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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks brother, very useful information. Just watched some of his videos. And it's convinced me more about the deceptions of the Jinns have made about "Aliens".
  2. this may be a statement of cosmic mechanism or something. But regardless, no any living creatures out there in the universe able to visit earth. But Jinns want to make fake stories about it by what we heard about UFO or Aliens in order to misguide Humans about creation of this universe.
  3. Salam. I know some muslims (whether sunni or shia) have been discussed about other life forms outside the Earth. Although it seems like this matter never been of something to be taken seriously nor important to explore within Islamic studies deeply. For me personally, apart of my curiousity, it touches my spiritual consciousness, that the greatness of God is beyond words and our understandings (unimaginable). Many Shias usually posted this riwayat from Imam Sadiq (as) regarding other living beings that mentions there are other 70.000 planets and each of its inhabitants belive they're alone in this universe. It is claimed to be from Bihar al-Anwar vol 14, page 79. But what interesting is that, when I asked a most trusted shia alim from my country who had studied in Qum (he passed away few weeks ago, RIP) about that riwayat, he didn't find any of that statement from the claimed reference. Instead, he showed me there is a similar hadith from Ibn Abbas from the same source book Bihar al-Anwar on vol 54 page 348 which is very clear regarding various living beings in this universe. here is it: *Note that my English isn't really good, sorry if there are mistakes in the way I translate in English from my own language after my alim translated it to my language from the original text. And secondly, this has nothing to do with the shared UFO stories we've been heard all the time. About other life forms which will be explained from this hadith is totally different from what we've heard about "aliens", and there are strong indications after I've done some little reaserch that UFO "Aliens" are actually Jinns, I'll talk about this next time. Every life form within this universe including us will not be able to interfere each other, we're destinied to be in total different worldly substance (too hard to explain). بحار الأنوار / جزء 54 / صفحة [348] 44 - وعن ابن عباس قال: دخل علينا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله ونحن في المسجد حلق حلق، فقال لنا: فيم أنتم ؟ قلنا: نتفكر في الشمس كيف طلعت وكيف غربت، قال: أحسنتم كونوا هكذا تفكروا في المخلوق ولا تفكروا في الخالق، فإن الله خلق ما شاء لما شاء وتعجبون من ذلك، إن من وراء قاف سبع بحار كل بحار خمسمأة عام ومن وراء ذلك سبع أرضين يضئ نورها لاهلها ومن وراء ذلك سبعين ألف امة خلقوا على أمثال الطير هو وفرخه في الهواء لا يفترون عن تسبيحة واحدة ومن وراء ذلك سبعين ألف امة خلقوا من ريح، فطعامهم ريح، وشرابهم ريح، وثيابهم من ريح، و آنيتهم من ريح، ودوابهم من ريح، لا تستقر حوافر دوابهم إلى الارض إلى قيام الساعة، أعينهم في صدورهم، ينام أحدهم نومة واحدة ينتبه ورزقه عند رأسه، ومن وراء ذلك ظل العرش، وفي ظل العرش سبعون ألف امة ما يعلمون أن الله خلق آدم ولا ولد آدم، ولا إبليس ولا ولد إبليس، وهو قوله (ويخلق ما لا تعلمون (2) Ibn Abbas: Rasulullah came to us in Masjid where we were sitting in groups. He asked us "what are you guys doing?". And we answered that we are thinking about a sun, how it is raising and setting. And then Rasulullah said: Good, just think about it, about makhluk. And don't think about the Creator. Lo! Allah created whathever He wishes for him to desire, and you must be amazed about it. Actually, behind "Qaaf" (my alim said the meaning of this word could be an atmosphere, or solar system, or more higher than that) there are seven seas. And each of the sea has 500 years of distance. And behind all of that, there are seven glowing earths where its lights shine upon the inhabitants. And behind that, there is 70.000 ummah that created like a bird, they and their children in the air, they don't do tasbeeh with only one dhikr. And behind that, there is 70.000 ummah that created from wind, their food are wind, their drink are wind, their clothes are wind, their vessel from wind, their transportation from wind, their transportation will never be able to reach the earth until yaumul qiyamah. Their eyes are in the chest. Everytime they wake from their sleep, their needs have given above their head. And behind that, there is shadow of al-Arsy. Within the shadow of al-Arsy there is 70.000 ummah and they do not know that Allah has creted Adam and children of Adam, and also do not know about Iblis and children of Iblis. And that's what Allah meant in His Ayat "And He creates that which you do not know". Wallahu Alam.
  4. So you admitted that he was wrong for the assassinations?
  5. it does, but doesn't mean it's a correct and fair way especially when you hold Islam as your platform. As long as you're being opposed ideologically, then you gotta fight the same way right?. Or you'll pay with legitimate consequences such as death sentence, which we must accept what Syed Navab has faced?
  6. I respect his anti-imperialist intentions, but was the assassinations of people he opposed necessary? Razmara, Kasravi, Hazhir. I've heard that, Ayatollah Kashani ended his support to Fada'iyan-e Islam due to that extreme move..
  7. I know, but I think his actions were too extreme by assassinating some of the officials of the Shah regime, unless they act like the Zionist regime then it'd be justified. What do you think of this?. And that's what caused him sentenced to death.
  8. Many people outside Iran still don't know about him, I see him as a controversial figure and for me he was a "Sayyid Qutb of Iran". In fact that, Sayyid Ali Khamenei ever praised him as a person who inspired the Islamic Revolution, and his group called Fada'iyan-e Islam survived after his death as supporters of Imam Khomeini during the revolution. What was Imam Khomeini stance on his movement at that time? did Imam supported him?. Is it true he and his Fada'iya-e Islam committed several assassinations on the regime officials which led to his death sentence? or it was fitnah?. Since I only know him from the western sources and also a puppet opposition figure of the Islamic Republic Amir Taheri. So I won't trust them in the first place.
  9. @Abu Hadi Salam, could you please provide the source of this? I'd like to share it
  10. a given respect to the progeny of ahlulbayt is a must regardless their personalities. But I think you're mistaken of what 'respect' here, respecting someone doesn't mean a view of superiority over another and does not mean you cannot againts his/her bad deeds since a syed also doesn't excepted from hell either just like us. a superiority among us is based on Taqwa instead of linieage which I think we all know this already. respect to them beacuse of their lineage relation to the Prophet simply because they're meant to carry reputation of the Prophet as their ancestor. That's why, they will be rewarded doubly for their good deeds, one is for what they done and another one is for their responsibility as descendants of ahlulbayt to carry their ancestors reputation. And vice versa, their sins will be punished doubly because of the same condition again. get the picture?
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