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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, But what should I do with the oily chain? Hard to remove it. You know, oil is not removable easy.
  2. Salam, do I have to remove the oil first? I tried to remove it with some tissues but you know, oil can't be removed easily. It just smear. Is it enough, when I just put water on the chain while oil is still there?
  3. Salam, i received a few answers from some Marjas: shirazi: As mentioned in your previous inquiries, this person should act like other ordinary religious people and has no extra duty. Khamenai: In this regard you may refer to the expert consultants who have experience in this field.Director of the site's fiqh section @Ashvazdanghe what do. you think does this mean? thank you
  4. Salam, i used to read a few sites. Not really helping. I just want to be allowed to ignore impurities while my prayers are still accepted. That would be the only thing what would help me. I guess my psychologist will tell me the same
  5. Salam, picking eyebrows should be like cuting your hair. It should be alright as long it doesn't rise awareness of men you are not married to or are not from your family. You should not harm youself by some beauty hype but eyebrows are something different.
  6. As far as I know all kind of music which is used for haram (dance in club ...) is not allowed. Especially music which leads you to haram by its Lyrics. Some marja consider music without lyrics as okay except Sonnen instruments are not used.
  7. Salam, thank you very much. I have an appointment in 10 days by a psychologist. I'm afraid that he is going to say me to "get ride of my religion" but by god I'm an muslim hamdulilallah and there is no other religion which seems to be so true than Islam. Especially Shia. I still have an understanding problem based on the fact that I'm not native. Impure substance like blood are still impure for me right? But the things I made impure in the past are pure know? Or what is meant especially? What does the wudu make? Thank you so much. I will include you in my prayers salam
  8. That is the answer I got from سید علی فاطمی "He should not pay attention to his thoughts and consider everything Tahir , and consider himself with Wudu" what do you think does this mean?
  9. Salam, I see that you can't help me to. I'm still thankful for your help guys. It seems like my life is written to be like this. There are people outside who can live a peaceful and happy life and there a people like me. Still appreciate all your efforts salam
  10. Salam, thank you. The main problem is, it is not doubting if something became impure. It's that I can't deal with impurities. While peeing I Deal to make myself impure. When there is something bleeding I manage to make myself impure. There is no obsessions. I just can't deal with it.
  11. Salam, looks like no one can help me. Could someone do me the favor to ask a marja in Arabic? Seems like they don't necessarily understand me in English thank you
  12. But then I would have to shower every time before praying. That wouldn't be the answer
  13. Salam, i can't understand why I'm not allowed "not to take care about impurities". I mean, if I'm allowed to ignore gas coming out, why can't i just ignore impurities? The only answer I get is: " The only way to get rid of obsession is to not paying attention to that. His duty is to act like other ordinary religious people, even though he might imagine this is not enough, and he has no extra duty. In other words, he should not inform him self about impurity" This doesn't help me! Why is this so hard? Is there any Marja who would allow me this? I just want an easy life without all this trouble. Salam
  14. salam, it's hard to explain. I might have borderline. An psychological disease. I'm having trouble with myself since ever. I have the problem that I can't deal with impurity. It's my fold that I made few things impure by sins (playing with myself). By many accidents, this impurity transfered till I am not able to live normally. But it is not just because of my sins. I never was able to deal with it. I sit hours on the toilett and sometimew have to shower afterwards because I managed to make myself impure. I can't get on public toiletts because I manage to make my whole clothes impure. I'm afraid of wet dreams (sometimes playing with myself was a precaution, so I don't make my bed impure). I simply can't deal with this issue. I have many problems in life since ever. Fasting is hell for me, because I imagine that I have something in my mouth. I'm really afraid of Ramadan. I have many problems with my religion. Althoug I pray, I do Ramadan, I pay my khums, I don't drink smoke or anything else I'm still afraid of dying 24/7. I have a lot of prayers to redo. I couldn't pray because gas was coming out. Till I was allowed to ignored it. khamenai told me I have to make wudu for every prayer. wudu takes about 5-7 min for me. Doing it bevore the noon, afternoon and Morning prayer is to much. It takes to long and makes me exhausted. You might think I have the devile telling me all this stuff but I'm having doubts since I' m 10 (started to pray very early). That musst be something psychological. I just want to life normal. I'm going to see a psychologist next week by the way. I appreciate your help thank you! salam
  15. I am sure. But impurity is all over. I'm afraid of impurity. Afraid to buy new stuff because it could get impure. I need to ignore all kinds of impurities for a while.
  16. Salam, has someone ever heard that a person is allowed to ignore impurity? I can't live with that. I have a few problems and it makes it even worse. I just want a normal life but I can't. I am allowed to pray even if I had gas coming out while praying because of my problems with that. Is there the possibility to ignore impurities to? When I ask my ayatollah (Makarem Shirazz or Khamenai still not sure) I just get the standard answer "if you are not 100% sure". But this don't help me. I just can deal with that. Problems don't just disappear thank you Salam
  17. Salam, ok thanks. How can I make them pure again? I tried to wish the oil away, but you know, oil remains and only wash away very hard. There is always some rest
  18. Salam, unfortunately it did. After I touched the tool I touched my bike's break. Then I went home and about a few couples later I road my bike. I touched the same place again. I thought oil wouldn't transfere so I touched my mobile phone and my boxing gloves
  19. Salam, i didn't Know that! Thanks. Is there a place I could read about that? Unfortunately there was Urin to. I used to work in the woods after my bike broke down. I had to pee but I couldn't wash my hands. So Urin came on my fingers and i couldn't wipe it away.
  20. Thank you for your effort, but I have to ask you again. I will go more into detail: I used to work on my bike and touched something, impure with my oily hands (dry blood on a working tool). After that I touched my bike. On the place I touched it, some oil remaind. After finishing, I went home and about 3 hours later I rode my bike. I touched the place where I transferred the impure. Without thinking about it and touched my phone, which become a little bit oily to. I went to sports and washed my hands. After that I touched my phone again, which was still oily and put on my boxing gloves. Now I would like to know, if I put on my gloves again and sweat, would there be an tranfere of the impure? Or does this count as the third touch? Thank you very much
  21. Salam, thank you for your answer! I guess you all know the "3 touch rule". What is, when I touched the impure with my oil finger and then touched something else and transferred the impure with oil. So there is now a little bit of oil on another place I have touched. When I touch the oil with another hand, does this count as the "second touch" or is still the first, because there is oil left. I hope you understand what I mean! thanks
  22. Salem, imagine, I have oil from my bike'a chain on my finger. Than I touch an impure place. After that I touch another place with the same finger. Does this place become impure? Mustn't it be something watery? Oil does not contain water, right? thank you very much w Salam
  23. Salam, have you got a fatwa for that? 1: what means it should flow? On flat ground water isn't going to flow 2: how often have i got to do that? 3: how long should I let it dry? w Salam and thanks
  24. Salam, if a piece on the floor became unclean (najis) through blood, sperm or alcohol is it possible to make it clean (tahir) by spraying water from a spray bottle on it? The water would be sprayed and taken away with some dry tissue. Then water would be sprayed again on the same unclean place. It would be the same procedure to make it clean like it would be with a bottle of water just instead I would use a spray bottle Thank you very much and Ramadan Karem W salam
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