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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 12 hours ago, Three-One-Three said:

    Allah gave them a lot of knowledge, including access to treasures of gold and dinars and how to speak to animals etc. So why didn't the Imams use these blessings to revolutionize the world or cure cancer?

    And if these powers were simply given to them to increase their followers' faith in their infallibility and special status, then why didn't they gather herds of millions of animals into fields and command them to stand on their hind legs etc. to show everybody once and for all that they are the true Imams?

    I mean, if you're given special powers and knowledge, you're supposed to use it to help Allah's creation. And if you're not supposed to use supernatural means and such powers, then first - why did Allah even give you such useless powers, and second - why did you use these powers in front of your companions such that the companions were able to narrate these supernatural events? Aren't you supposed to hide your powers, or is it ok to show people your special powers? If it's ok to show people, then why didn't the Imams do the whole million-herd-march thing I proposed above?

    That wasnt the purpose of the Imams. The Imams were put on the Earth to lead Mankind to the guidance, to give them knowledge about Allah. Imam means leader. It doesnt mean Messiah. Also there have been research of people who may have found cures for cancer. 

  2. Just now, E.L King said:

    The moustache is not part of the beard and it can be shaved. It is not wajib to keep one, and it is better to keep it trimmed. It is mustahab to take from it every Friday. Please do not give fatwas based on personal opinions.

    Please read this link:


    Bro why would you want to shave the moustache. It looks weird like that. 


  3. 1 hour ago, E.L King said:

    We allow shaving the moustache brother and some might say it is mustahab to trim it. Check the link I posted above.

    As for the not allowing the shaving of any part of the beard, that is controversial. Some ulama allow a goatee.

    You cannot shave the moustache. Only hair on the cheeks. 

  4. 15 minutes ago, shiaman14 said:

    That is only true if you miss a fast on purpose. If you have a legitimate reason for not fasting, then the ratio is 1:1. You still have to offer fidya as for the missed fast and also keep it when you can.

    Fidya - if you miss a fast for a valid reason
    Kafarrrah - if you miss a fast for no reason.


  5. 26 minutes ago, notme said:

    We agree, men and women are not the same. :) Equal in value as a person is not the same as identical. 

    The point of the article was Mr. Carter deciding to disassociate himself from the Christian denomination he had identified with because it preaches that women are inferior to men because of "original sin". 

    Some Muslims seem to believe similarly, which is odd since we don't believe in "original sin". 

    What im trying to say is that well for example Husbands have to provide for their wives, pay for their food and clothing and also for the children. The wife has to serve the husband but the husband must treat the wife with care. The Father is the one whom a man must ask for permission to take his daughters hand. Women are not inferior. Women are powerful and bring joy to a man's life. Important women who made an impact in humanity is Fatima and Prophet Elisha. Women have the right to education and proper treatment. I never meant that Women were inferior to Men nor will I ever believe in such inshallah. I just dont support Feminism. I agree with Feminism in Educational purposes. I like countries like Iran whereby a lot of women go to University. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Mohamed1993 said:

    And what if they did hear, but the sources they heard did not convince them, not out of their arrogance, but maybe because they just didn't find the right information/source that was able to convince them. Plus, in the environment we live in today, where Islam is demonized, people hear the wrong stuff anyway, so they have to deprogram all the stuff they've heard in addition to learning the truth. Its easy for me to sit and say, they can do that no problem, but I am born a Shia, who knows what its like not to be born as one. 

    If they deny the ayat then no salvation will come to them whether they are arrogant or not even if they hear that Allah is only one god and Muhammad is his messenger and they deny that then still Allah will seal their hearts. If they are willing to learn more and believe in it then Allah will put them on a path to learn more. Verily, Allah guides the believers. 

  7. 35 minutes ago, notme said:

    Can you prove (or at least support) this assertion? As I read it, men are assigned the responsibility of leadership and protection. I've seen no evidence of superiority or inferiority. Having a particular assignment does not indicate superiority or inferiority. 

    No inferiority but Men and Women are not the same. Period. 

  8. 2 hours ago, notme said:

    Spiritually and morally equal, equal in value as humans, but assigned different roles, just as a doctor and a farmer are equal, but not the same. Equal does not mean identical, it means neither is more or less than the other. (Four quarters is equal to one dollar, but they aren't very similar in weight, appearance, durability, sound when dropped....)

    Feminism is one of those slippery words that means different things to different people at different times and places. Because of this, I try to avoid using it if there is another word that will fit. I think in the case of Mr. Carter's article "human rights" is a more fitting term than "feminism". Agree? 

    Men and Women are not equal. Period. This is clearly Feminism. As I mentioned Feminism and Islam cant coexist. Its either one or the other. 

  9. On 2017-6-11 at 0:04 AM, Faruk said:


    What are the diffirences between a sunni and a shia beard and what are the rules for growing the beard/handle the moustache in shiaism?

    Sunnis allow to shave the moustache while we dont allow for any part of the beard to be shaved except for the hair on the cheeks. 

  10. On 2017-6-8 at 6:04 PM, Tryingtolearn said:


    1. Is it true that sharia law says kill homosexuals I mean don't we look at homosexuals like they have a disease it's like killing a patient.

    2. What are the sharia laws exactly and how does a country get a sharia is it by voting?

    3. What are the Shia authentic hadiths?

    thank u

    Homosexuals have the Wrath Of Allah upon them. Killing them is precise according to Allah's laws. The biggest sin is Shirk( worshipling idols), Allah is more willing to destroy a town of Homosexuals rather than a town of people who commit Shirk. Sharia is law based off of Islamic tradition. I recommend reading narrations of Al-Kafi, which is one of the four major Shia Hadith books. 

  11. On 2017-4-20 at 2:02 AM, Mohamed1993 said:

    Alhamdulillah, I have encountered so many incredibly brave activists who are not muslims, but they stand up for justice more than our very own Shias do. Some of these people have even compromised on their careers to do what is right. What is their fate in the hereafter? I know Allah (S.w.t.) is merciful enough to grant them the reward that they do deserve, regardless of their faith, whether they are muslim/christian/jewish/hindu/buddhist/atheist. Given what is being done in the name of religion (ISIS/Zionism/Colonialism), I can understand how someone who isn't religious would be deterred from believing in religion, because he/she would see it as a source of violence, terrorism etc. I can also see someone who is born into another faith, would not take the time to research into other faiths. Alhamdulillah, I was very lucky to be born a Shia, and I would never convert to anything else, but if I was born a non-Shia, I am not sure I would revert to Shiism, probably because I would not look into it much. Surely a merciful Allah (S.w.t.) has a special place reserved for non-muslims who are open-minded, humble (people who just have not encountered the right sources and right guide, and/or haven't done enough research) and fight for the right causes which many Shias don't even do. What happens to these people? What makes me better than someone who is not a muslim but has done more for the oppressed than I could ever dream of? 

    If the people have never heard about the revelation of Islam then they will go to heaven. If they did hear about the revelations of Islam then Allah will cast them into hell unless if they have even an atoms weight of faith then will leave. "Non-righteous" people will not have their deeds counted because their deeds are vain, Allah commanded his believers to do good but their good deeds have no meaning or purpose. 

  12. On 2017-6-10 at 11:07 AM, Ali-F said:

    If I prepare the food (pork and non-Halal meat) in Mc Donalds, meaning that I'm not a cashier, is it allowed according to Sayed al-Sistani (h.a)?

    I thank you. 

    Its permissible provided that you dont eat any of the food given the fact that they use the same grease for the meat to cook everything else. 

  13. 17 hours ago, Muhajir said:

    I just started fasting again yesterday because I couldn't fast before that due to a sickness I had my body was in pain and I couldn't really move so my sheikh gave me permission to not fast but now that I got a little better he told me that I have to fast again so this is my second day. I wanted to ask which day of fasting is it so I could see how many days I need to make up and also what are the options I have for making up the missed days?

    For every day of fast you miss you must feed 60 needy people. For every fast that you break before its prescribed time you must feed one needy person. The last 10 days of Ramadan are very important. 

  14. 16 hours ago, Wonderwoman99 said:

    I first apologize if this is in the wrong thread, seems like the mobile version doesn't list all the sites categories. 

    In what contect is posting selfies haram for women? I have been an inspiration to my friends to wear hijab because they are influenced by my sense of modesty despite living in the west. I'd like to share my photos on Instagram in one of two ways, either showing my face or not. Of course I do feel uncomfortable with men having my photos on their phone but that is not my intention, it is simply to encourage women to be interested in being modest despite living in the west. 

    I actually would be more interested in not using my face because I do not want anyone comparing their appearance to mine, so it's easier to be "face less". 

    However i I was asking in a general sense if my goal was to spread the message of hijab and modesty would it be haram to post photos of my face? I wouldn't be making duck lips or anything like that. 

    Again i am not talking about myself personally posting photos of my face so brothers and sisters just focus on answering the actual questions in terms of ISLAMIC LAW not personal opinion. 


    You can post photos but not ones whereby you are exposed enough to the point where others would get aroused. I suggest you wear hijab and be quite modest. 

  15. On 2017-6-8 at 9:05 PM, Kaniz-e-Zaynab said:



    I feel like Im gradually getting tired of living in the West... Why should one live in a place where they're not appreciated? Where for every attack or bombing that takes place in the world you start seeing hashtags like '#stopislam' or '#islamiscancer'. And trust me, I've tried not to care about what people say but going through situations every day where you see a frown on peoples' faces when they just hear the word 'Islam', makes it worse for me.

    I know Islam is the right path and the Ahlulbayt (AS) are the best guides and I have no doubt about that. It just sickens me to live amongst such ignorance. Why should we live in fear for our wives, sisters and mothers when they go out that they can be victims of a hate crime? Would we not be happier in our home countries where people atleast wouldn't tell us to 'go back to where you came from' or that 'Islam has no place in a liberal Western society'?

    I feel like I'm just done living here in the West and I know there's a lot of corruption in Muslim countries too but atleast you have the same people as you, muslims around you, and atleast you wouldnt be considered a 'threat to Western society'. 


    Could someone please give me some advice on this and how you deal with these situations? I feel like ignorance is one thing I cannot stand and now I'm seeing it every where thus it's bothering me a lot. 


    Its only going to get worse. Soon everyone across America will hate Muslims and then it will become worldwide so brace yourself. 

  16. 14 hours ago, notme said:



    Note that he's speaking from a Christian perspective. 

    I find that I agree with much of what he says. Carter may not have been a good president, but he is an eloquent writer and strong advocate for human rights. Opinions?

    Women must be treated with the upmost respect and care but Men were raised to a higher degree by Allah to take care of the Women but society destroys that tradition and instead Men and Women are made equal which is not right. 

  17. 13 hours ago, Smiles786 said:

    Salaams all

    My mother is very judgemental to everyone including us kids. She taunts people that don't do all their wajibaat or if she thinks they don't. 

    I am fasting so I especially cannot lose my temper and this is my mom so no talking back.  I went into the kitchen to prepare something ahead of time for iftar and she accused me of not fasting. 

    I have tried to explain that it is Allah swt that judges us not humans. I also tried to explain that her behaviour discourages people and that's a sin. She doesn't seem to care and thinks it is her duty to tell people what's wrong with them.

    She also complains that she wants to go to ziyarat again but no labaiyk. I have been more than her to ziyarat and know that sometimes our deeds get in the way. I think this is one of them.

    Any advice would be appreciated. She needs to stop. It's not okay to hurt people like this.


    We have to have our best tolerance towards our Mothers. If you have patience with, Allah will reward you for eternity. Look at the bigger picture :)

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