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  1. Get upset over maliki? lol I know now you are not Iraqi.
  2. lol if Abu bakir was that al maliki is worst then.
  3. Sayed Ali Sistani and probably even sayed khamanaei say its allowed to work in the west , so either you are smarter than them or you are just trying to argue.
  4. I don’t know if you forget or don’t read my words , I told you repeatedly my problem is not with advising but praising.
  5. lol my friend your logical deduction Is erroneous to begin with.
  6. Thats not correct , what I meant by bad is geopolitics u have to get dirty , and we have seen sayed khamanaei praise a man who is one of the most corrupted who brought nothing but wails to Iraqi people. I dare you too tell me which Imam praised the corrupt?
  7. Why don’t he act like Sayed Sistani who closed his doors and not welcome any of those Iraqi politicians? How will Sayed Khamanei ever talk against corruption and fighting the corrupt without us not taking him seriously after him meeting and praising the vile Nuri al maliki?
  8. When did any of our Imams praise the unjust and corrupted? Give me one example I dare you !!!!
  9. If connecting the dots and reaching conclusions is fitna then we should stop criticizing those sahaba and many historical things.
  10. He caused the misery of millions of Muslims , how is that not bad? In Islam mumineen are of utmost importance in Islam.
  11. The the logical progression is this : supporting corrupted people is evil , khamanaei supported corrupted people , hence khamanaei is ?!
  12. Advise is one thing and praising him is another thing.
  13. Imam Ali would never praise or support mawiyah nor would Imam hussain support yazid . Imam Ali rose against mawiyah because he was corrupted and im sure if Imam Ali accepted Mawiyah’s corruption , mawiyah would not mind making an alliance with him . The same goes for Yazid .
  14. lol we can easy deduce that , geopolitics is bad, khamanaei practises it = he is bad. Isnt that the logical consequence?
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