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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 2007 was good. People actually had more common sense and wasted less of their time. Plenty of kids were very active outside and I was one of them.
  2. That wasnt the purpose of the Imams. The Imams were put on the Earth to lead Mankind to the guidance, to give them knowledge about Allah. Imam means leader. It doesnt mean Messiah. Also there have been research of people who may have found cures for cancer.
  3. Ahlul-bayt is beautiful
  4. Honestly I am being serious. You need the full edition. Its like buying a tv with no remote.
  5. Bro why would you want to shave the moustache. It looks weird like that.
  6. You cannot shave the moustache. Only hair on the cheeks.
  7. What im trying to say is that well for example Husbands have to provide for their wives, pay for their food and clothing and also for the children. The wife has to serve the husband but the husband must treat the wife with care. The Father is the one whom a man must ask for permission to take his daughters hand. Women are not inferior. Women are powerful and bring joy to a man's life. Important women who made an impact in humanity is Fatima and Prophet Elisha. Women have the right to education and proper treatment. I never meant that Women were inferior to Men nor will I ever believe in such inshallah. I just dont support Feminism. I agree with Feminism in Educational purposes. I like countries like Iran whereby a lot of women go to University.
  8. If they deny the ayat then no salvation will come to them whether they are arrogant or not even if they hear that Allah is only one god and Muhammad is his messenger and they deny that then still Allah will seal their hearts. If they are willing to learn more and believe in it then Allah will put them on a path to learn more. Verily, Allah guides the believers.
  9. Go ask the people at Mc.Donalds they will tell you.
  10. No inferiority but Men and Women are not the same. Period.
  11. Men and Women are not equal. Period. This is clearly Feminism. As I mentioned Feminism and Islam cant coexist. Its either one or the other.
  12. Sunnis allow to shave the moustache while we dont allow for any part of the beard to be shaved except for the hair on the cheeks.
  13. Homosexuals have the Wrath Of Allah upon them. Killing them is precise according to Allah's laws. The biggest sin is Shirk( worshipling idols), Allah is more willing to destroy a town of Homosexuals rather than a town of people who commit Shirk. Sharia is law based off of Islamic tradition. I recommend reading narrations of Al-Kafi, which is one of the four major Shia Hadith books.
  14. If the people have never heard about the revelation of Islam then they will go to heaven. If they did hear about the revelations of Islam then Allah will cast them into hell unless if they have even an atoms weight of faith then will leave. "Non-righteous" people will not have their deeds counted because their deeds are vain, Allah commanded his believers to do good but their good deeds have no meaning or purpose.
  15. Its permissible provided that you dont eat any of the food given the fact that they use the same grease for the meat to cook everything else.
  16. For every day of fast you miss you must feed 60 needy people. For every fast that you break before its prescribed time you must feed one needy person. The last 10 days of Ramadan are very important.
  17. You can post photos but not ones whereby you are exposed enough to the point where others would get aroused. I suggest you wear hijab and be quite modest.
  18. You can disagree if you will but Feminism and Islam dont go together. You cant be a true believer and a feminist. Doesnt work that way.
  19. I never claimed superiority I claimed what you just mentioned about leadership, responsibility and protection but Men and Women are not equal.
  20. Its only going to get worse. Soon everyone across America will hate Muslims and then it will become worldwide so brace yourself.
  21. Women must be treated with the upmost respect and care but Men were raised to a higher degree by Allah to take care of the Women but society destroys that tradition and instead Men and Women are made equal which is not right.
  22. We have to have our best tolerance towards our Mothers. If you have patience with, Allah will reward you for eternity. Look at the bigger picture
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