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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We have a good university that who wants to learn any science Should come there and first learn Farsi , then can choose other science that likes. Imam Khomeyni International University http://www.ikiu.ac.ir Im an Iranian and educated there. In this University I saw many Schoolars from Africa/syria/lebanon/pakistan/Afghanistan/India/... If you had any other question , Im in your service.
  2. Do u want to fight with members?!?! Here isn't place to attacking others. Please keep your self.
  3. My language is Farsi but I prefer to Know more Arabic.
  4. Tafsir Nemooneh is For Ayatollah Makarem shirazi and very useful Tafsir , with good refrences. http://www.makarem.ir jazakumollah khayra
  5. You can use these links... Happy to Help you. http://www.easypersian.com/ http://www.persiandee.com/
  6. you can at first search in internet the Hotels In mashHad/Iran...Or other cities and call them.
  7. Assalamo Alaykum

    thanks For Following

    1. Mohammed Umar Shaikh

      Mohammed Umar Shaikh

      Wa alaikum us salam

      Kindly approve my post.

      Want to learn and understand islam.

    2. Mohammed Umar Shaikh

      Mohammed Umar Shaikh

      Assalam o alaikum,

      Can you tell me why the shia perform three namaz.

      And what is benefit of cursing sahaba today. what happened is the past, now what can be done.

    3. Muslim110


      Sallam brother.

      Its long time that i didnt answer you.

      Infact sunnah if prophet SAW is that He was prayibg three times. And Jafar ibn Muhhamad Sadiq(imam sadiq) has told its mustahab to praying 5times and No problem to praying 3 times. Becse our prophet did it.

      And when you want to seprate all Salah and namaz ,you can praying Nafilah and Navafel between Wajib namaz.

      And then your last question.

      We and our leader Ayatollah khamenei dont agree with cursing the Signs of Sunnis and Sahabah,, and its Haram.

      We dont accept who cursed .



  8. At first you should know that whom they are Terrorist , they are Wahabi &Takfiri&Salafi .... We dont call them Sunni ! That Sunnis Are our Brothers. But about Hizbullah and Hamas , they are not terrorist cause they are defending from their lands and others, who Attack to other country without any acceptable reason is terrorist. Wassalam.
  9. It means (God accept your activities) , same as praying...
  10. The Ahl al-Sunnah generally consider it a sunnah to offer specific evening prayers – the Tarawih –in congregation during the holy month of Ramadan. The Shi’ah, while being commended to offer similar nawafil (recommended prayers), are not allowed to offer them in congregation. This practice of the Shi’ah is in accordance with the orders and sunnah of the Prophet (s). Brothers and sisters from the Ahl al-Sunnah come together in Tarawih congregations during the early evenings of the month of Ramadan. They stand in prayer and recite the Qur’an, and may Allah reward them for their sincere intent
  11. إن اللهَ تواب الرّحیم God will forgive your sins InShallah , But wich is important is you try to change and improve your soul.
  12. Hazrat Abul fazl Abbas isnt from Prophet Family. He is Son of Imam Ali Not son of Fatimah s.a.
  13. In Most Of Riwayat and Ahadith From Sunni and Shia , we have known that who paied zakat is Imam Ali a.s. this verse is for Ali ibn Abitalib a.s. and the verse that u told that said they are only your friends....It has diffrence in translation. Pay attention : In Arabic إنَّما is called «Adat hasr» , It means just . ولی has some meanings , and here by one translator it translated to «friend» , Actually its not true meaning, Because you have lots of freinds and cant be friend just with Who Allah said. Here Wali means who you should Obey him , as Imam.
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