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  1. The Shi'ite Islamic Revolution in Iran was guided by necessity to preserve the lives of Shi'ite Muslims. It was informed and led by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. The Leadership of the Iranian revolution were religious believing Shi'ite Clerics. It will prove to be an outstanding success. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was led by guessing and whims. The leadership were guided by injustice. They were athiest, they lied to everyone and they were superstitious. It was clearly a dismal failure.
  2. I understand your initial concern in wanting to make sure that the Covid vaccine was effective. It has been proven to be effective as all vaccines have proven to be effective. This world has been able to produce excellent vaccines against many types of deadly disease. Vaccines come from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Disease comes from Massiah Dajjel. The Massiah Dajjel is 100% opposed to vaccines. You should heed your own advice, emerge from the darkness and protect yourself from this deadly virus. Get your vaccine.
  3. As-salam alaykom, Believe it not the Hijab is a battle ground of the Dajjel. I will tell you a true story. I know a very pious Muslim women. She wore full hijab, overhead, Niqab with gloves. She asked her mosque to arrange her marriage. They did. Well...they made a bad choice. Three times ..all of the men had a drug addiction problem. By this time and after children, she had to raise alone. She was very depressed. And Dajjel waged a war on her until she removed her Hijab with Niqab. Her jobs were cancelled, her mail was lost, her car was stolen, kicked out of her apartments, nothing worked..constant harrassment. She had to work and in my opinion that was the drawing line, because at home she wears the hijab, but when she leaves she does not. She did not lose her faith, but she gave up on her hijab (outside) for awhile until she gets her strength back. When Dajjel gets it in for a pious woman, s/he can put her through calamities and tragedies. Some of the Muslimah can keep it all together and not lose their jobs or their lives, but some have to bend temporarily. We always pray that they will be able to find the strength to get back on the straight path. In my experience, it has been a sequence of disasters and conspiracy type of corralling a woman until she breaks. It is not mental illness. I never condone a Muslim woman/girl who does not wear hijab, but I do understand. Pray for all of the Muslim women to have the right to wear their Hijab without harassments or violence against them.
  4. As-salam alaykom, Here, seems to be a good library of Shia books and it seems they are in Urdu and other languages. I did not go inside the library, so you will have to look around and see what you can find. If it is not there, let us know. http://imamiyalibrary.blogspot.com/p/urdu-books.html
  5. Witchcraft is as evil as it gets. There is nothing more evil than witchcraft. If you do witchcraft you will go to Jahannem. Witchcraft is from the AntiChrist/Dajjel. Meaning in order to perform witchcraft you will have to go through her/him. It is a dangerous road to take and you will not ever be able to recover.
  6. Then it was definitely not meant for and could have even harmed you. Remember My Dearest Sister, We are the Slaves of Allah.
  7. As-salam alaykom, I agree with all of the above advices from Members and please listen to this video and take the advice.
  8. A turbah is a compact clay. It is solid, but if it gets wet, it will turn to mud.
  9. As-salam alaykom, It is hard to imagine that any engineering major would not have many jobs available. As I know, engineering is one of the safest job prospects. In my view "its tearing you apart" because deep down you perceive that your prospects are quite good, but the negative feedback from others is causing confusion. 1. Be alert to where the negative feedback is coming from. What is their background and truthful knowledge of your field. 2. Speak to your university professors about your concerns and get a some opinions and options. Schedule time to speak with them or talk to them after class. 3. Go to the career centre in your university and inquire about the prospect for jobs in your engineering major. 4. Talk to recruiting agents in your field. Possibly they would take your CV now and hire you after graduation. (it does happen like that sometimes). 5. Go to all of the job recruitment agencies and advertisements in your field of engineering and search for jobs in your field and related engineering fields. Investigate what is the market asking for. What kind of positions are they looking for in engineering. (where is the demand?) 6. If from your investigations, including discussing with your professors you discover that your major is not needed in the market, then see what you can do about switching to another engineering major that will accept your credits, so that you don't lose too much time. Sometimes it is an easy switch to a more needed discipline. 7. Consider doing an MS and possibly PhD. If your university offers Grants and Work-Study programmes you will be able to get free tuition and salary for teaching. (it is a possiblity...not to leave anything out). 8. Sometimes specific engineering jobs are needed in other countries, so checking with DEVEX and the UNDP or United Nations, might offer possibilities that you never thought of..just to broaden your horizons. 9. Pretend you have just graduated and need to look for a job in your major. How would you go about it? What agencies would you call or talk to? How would you know about available jobs? Don't wait, look now and research what are the needs in your field currently. Research: Your Professors, The Internet, University Library, University Career Centre, Recruitment Agencies, The Wanted ads for your major With good solid knowledge of precisely what is going on your field, you can relax and finish your studies. In sha Allah you will get an excellent job.
  10. As-salam alaykom, Do you mean this Legend? https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-jinn-group/beyond-mount-qaf-other-jinn-homelands/10150795586184538/ I am not certain, but I think this is not an authentic history.
  11. If you have any doubts or uncomfortable feeling about it, then avoid it. BitCoin is a type of gambling, because it is based on speculation. There are other more familiar, clearer and straight forward ways to make money that serve the community at the same time.
  12. As-salam alaykom, Did you ever hear the phrase beauty is only skin deep? There are many good looking people who have a snake hidden inside and their are many ugly people who have the most beautiful dignity hidden inside. Here is some initial advice. 1. Get your clothes right. Wear the most decent Islamic clothes possible. They are available inexpensive on Ebay for boys and girls. If you get your clothes right, your face and body will not be apparent. I know many girls who have been considered obese and ugly, but with effort and work, turned themselves into beauties. Immy Mariam is one of those girls, who was considered to be quite ugly and very obese. If you are a girl, she can help to fix up your appearance. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnbhyuPNeF_EEI13CtNvLnA If you are a boy, same advice. 1. Get your clothes right. Ugly men can get married if they have excellent hygiene, are religious and kind to women. A good degree and good finances so that you can support the family is important. Hygiene, clean teeth, clean hands and clean short finger nails. Islamic mens clothes are better quality and look better, they improve your status. Avoid all haram. Ugly looks can be temporary if you know how to improve them. Many times it is attention and effort and listening to others who have been there. Without knowing if you are a male or female, I will stop here. Never give up. Suicide is a sin and you will regret it. Grades can be turned around. Hitting lows in life is not a problem, it is how you turned it around that will gain you rewards.
  13. You cannot be both. If you were born as a boy, then you are male for eternity and you can never be a girl, no matter what you do. If you were born as a girl, then you are female for eternity and you can never be a boy, no matter what you do.
  14. May Allah Guide and Protect Us.
  15. As-salam alaykom, Here are some free patterns to make yourself some basic Islamic garments to wear over your clothes. You can make them cotton and you can hand sew them. All you need is needle and thread, scissors. It is very relaxing and good to calm and focus the mind. Hand sewing. There are some Muslimah who hand sew their own garments. Also Singer makes small sewing machines for around $37. It will pay for itself fast if you make your own overgarments. Many of us make our own clothes. You can get excellent deals on fabric at Walmart or Joanns. Walmart has a decent sewing area. https://www.the-best-islamic-clothing.com/Khimar-pattern.html
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