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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No. All aspects of a song is Haraam, especially the beats itself.
  2. As Muslims we are commanded to desire more from the HereAfter than this world. This world is called dunya, which means lower than everything so I advise not to crave for such.
  3. In Hadith, Ahlulbayt said that you should teach your child archery and swimming.
  4. Also Surah (5:55) narrates that your leaders and helpers is Allah, Muhammad and the one who gives charity while in Ruku(bowing) and in tafsir, a poor man entered into the mosque but people were ignoring him but when he went to Ali while he was in Ruku, Ali gave his ring to the poor man.
  5. Your reading out of contex. You cant just randomly take a verse out of the Quran and say it is violent. You have to read the verses before and after the verse to properly understand what it means.
  6. Music The Prophet Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه عليه وآله: إنَّ اللَّهَ بَعَثَنَي رَحمَةً للعالَمينَ، ولأِمحَقَ المَعازِفَ والمَزاميرَ واُمورَ الجاهِليّةِ The Prophet Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå said, ‘Verily Allah, Mighty and Exalted, sent me as a mercy to the worlds, and in order to eradicate string instruments, the flute and others pre-Islamic pagan practices.’ Bihar al-Anwar, v. 79, p. 250, no. 2 رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه عليه وآله : صَوتانِ مَلعونانِ فِي الدنيا والآخِرَةِ : مِزمارٌ عندَ نِعمَةٍ ، ورَنَّةٌ عندَ مُصيبَةٍ The Prophet Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå said, ‘Two sounds are cursed in this world as well as in the Hereafter: the sound of the flute played [in celebration] for a bounty, and the twang [of string instruments played] during a calamity.’ @baqar Here you go Brother
  7. flute is haraam too. The Holy Prophet (saw) said that he would abolish the flute.
  8. I dont know. That is his ruling based on his knowledge but I follow Sistani and Sistani says the only permissible music to listen to is the music that is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings( background music in movies, videos, music played at funerals, music in a store,etc.). Also in hadith Jaf'ar Al- Sadiq (as) quoted that music engenders hypocrisy and The Holy Prophet quotes that he will abolish strings and the flute. The Quran forbids us not to listen to divisionary words(singing). I highly recommend you dont listen to music for your own sake.
  9. It is tough being me. The deepest thing i think about is Shia Islam and my soccer. Being righteous occupies my mind.
  10. Sunnis have different prayer times than Shias do so no it is not permissible.
  11. Music is one of the biggest haraam ever. Also all instruments except for the base drum is haraam. It is haraam to sing, to listen to music and to make music.
  12. If someone has any sort of mental problem their bad deeds are not counted because they dont know what they doing. ADHD doesnt affect someones capability to know between right and wrong because it is not a mental illness capable of affecting the basic brain functions that the average person has. Also if England was to have Shariah Law then basically the country would become an Islamic state since they would be inheriting Islam into Judicial System which changes the country's political structure. Finally, Shariah Law wasnt made up by man, it came from Allah so there is no such thing as harsh with the death penalty if you look at it in a matter of morality.
  13. Sunnis realize the truth about Shiism and how it connects to Islam as a whole and what it is truly meant to be.
  14. It is haraam to idolise people but having role-models is okay.
  15. The Brother of the Light. Shielded by Allah. A friend to a believer. An enemy to a sinner. In the Darkness, he is the light. His intentions are right, sheding the light on those whom walk on his path, then they become among the right. O'Allah O'Allah, make me good, not a Blight to this Agriculture of Heavenly Truth. O'Allah shield me! shield me! Make me a Brother Of The Light.
  16. Calm down. Its okay. These are simply feelings.
  17. Always good at poems Kazemi
  18. Subhanaka Allahuma! Glory be to you O'Allah. Ye believers follow the path of Allah through his beautiful Messenger and his Ahlul-bayt. O'Allah lights up my heart, fills me with happiness when I had little. O'Allah occupies me when I am not occupied. He feeds me righteousness when I have an empty stomach. He makes me chaste during his beautiful month. He gave me a bold voice when it was weak. He gave me kindness when I was anxious. He gave me logic when I was among others. He made me split the date when my family was around. He gave me strength when I was weak. Gave me hope when I was lost. I Am A Momin. I know because it comes from my heart.
  19. Yes. You can supplicate wherever. You can supplicate whilst walking or running, etc.
  20. The oppression against Muslims is rising. Brace yourselfs fellow Momins. Its only going to get worse.
  21. I am a youth myself and I dont see anyone finding any problem connecting to youth.
  22. Ablution is an important factor for praying Salat. Wudhu doesnt only physically purify you but spiritually as well. Wudhu acts as a shield from the Shaytan so when you pray Salat you will be able to focus your intention on submission to Allah. For any Brother and Sisters who have issues with impure thoughts or acts, do Ablution frequently and the whispers of the Shayatin( Devils) wont affect you like that of a disbeliever in the Oneness of Allah.
  23. Praying Salat without doing Ghusl Janabat is making your salat void. You must purify yourself of the Junub or else you are wasting your time praying. Also, frequently do Ablution( Wudhu). Wudhu doesnt only purify your body but it shields you from the Shaytan. The more you do Wudhu, the more you will be protected from the Shaytan.
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