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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The deception that this guy (Dr Mohsin Naqvi) continues about himself is unbelievable. Latest chapter in his long list of frauds: http://cong-halal-iran2017.com/wp-content/uploads/Dr.-Mohsin-Naqvi-1.pdf This entire resume is full of lies and inaccurate claims about himself. I just wished that http://cong-halal-iran2017.com/ did their research and checked the background of this fraudster before they invited him. Just a reminder to be on the lookout for frauds like Dr. Mohsin Naqvi. Donate to your local masjid and people in the community who are in need. JazakAllah!
  2. Does anyone know the authenticity of this person Javad Rizvi? https://dailypakistan.com.pk/05-Jun-2016/393203 According to the article, the right time to start the fast is the Sunni time, and if you pray too early, your prayer is invalid! This is the first time I have heard this and I wanted to check if anyone has done any research on this?
  3. Allhamdulillah as we approach another blessed month of Ramadan, just a reminder to be on the lookout for frauds like Dr Mohsin Naqvi. Donate to your local masjid and people in the community who are in need. JazakAllah!
  4. Just a reminder as we welcome the holy month of Ramadan that con men are out in full force to take advantage of the month of Ramadan and the giving nature of muslims. Remember that one of the best use of your donated funds is your local masjid and the needy in your local area. If you want to give online use reputable organizations like http://imam-us.org/ and others.
  5. This thread has gone off topic but I think the original poster was to warn people against the likes of Dr. Mohsin Naqvi who collect khums, zakat and other charities and instead of using these funds to help poor people, use it on themselves. There is a special place in hell for people like that.
  6. I used to live in the Greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Mohsin Naqvi came to Los Angeles in the 1999 and 2000 and recited majalis at the Zainabia Islamic Center. He told people that he is in contact with our 12th Imam (AS) and people should give him (Dr. Mohsin Naqvi) money to further the cause of Imam. Of course all of this was a con to get money from people. Some people believed him and gave him not only obligatory khums and zakat money but extra money for this supposed help to the cause of Imam (AS). This is pretty well known in the community so it goes without saying not to trust this man. As we enter the month of Moharram lots of unscrupulous characters are going to try and collect money in the name if Islam and or Imam. Just be ware and properly investigate anyone who asks for money for any cause. A simple google search goes a long way!
  7. Sh Sekaleshfar hands down. He will be one of the greatest scholar of our times, one day. I have listened to almost all if not all speakers in English and Urdu above. In most majalis, you walk away with maybe 5-10 mins of stuff out of an hour of majlis which makes you think, look at your own life. In Sh Sekaleshfar majalis, you walk away with 50-55 mins of stuff that you think about and reflect on your life (out of an hour of majlis). And the more you think about the stuff he said, the more it leads to improvement in your religion and life.
  8. So you say you don't have the time or the place to pray? I have lived in the USA for more than 15 years and have worked in several jobs. Many times, I have spent the entire day/ week at a client at a new location. Never once I had a problem from anyone taking 10-15 mins off to go pray. You do get a lunch hour, utilize it to go prayer and pray at the best time "Fazzilat" The connection you will build with Allah by taking time in the middle of a busy day to go pray is invaluable. Don't know where to pray, if your employer does not give permission to pray in the office, utilize the garage, park your car next to an empty spot and pray. Use the sidewalk (its public property) you don't need permission, as you pay your taxes. If there is a will there is a way. Iltemas-e-Dua
  9. Assalam Alaikum: I have become his huge fan after listening to some of his speeches online. He is reciting at Saba (Bay area, CA) during 1-10th of Muharram. Does anyone know where is he reciting the rest of Muharram? Please PM me his contact email / phone number if anyone has it. Thanks
  10. Don't know but his majalis should be posted to shiatv or amzaidi.com. He is a great Urdu Speaker.
  11. Start by reading some Islamic books (Self Building, 40 Hadith, Light within me, etc.), and make a commitment to be on the right path. Offer prayers on time with concentration. Allah will give you the willpower and guide you along the way. As someone said : Take that first step with a firm resolution
  12. "none" is always better than "less" when it comes to haraam scenes. So just turn off your TV completely and unplug it if you can. Tonight is Shab-e-Jumaa a blessed night, focus on Allah...
  13. Western Movies and TV are not good for your soul. Same goes for a majority of video games. To pass time, learn Arabic (if you are not a native speaker) read Quran, Duas and religious books. There is a book review section here at ShiaChat, start with recommendations there. It will strengthen your belief and improve your spirituality. If I knew the benefit of not watching Western TV and Movies, I would have given up on them decades ago.
  14. start by allocating minimum of 45 minutes. As you gain practice, you will get more joy from it and then you can add more time. There are lots of supplications to recite in Qunoot of Witr. I have heard form those who enjoy great joy from the Salat ul Layl, that some of them recite Dua Abu Hamza Thumali in the Qunoot along with other supplications. Dua Abu Hamza Thumali on its own takes 45 mins or so. Then again, I don't want to scare you that it is a big time commitment, Start slow and then as Allah gives you Taufiq build up. The biggest issue for most people is lost sleep, but Allah will help you and sleep is not as big of a deal as it is made out to be. From what I know, the joy of praying to Allah with utmost devotion and sincerity is more than any material joy in this world. Iltemas-e-Dua
  15. I just wanted to add some additional Aamaals to build the connection to our beloved Imam (AF). Recite Dua Nudba on Friday's. Ziarat Alay-e-Yaseen and the Dua after Ziarat Alay-e-Yaseen on a regular basis.
  16. English version of "Ma'ad" The Hereafter by Ayatollah Dastghaib Some words by Ayatollah Dastghaib about Barzakh in English Manazil-e-Akhira by Shaikh Abbas Qummi in English Iltemas-e-Dua
  17. There have been some traditions about Masjid-e-Sahla (In Iraq) that if you visit it every week (Tuesday) I believe for 40 weeks you will be blessed. There are similar traditions about Masjid-e-Jamkran (in Iran) and recitations of Dua-e-Ahad. But I haven't seen one about Salat-ul-Layl amd Imam (ajfs). There are a lot of people who have been blessed by visitation of Imam (ajfs) in a dream without any of the above.
  18. Read Alame Barzakh, Ma'ad and Dar-ul-Akhira about Barzakh and afterlife written by Ayatollah Dast-e-Ghaib for a detailed and graphic look at what happens after you die. It will scare you straight. Also, read Surah Waqiah (with translation if you are not a native Arabic speaker) on a regular basis, it will awaken your heart. Didn't realize this was my 500th post in about 8.5 years of joining ShiaChat.
  19. Hypothetically speaking: So if you live in the west and don't have any debt and are well off and free to practice your religion are you still considered a slave and need to get "out" according to your research?
  20. I enjoyed reading the book. But I did notice that there was a some repetition from "Light Within Me" in this book. I got to read the print copy which includes some extra sections which are not in the online edition available at al-islam.org Currently I am reading English Translation of "40 Hadith" by Imam Khomeini from Al-Islam.org and that book is an eye opener in terms of the moral vices which are so common in our society and their impact on the hereafter. Highly recommended. Also currently reading Urdu translation of "Dar-ul-Akhira" by Ayatollah Shaheed Dast-e-Ghaib which is a commentary on Surah Waqiah and have been compiled from a series of lectures the late Ayatollah gave. I found this to be an interesting read, however, I would prefer to read the English translation rather than Urdu. Will post a complete review once I am done with the book. Recently finished reading, "Alaam-e-Barzakh" Also by Ayatollah Dast-e-Ghaib which is about what happens in Barzakh after you die. The book includes many accounts of people who have been contacted by those who have passed away and these deceased talk about what is happening to them in Barzakh. There is also discussion on Hell and "Siraat" bridge. This book in particular has helped me improve my "Yaqeen" level in particular. I could only find an Urdu copy at Ziaraat online library. I work 50-60 hrs / week and have a family and the only way I am able to read all these books is completely cutting out TV and movies. I consider this a blessing of Almighty Allah to give me the opportunity to improve my faith and stay away from haraam.
  21. Now in my early 40s and was hooked on TV and later on movies since I was 5 years old.
  22. If you read the entire thread, you would have noticed that this is not about aversion to technology but an aversion to the haraam that is shown on TV and movies these days. There are very few exceptions of proper Islamic programs shown on some Islamic TV channels.
  23. Just wanted to add something to this thread. It has been more than 4 weeks since I completely stopped watching TV and movies. By the grace of Allah, it has led to very positive effects on myself and family. Not watching TV was extremely difficult at first but over time it became easier. Now I do not miss TV or movies at all. The time I used to spend watching TV, I have read through several books which has helped me in strengthening of my beliefs and improvement of spirituality. After kids homework is done, we as a family spend some time, discussing something religious which one of us may have read. Prayers are always offered at the time of Fazilat and in Jamaa't. I pray to Allah to Guide us and help us all stay on the right path.
  24. It was most likely a dream or hallucination of this person. If a person truly dies, you have to be ready for "Munkir" and "Nakir" and their questioning which is to be followed by the rewards or pains of "Barzakh". The veils which have been put on our eyes as living souls are there for a reason. This is the reason why we have to continue to pray for "Certainty of Belief - Yaqeen".
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