful woman, in which I'd like to marry her Shiite way first. Her father and grandfather has passed away. So, The woman says: Zawajtuka nafsi alas sidiaqil malum The man says: Qabiltut tazwij This is all it takes? Sounds too easy and not convincing :|
  8. Thank you so much Nadia for the info and duas. :) If anyone has more info/link, pls let me know. Thx
  9. Yup. A shia. The bath, solat, etc. has been done. Now the grave is very simple, just a square, no concrete on or whatsoever. Is there any recommendation on how we should build it?
  10. Pardon me but I do not understand what you mean by that. My dad has just passed away and I'm looking for some advise on how the grave should be made etc.
  11. Salam, I'd like to as if there is any rules (do and donts, recommended engraving etc) on ones grave & tombstone? Thanks
  12. lol. we far-east asians doesn't have much facial hair. i should be careful when going to mid-eastern husayniyah. i'll be judged badly
  13. Salam, This is to inform that my father has passed away on approx. 11.55PM 20th December 2007. Thank you for your kind prayers and do please recite duas for him again, if you will. Thank you.
  14. I need my fellow friends' advice. Let's say that I'm living in a country which, the official religion is said to be Islam. But this country was once colonized by the British, so its contemporary and primary juridical law was directly inherited from the British, the secondary law Institution would be the Syariah Court and all matters regarding the law of Islam well-being is handled here. The leaders also seem to have breached the basic rules in Islam--such as men and women shaking hands, revealing aurat such as hair and chest. The leaders also have not succeeded in refraining bribery amongst th
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