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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No Prophets made mistakes. They did what Allah wanted them to do. If that was the case the Prophet Nuh would have had error in his speech when nay he said he didnt have error in his speech when he brought the revelation and Prophet Yusuf would have had desire when the wife of Al-Aziz wanted to seduce him. Allah is capable of all things, his servants are pure and immaculate, free of the whispers of the Shaytan.
  2. illiterate means he who does not know how to read or write but he still had the Ilm(Knowledge) that Allah had given him.
  3. Brother same definition. Different interpretation. Maghrib is after the sun has set but they interpret it different ways but technically same view on the meaning of prayer time.
  4. Salam Brother Yes Shariah Law is very much useful. Take Iran for example. A good example of proper Shariah. The laws that put things in their proper place. Puts everything in balance.
  5. We have the same definition. Fajr means dawn. Sunnis pray Fajr at dawn and Shia do as well
  6. Allah knows when one should die. It is not something one can demand but it is certainly something one can long for. Believers must be patient even with the returning of Allah(Death). You ask to die a martyr, a death that is most honourable of deaths.
  7. Brother its okay. I had the same problem with masturbation until i started doing lots of Wudhu because it purifys you, shields you from the Shaytan and that is the best solution. In any problem do Wudhu.
  8. Thats the whole point of music. It is supposed to make you feel good and then you get diverted from the Path Of Allah. You will focus less on Allah and more on music. The Islamic belief of the origin of music is that it came from the Shaytan. Regardless of bad lyrics or not, whether it has a good meaning or even if it is about Allah it is still forbidden.
  9. It contains Gelatine but there different types of Gelatine, Gelatine isnt only made from pigs but on the basis of precaution I suggest not to take it.
  10. Firstly all instruments are forbidden except the drum, a base drum is okay and secondly Angels are with you wherever you go as they have to record your deeds so you have to be careful because this is probably a weak hadith. As a precaution get rid of those instruments and if your unable to do so then dont play them at all as its forbidden.
  11. What they are selling is indeed forbidden but do accept their invitations for as there is no harm or objection in it and it is a form of politeness.
  12. In the matter of precaution I would not recommend such. Rather take the stray cats to whom would be willing to care for them. Possibly a pound or a Vetenarian's office.
  13. It is permissible but if you cannot take care of your long hair then cut it short.
  14. My brother I recommend seeking a guidance counselor to assist you in your problems. You should also try meditating( its not haraam) which can help you to focus and cool down. Do lots of Wudhu to protect you from the Shaytan so that you can get back on track and try to do simple, daily at home exercises to pick yourself up and then keep intensifying your workout. Brother you dont need friends. Lastly, do lots of supplications. Remember: Allah is always with you no matter where you go.
  15. Music is forbidden except of that which is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings( background music in movies, tv shows, videos other than a music video, jazz music played at funerals,etc.). Music engenders hypocrisy. Making music, singing and listen are all haraam as the Islamic belief is that it came from the Shaytan to divert people from the Path Of Allah.
  16. The exceptions are one who is immoral and is immoral in public, a careless leader,one whom who wouldnt care about you even though you would care about him. The one who jokes about their Mothers and jokes about others and one whom talks bad about The Holy Prophet and his community and draws his sword against it. Here you go Brother .
  17. Spend large quantities of time with your Mother. Problem is people tend to visit their parents once in a while and then their children will be shy to meet their grandparents. Remember: Under your Mother's feet is Jannah. Dont be too quick in becoming fully independent because as you grow older you will rather seek to stick closer to your Mother. No matter how smart we get or how experienced we become or Mothers will be more. As a trusted opinion your Mother should be the one whom you go to for everything.
  18. Al-Hamdulillah Brother. In order for the truth to be the truth to you, ye must realize the bigger picture of it. Take a painting for example. People always just look at the picture but what about the frame. The structure that holds the picture in place for people to see. How detailed that frame is. Made of strengthened material that doesnt break easily because it is serving a purpose. A purpose in which attracts the minds of people.To spark a light that wasnt there before. The frame is Shia Islam and the picture is the revelations of Allah. Shia Islam protects the revelations of Allah. Holds them in place. Properly.
  19. I prefer what Allah has commanded. Arranged marriages as in someone helping a desperate person meeting another person is a good thing. But an arranged marriage in the sense that parents forcing their child to marry a random person against their will is forbidden. In marriage one of the biggest rights of a partner is for them to release their desires. So love marriages are most suitable for such. The partners need to properly connect and grow healthy in their Nikkah so that is my opinion. The Nikkah has to be flexible and subtle.
  20. Al-Hamdulillah, marrying is one of the biggest practices of Islam. Same rules of the preious marriage apply to the second one. If you have an opportunity do take it for it will protect you from Fasiqun( disobedience to Allah, committing illegal acts, etc.)
  21. Show much love to your siblings. Pray to Allah to protect you from the music of the Shayatin, comfort your mother and pray together with her to relieve her of her stress. Let her know that you are with her. Constantly remind your siblings of submission to Allah. When they ask you of advice, give them advice that would not trangress your boundaries as a Muslim. When you say the Adhan, say it with boldness and might. Frequently do Wudhu to shield yourself from the whispers of the Shaytan.
  22. Yes Sunnis point their fingers to Makkah whilst such poses no significance in our Salat thereby it isnt included. There is no Shia Hadith detailing such.
  23. Fellow brother we dont combine Salat. We Dhuhr then Asr. Maghrib then Isha. This is the practice of Rasoolalah. But it is an optional practice. You can pray those prayers separately if you will.
  24. Fellow Momin why would you want to move away from the sect that follows the traditions of The Holy Prophet's pure progeny? I think that you have to dig deeper into Shia Islam and feel it truly from your heart and express your soul to the true meaning of Islam through the Ahlul-Bayt. You might also compare Sunnism, Sufism with Shiism and take the time to properly analyze them and see which seems most logical. It is your connection with Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Supplicate to Allah for guidance.
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