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  1. Where can I find a collection of ahadith narrated by Fatima az-Zahra, specifically about Imam Ali (عليه السلام)
  2. I’ve been told that it has been allowed by the maraja that you are allowed to follow multiple scholars assuming they’re all learned. I know you can practice based on who has the most strict rule but today I was told you can also practice based on who has the most convincing/backed up rule. Is this true?
  3. I have this question too. Muslim artists make covers of haram music but call them halal because they’re vocals only. However, they’re using the same tune so according to Ayatullāh Sistani, it wouldn’t be allowed? But I guess we’re derailing now from the original post
  4. Salam, This is a heartbreaking hadith that I've read and heard but need a reference. When Fatima (as) was returning home after delivering the speech for Fadak, she was attacked. She couldn't walk so she had her arms around the women she came with and that's why her abaya was dragging on the ground because she was being dragged on her knees. Imam Hasan had seen her being attacked. Where can i find the reference?
  5. The quran states the permissibility of having multiple wives if you can treat them all fairly. With wives like Khadija and Fatima, I wouldn't think the Prophet and Imam Ali would want to or could dedicate their time and effort to other women concurrently. That's my take on it.
  6. I wouldn’t say polygamy is recommended generally, just that it was recommended in those situations that they did marry more than one. The Prophet didn’t marry anyone else while he was with khadija. And imam ali didn’t marry anyone else while he was with Fatimah.
  7. Even if I knew there was no possibility of someone coming through the intersection, I would stop just to make myself feel good. I grew up being taught that following rules makes you a good person. Stopping seems irrational though considering the stop sign’s use
  8. When would you call or meet the wali of a woman? What if you live in another country? Do you wait for the woman to suggest it? From my perspective, getting the permission of the wali to talk to the woman is one of the first steps.
  9. I agree completely, as a woman. Imam Ali blew out the candle so no one could see the shadow of Zaynab. A physical covering allows a woman to do her work outside the house but the essence behind it is to guard herself from onlookers. I like to remind people that women were granted motherhood as men were granted imamat. Women protect the next generation within them as men protect them. We all have to work together to preserve our honour
  10. @Qa'im maybe something I read on Ahl al-Bayt Daily?
  11. Thanks but I’m just asking for the Hadith
  12. An imam was asked where charity should be given and he (as) said to give it to those who follow him
  13. @Qa'im Thanks. Within the context of my post where women are trying their best but their fathers are restricting them, what do you think they should do?
  14. Also, this thread isn't about comparing sexes. I was actually trying to highlight our similarities so we can talk about it together. Guys, get a grip!
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