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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well when I was following the sunni schools the sunni scholars would encourage burning papers with quran ayats in it if you wanted to get rid of it and said it was the most pure way. Example you have a paper you wrote some verses in or something when taking notes in a lecture and you want to dispose of it, in sunni islam the method would be to burn it and same for any religious book you needed to dispose and burning would be better than throwing in the garbage. I am not sure what the shia ulama say to do but I would think they would also say burn but I am not sure since I havent asked one yet, does anybody know?
  2. I do understand why they would do so even if they believed the view that kosher was fine and due to the reason as to why they would say that I wouldn't say the reason for them saying only zabiha is ok. edit: At least the reason I think.
  3. its not 100% confirmed that laylatul qadr has passed.
  4. There not famous people bro and prefer to stay low key. If I named them how would you even know them?
  5. This is a good jeyed point. If there is a more halal alternative than that would be better but if not like brother hasaan said its fine.
  6. [MOD NOTE: People who ask a jurisprudence question need a reply with proof. This reply is under review as being incorrect.] yes its ok, was it doctor prescribed and why would it be non halal btw?
  7. mashallah beautifully said, you must be a sufi or an irfani? lol jk ;)
  8. Thats the issue I wanted to stress. Any shia scholar who has like a phd and is an Imam of a masjid can be a marja to do taqlid of. The smart thing to do is have like one of the big time marjas such as Ayatollah Khameni who is your main marja of taqlid but you should also have a local imam who lives near you that you make taqlid of and if a situation arises where the higher ranked marja overides the lower ranked than you follow the higher ranked one such as Ayatollah Khameni or Sistani but when they are not around you should make taqlid of one of your local imams. I personally have like 10-20 marjas which is very hard and complicated to do unless you have been through a lot of shariah studies but for most people if they have two marjas in the manner I explained before than that is what higher level elite muslims do and it is one step towards growth in your spiritual path in my opinion.... Most scholars and high level muslims actually have several marjas btw....
  9. not gonna lie this felt pretty damn good lol. I just want to gloat a little because I dont know if I will ever win again but until then best 3 days of my life wooooohooooo ya
  10. well its not all about features religious character is most important but thats good that your best friends me and my wife were friends also since college for a long time before marriage but in a halal way, I think she had skipped some grades cause she was like 16 when I was 18 and I think people who were friends before marriage would probably make the best couples mashallah. Funny thing tho is we would always get into debates and arguments at msa events and on campus between classes so it was like a love/hate friendship lol.
  11. lol many have misunderstood the whole mahdi issue. People are forgetting the the mahdi is always alive and mahdi refers to a guided one. Any scholar who is guided can linguistically be referred to as a mahdi. I believe that the mahdi which everybody is referring to is just the mujadad of the era, meaning whoever revives the religion. One thing I will say tho is any scholar or person who names himself mahdi like in their name is a jahil. I have seen some sheiks name themselves mahdi so and so and this is in my opinion complete misguidance. Also many ulama always say that the mahdi will reappear at this time or that time cant be taken literarily because nobody knows the unseen but Allah.
  12. its like a sufi/irfan term which basically refers to something such as unity with Allah and like I said it should not be understood literally.
  13. what is your definition of aqeeda? From what I know of aqeeda is that it means your detailed belief in Allah so how is your aqeeda different than the shia ulama?
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