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  1. We along members here, are happy to announce that a new global server for Shi'as have been created: Rafed . You can connect to it through here: https://discord.gg/a3ZuHAF
  2. M.IB

    New Discord for Shi'as, "Rafed"!

    https://discord.gg/dnEnkym Permanent link!
  3. M.IB

    Prophet Yunus REJECTED Wilayat????

    The Qur'an explicitly told us that Yunus (as) was swallowed by the Whale for being impatient on his people. Such ahadith are typically full of ghuluw and these are the ones the Imams (asws) warned us of. Now it's up to you, whether to trust the book of Allah, or some unreliable narration/hadith.
  4. Zoroaster, Buddha, Mani and the others may have been prophets. Their message would have had been corrupt for sure.
  5. Let's go back to history, and see who were there first.
  6. M.IB

    Islam, Homo Sapiens, Adam and Eve

    We can check the percentage of Neanderthal blood through Ancestry DNA tests, it's solid. I would say that Adam (as) was the successor of other peoples, and not himself the first one. Maybe the man whom we all descend from (Y-chromosomal Adam), however, it is not necessary that him and mitochondrial Eve both lived in the same time. However, it doesn't remove the possibility of mutual time existence. The thing about the Qur'an, is, it doesn't describe creation of the cosmos and the origins of life like the OT and NT. Rather, in Islam, the possibility is open and we can accept almost everything. There are already many flaws in creationism, panspermia and abiogenesis. That's why I believe in theistic evolution.
  7. Salam, The above brothers/sisters explained it, just wanted to correct your mistake, قوت should be قوة. WS.
  8. M.IB

    "Who created God?"

    Why would God need to be created? That's because Human mind can't perceive something to be "not created", If God started then there is a creator of God. God however can't be limited to the point of view of Human.
  9. M.IB

    Hidden Atheism in the youth

    Exactly, that's why I started questioning of religion and God at age of 9.....
  10. M.IB

    Want To Believe In Allah (swt), But I Can't

    That's irrelevant. Muslims represent less than a quarter of the globe. Do you have any statistics for that?! Plus these stuff relate to Political issues than religious. See how most of Muslims in the west are successful and most of them managed to keep their faith. First of all Allah will not miraculously stop the violence. Allah clearly taught us that with Du'a comes with action. E.g: You can't just pray to God to give you money while you're sitting at home. You must perform, search for a job, ask about current requirements for job markets, making financial plans etc... And if we Muslims aren't even helping ourselves how will we live in peace? I'm mean just look at this site, we all are Shi'as and some of us just curse and fight each other. Ummah of Muhammad was traitorous to it's own prophet. Pity.
  11. M.IB

    Want To Believe In Allah (swt), But I Can't

    It's my fault then
  12. M.IB

    Flood and prophet nuh as

    When Nuh (a) performed the Dua it's very normal to say that. I don't think a prophet would pray to God to "Allah please destroy pagans of Sumeria but keep the Greek pagans". Other than that we have tons of proofs of floods occurring in Mesopotamia since the Euphrates and the Tigris were known for not being able to be expected.
  13. M.IB

    Want To Believe In Allah (swt), But I Can't

    Why didn't the Prophet (s) just wake him up? Why to reverse sun "for 10 minutes"??
  14. M.IB

    SERlOUSLY . . . Sick of :

    Honestly, I am proud of the title "Rafidi"
  15. M.IB

    Will you attend hawza?

    I hope I can inshaAllah.
  16. I'm so excited for the holy month of Ramadan, alhamdulillah may Allah make it eternal for everyone here. It's my favorite time of the year!
  17. M.IB

    Quranic/Biblical stories as allegory?

    I started from the fact that the gene of Quraysh is itself J1-FGC11. Your gospels say that Abraham (A) was born at *Ur of the Chaldees/Chaldeans* However I didn't take it from here. Many Jews specifically the Middle Eastern ones have J1-FGC11, of course not all of them, but many do. I quote: FGC11 is a parallel branch of YSC76 (who remained in Mesopotamia) that went south to Arabia with many descending branches. A similar split in two branches is also found in E1b-V12. Z640 is also a parallel branch to YSC76 and FGC11, with many descendant branches in the Middle East. Two Jewish descendants passed Iberia before settling in the Ashkenazi countries, leaving Iberia as Sephardic, or changing religion as a conversion.
  18. M.IB

    Flood and prophet nuh as

    الأرض means "ground", "land". It doesn't necessarily mean earth itself brother.
  19. Like being pro-abortion? only 2 out of around 12 Muslims were against abortion. The rest accepted it. (it's a YT video though).
  20. M.IB

    Quranic/Biblical stories as allegory?

    Perhaps you can explain it to me, Plato 2.0?
  21. M.IB

    Quranic/Biblical stories as allegory?

    Noah may be proved through a great flood that happened about 9000-6000 B.C. in southern Mesopotamia. Abraham can be proved through the haplotype J1-FGC11 which is specific to the tribe of the holy prophet (sawas), this haplotype is suggested to date to Mesopotamia, specifically Sumer/Babylon/Chaldea.
  22. We ask Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى to repeat these events upon us, InshaAllah.
  23. M.IB

    The Gods of Man

    What're the consequence of accepting evolution as a Muslim? Adam and his wife were most likely Homo sapiens.