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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is a video circulating on fb of iranians burning sayed khamanaei portrait.
  2. Actually the office of sayed al Sistani issued a statement yesterday denying this news.
  3. First of all I wasnt accusing, secondly since ulama are not infallible then they can be put in the zone of skepticism within certain contexts and parameters. If you follow your ulama blindly then don’t blame wahabis or Sunnis or Christians or buddists etc when they follow their ulama blindly.
  4. Let us not forget that there were people who fought with and saw the Prophet miracles then turned bad after his death so I never treat anyone as infallible except Ahlul Bayt
  5. Im not accusing him im just wondering theres a difference.
  6. والله ياصديقي تاهت علينه
  7. My brother the Sunnis revere the caliphs but when did that ever stop us from bringing their names into discussions? I don’t believe in political correctness, we should stop treating ulama as infallible because if we do that then we will not be able to apply Imam Ali’s rule( let the truth be the measure of men not men be the measure of truth) .
  8. You see but there are implications to this which are serious because it also implies that the supreme leader of Iran as the leader is somehow in on this and this also means he is somewhat corrupted ? Or what is going on because im confused as hell honestly, Some people here think I want to stir fitna but im trying to find an answer for myself , im not seeking batil im seeking the haq.
  9. Salam, so my question is as far as I know Iran never condemned the killing and kidnapping and assassinations that Iraqi gov is doing to Iraqi protestors, so why is that? Is it not ok to kill Shias if the gov is non Shia but its ok if the gov is Shia?
  10. Any I have one last advise, do what Imam Ali as said ‘ don’t let men be the measure of truth, let the truth be the measure of men’
  11. Any one who diasgreed about what I posted can go to google and see how many Iraqi politicians are affiliated with Iran.
  12. What are you talking about man ?!! What do u know about Iraq? I am Iraqi and I will tell you most of these people have nothing to do with the west, the problem is in your head, you are living the conspiracy theory delusion!! Get real and stop blaming everything on America and the west, Iran supported militias that destroyed Iraq they are like mafias!! I am from Iraq I have lived there and my family live there , Iran takes a huge responsibility for messing up my country, these politicians in the Gov most of them are somewhat affiliated with Iran!
  13. If geopolitics means getting dirty then Iran has one then that means the head of Iran who is the supreme leader is involving himself in something that involves getting dirty. the question is not wether they are Islamic or not its that the supporter is Iranian gov which considers itself as righteous and the true representation of Shia rule in the age of Ghayba of Imam AS . Iran is influential and is supporting those parties and those parties are corrupt so in that case what does that mean?! Doesnt all this lead to the conviction that Khamanaei is corrupt as well?! Is there any other theory?
  14. Salam, as you all may know there is currently a second wave of anti gov protests going on in Iraq that is also being suppressed by Pro-Iranian militias and Iraqi authorities, people are being ran over by vehicles and murdered in gruesome manner and also journalists and activists are being kidnapped and gone missing plus many other anti humanitarian activities. Theres no doubt that Iraqi gov is probably the most corrupted in the world, and I talk to you as an Iraqi who have lived there and seen how bad things are how people are having no basic services like water and electricity not to mention billion other corrupted acts and all of this in a country which can make Iraqis live like kings but instead this is what we get. Now to get to what is relevant, theres no doubt that Iran has huge influence in Iraq, some if not many political parties and militias in Iraq are associated with Iran and these parties are currently part of the Iraqi gov, so if these political Iraqi leaders and bloodthirsty militias are supported by Iran and Sayed Khamanaei is in charge of Iran, doesn’t that mean that he is also corrupted?! Or else why wont Iran do something if the militias its supporting are doing this??! Why these protests are not being supporter by many ulama or at least are not given as much light as the Bahraini protests were given for example? you know that during arba’een, some Pro iranian political organization were doing an exhibit to honor the martyrs of Bahrain which the representative of Sayed Khamenei attended while it had been just days since the slaughter of lots of Iraqi people, are we not Shias too? Are we not Muslims? Are we not humans? im utterly confused because either sayed khamanaei don’t know about what is going on which is unlikely or he doesnt have full control over Iran , but if he is corrupted then that means all the ulama who support him are corrupt too, isnt that the logical implication?! and before u tell me theres agendas behind these protests I tell u this , does that justify killing unarmed civilians? Does that justify sniping them, kidnapping them? Iraqi people are living [Edited Out]ty lives they are out because they had no quality of life since long time from war to war from sectarian violence to car bombs to Isis which I think the Iraqi gov had a hand in isis and even car bombs. what is ur take on this? Thanks
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