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  1. I realize I was being short sighted. As long as the person's character is good in general, everything will work out In Shaa Allah. Also, thank you for responding!
  2. Thank you for your response! With all this messed up form of feminism going strong in my country (Pakistan), I am unsure how effective this 'convincing' can be, since you can't really force someone to change their lifestyle. But yes, I just wanted a subjective answer of what 'you would do'. So I guess you may be right. In Shaa Allah, we all will find practicing and loving spouse!
  3. For women, it is to cover their hair. And for men it is to lower their gaze. My question is for men who are looking for prospective spouse, would you consider a shia-Muslim who does not observe Hijab currently? And should I? I know people can change in the future and some may say that after marriage she may observe the hijab, but I am just unsure, what if they don't. Thoughts and advice? Should this be a criteria for judging someone during the selection of spouse candidates? P.S. I know I'm in no way an amazing Muslim, but I try. I am not judging anyone for their choice of a lifestyle or religious practice. Also we haven't gone through the beginning of courtship yet, we are practically just relatives at this point. I was curious about people's take and opinion on this 'factor'.
  4. Wa'salam. Thank you for making it all clear to me. May Allah reward you!
  5. If the father has passed away, and the (paternal) grandfather is also nomore, and there are no maternal grandparents either. The lady has her mother, her elder brother and her eldest sister, who is responsible to make sure she marries well? Is it her mother, her brother? or her dad's younger brother (considering her dad was the eldest of them all).? I know the definite answer would have been her mother or the like- To give some context, I just wanted to know because me and my family were trying to court this girl, and she was also very accepting of it (of us), but her mother was heavily against it since the very beginning. A while back, her mother has forcefully arranged her nikkah to be with someone else this Eid (against her choice and such). I have left it to God, and let it go, but I've still wanted to know, who is the guardian, wali, responsible for marriage of an orphan girl after her father's death? And in this case, could she have opted to go against her family's wishes and have conjoined in marriage with me? Though I do not have any such thoughts, I would like to know what Islam has to say about this. P.S. The girl is around 19-20, and still a student.
  6. @Zavon Thanks for following me. I'm not here every day so I can't follow anyone who posts a lot. :( 

    1. Zavon
    2. wolverine


      Yeah. I had a PM from somebody that was 2 weeks old when I logged in. I was embarrassed. :blush: Happy Eid, @Zavon.

  7. Whether it's harsh or not, life is a blessing from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. And we can't deny that. And earlier in your threads I had told you to seek more rewards from Allah for thehereafter, because after you die (like how you feel envy, if any, towards others who have it better) there won't be anything you'd be able to do for more benefits and rewards. Quran - 2:195 Yusuf Ali: "And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction; but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good." Shakir: "And spend in the way of Allah and cast not yourselves to perdition with your own hands, and do good (to others); surely Allah loves the doers of good." Allah is the lover of good doers than those who ruin their ownself.
  8. I have heard that Imams had married outside the syed lineage. That, in fact, is a proof that your father can't force you to marry only syeds. Sorry, I don't have any references right now. Maybe someone else can provide you with them (Insha'Allah). Best of Luck! Zavon.
  9. It is perfectly okay to marry such man (a convert) for a (Muslim) woman.
  10. No doubt, both has their own significance so we can't really say which one is better. But I'd personally favor my daughter to get into a definite and permanent relation and live a happy and content life there on. But there is nothing wrong in doing a temporary marriage if both the parties agree. After the period of temporary marriage has ended, there is no compulsion for any of the partner to re-marry (whether permanent or temporary) as far as I know. Maybe someone else can shed light on this in a better way. Zavon.
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