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  1. I hold absolutely no grudges with anyone on here. Grudges aren't healthy in any context, but particularly on an online forum, with your own brothers and sisters, who are part of a minority within a minority, it's just the most petty thing. Our lives should be more enriched, and our minds healthier , more positive, and more compassionate to even entertain things like that.  Cliques on online forums, fragmentations into groups, all of such things, are petty. We should give people the benefit of the doubt, have good thoughts of others, and work in that way.

    If we find that this isn't the case , then it might just be better for either side of the equation to unplug and find better ways to further their intellectual endeavours and serve the Ahlulbayt. And sometimes, for some of us, on either side of the equation, we soon come to realise a forum may not be the best place.  We all have opinions, and unless we blow like the wind, in life you will disagree with people if you ever stand for something. 


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