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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The student loan situation is a big problem for sure, but there are bigger problems The skyrocketing cost of health insurance and medical care are massive issues. The number of uninsured people is rising again (up 4-5 million in the last 10 months), and our medical system is completely dysfunctional. We could have 100+ million people with no insurance and limited access to healthcare within 10 years, and when it gets to that point, we have a wrecked economy While Trump could return, I find it highly unlikely. His age and health will prevent it.
  2. You are experiencing the dark night of the soul others here will provide you with helpful verses from the Quran and good advice but there are those who know, or suspect the truth, feel Allah's presence, or hear the call, and are afraid to venture into the faith in other words, for everyone who feels like they will fall off the ship, there are those in the ocean that see the ship, and yet are afraid to swim to it you will be fine--pray, focus, and listen
  3. My son has been involved in some charitable work involving Yemen, but he wanted to know if this particular aid organization was any good, or if there were any concerns about it? https://www.monareliefye.org/ has anyone hear heard of these guys? I have given to the Zahra Trust in the past
  4. I think the political left, and Democrats who might be tired of foreign wars, need to wake up to the reality that Joe Biden has put together a cabinet consisting almost entirely of militant, neoliberal, Zionist Jews, who almost unanimously want to destroy Iran. I put up a list a couple months ago, and now I can add to it Attorney General: Merrick Garland. Jewish neoliberal and interventionist. Secretary of State: Anthony Blinken. Jewish. Washington insider and notorious interventionist. Encouraged Clinton to send troops to Rwanda, and supported intervention in Syria. Has worked to re
  5. I don't expect a civil war or anything like that but violent protests are another story.
  6. I warned people a couple months before the election that if polling stations were closed and citizens were forced to vote by mail, it would be viewed as an attempt by Democrats to tamper with the election. While department stores, supermarkets, etc. were open, polling stations were closed because it was deemed "too dangerous" to vote in person. It was an arbitrary and deeply suspect decision, and it doesn't matter if the election was "legal" or fraud was minimal. The *perception* was that Democrats were using emergency powers granted to them due to the COVID-19 outbreak to interfere with
  7. The latest polls have the Democratic candidates ahead in both races, which is a bit surprising
  8. I had some social anxiety when I was young, and still have a bit One solution is to practice etiquette, and focus on what is expected of you socially, vs. simply throwing yourself into a social situation and not knowing what to do
  9. And the COVID relief bill that was just passed in the US contains 500 million for Israel https://www.jta.org/2020/12/22/israel/yes-the-new-federal-budget-includes-500-million-for-israel-no-that-isnt-a-surprise
  10. There may be a few reasons for the "silence" on this issue The Turkistan Islamic Party is a problem. It makes the Uyghurs look like violent radicals, even though not all of them support this organization by any means The other issue is that in the US the media is under strict instructions not to report on the Uyghur issue. Very few people in this country know what is going on in western China. For the large multimedia companies to bring this issue up risks them losing "business interests" in China Likewise, Joe Biden is hugely pro-CCP. I worry that there is going to be a ge
  11. thank you Mohammad, that means a lot!
  12. Salaam eThErEal Ibn Sina, working from Aristotle, claimed that there is nothing in the mind that has not first come through our senses, save for the mind itself. This was later expounded upon by Thomas Aquinas The mind is the most complex thing in the universe (Allah is outside the universe, and this universe exists from his will and power). And our mind contains within it an intuition of the divine. When I was much younger I tried to be agnostic, or even atheist --and I emphasize "tried", because there was always a nagging intuition of something beyond this world --that sustai
  13. Orphan Winter It is the warmth of frozen shards fueled by ambient firelight erupting through glass bodies in the eye’s easy cadence gathered on glass branches countless and encroaching reflecting the empty fields off the mind’s narrow larders It is the towering horizon gathered together by ice holding the bodies of barren trees together in dusk’s expanse wizard-worn and diffuse deep and crystalline engendering memories; the cinematic archive of harlequin constructs. And I could
  14. thanks for the input Dave I think when we are young there are many things we don't understand, including ourselves
  15. Well as expected, Joe Biden has selected a group of interventionist, Zionist, neoliberals for his cabinet. Almost his entire cabinet is Jewish Secretary of State: Anthony Blinken. Jewish. Washington insider and notorious interventionist. Encouraged Clinton to send troops to Rwanda, and supported intervention in Syria. Has worked to reassure Jews in the US that Israel will get unconditional support. Chief of Staff: Ron Klain, Jewish. Militant Zionist, connected to AIPAC and other Jewish groups in the US. National Intelligence Director: Avril Haines, Jewish. A shadowy figure
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