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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, today morning I got surgery on my nose and hence cannot bend or perform wudu for around a week and half and I will only be able to pray later whilst sitting. Is it not obligatory for me to pray right now or is there something else I should and can do ? Jazzakum Allah Kheir
  2. Although a Shia Muslim myself, what I dont like AT ALL about the majority of Shias is their huge obsession with the imam ali for example. I love imam ali and respect him and everything he's done, in fact there are so many beautiful and wise things that he has taught us. However, Shias love him so much that EVERYTHING revolves around him. I have definitely heard people give him abilities he doesn't even have, compare him to the prophet and God, and its just so bad. We have a prophet called Muhammad and he's way way waaaaaaaaaay more important and should be way more respected and mentioned and praised than Imam ali. Thats my opinion.
  3. Salam, I've recently been watching lots of videos about the way animals are treated and how industries must produce millions of them in such little time because we humans are consuming way too much. The videos I've seen are brutal, not necessarily in the sense that the animals are tortured but the fact that for example there are huge closed places with over 1000 chickens squished together who are being given hormones to grow at a rate their bodies cannot stand hence lots of them end up dying or surviving but feeling pain throughout their whole life. Another example is the way sometimes cows are castrated so painfully and by force that its just horrible horrible treatment. We as Muslims must slaughter our animals in a halal way, does that also mean that they are treated with respect and receive kind and caring treatment prior to slaughter? Or do halal slaughtered animals still undergo all these horrible conditions as all the others would?
  4. No! That would just defeat the whole purpose of anything and we'd just be "existing" on this earth with no purpose, motivation, etc. Whats the point of living on earth if a whole generation of robots are doing everything to keep us alive?
  5. Loved reading your response and agree with what you've said. One question though; if someone asked you whether or not you were a feminist, what would you answer back or identify as?
  6. So I guess in the end, Islam is for equity between the two sexes rather than equality. Although in Islam a woman is guaranteed her rights as a wife etc, Islam itself still places more value, freedom, and responsibility towards the man which in itself isn't feminist. Feminism consists of many things, some of which are in the workplace and others based on an equality of treatment. When a man inherits more than a woman Islamically then that would be the antithesis of a large portion of feminist ideology. So I guess in conclusion, I can't fully identify as a feminist despite the fact that I support most of what feminism stands for.
  7. Salaam, I'm seeing many Shia's who reject the idea of the Sunni's habit of praying Taraweeh every day after Iftar during Ramadan. I understand that this is not an Islamic obligation, but the purpose of Taraweeh is to pray 20 extra rakats to God and my question is what is everyone's problem with that? Rather than criticizing them for doing something that isn't obligatory and hasn't been done by the ahlulbayt, shouldn't we view Taraweeh as a positive act which brings us closer to God and gives us an opportunity to pray extra?
  8. Salam, within the western society that I live in, feminism has become the new craze and it seems everyone is identifying as a feminist. I am a female myself and of course, believe we as women deserve the same place in the workplace as men as well as the rights to make our own decisions. However to what extent does that go with Islamic beliefs? Of course, a Muslim woman has her rights named by religion but since feminism revolves around men and women being equal, doesn't that go against Islamic thought? I'm honestly not sure whether I want to identify as a feminist or not. Please let me know your opinions!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJfj1fQyfGM You guys have to listen to Omar Hisham, especially while reciting Surah Maryam! His voice is beautiful and his style is unlike any I've seen so far!!
  10. Salam, we're told that once we die, we'll be taken to the world of barzakh until the day of judgement has come. Yet people still talk about being punished in the grave. So which is true and who does this apply to? Could someone also give some info about the world of barzakh and what really happens? Thanks
  11. Tamy


    Its not zina.
  12. Tamy


    Salam, don't just tell the person that its definitely zina when it really isnt. Instead, be open minded and give reasons for your statements. As for whether what you've done is zina or not, it isnt since zina is sexual intercourse between two individuals. That includes rape, bestiality, fornication etc. You are human and you've made a mistake and whats great is that you've realized that your relationship was toxic and that you've made the right decision to leave it. The next step for you would be to repent as much as you can and to truly speak to God and show him how much you regret what you've done. Now that you know what you've done wrong, you know not to repeat the mistake you've done. But also, make sure to stay away from things that might cause you to turn back to these things by any chance such as maybe being online too long or just interacting with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Do tawbah continuously and God will surely understand your feelings. Goodluck:)
  13. Tamy


    [Mod Note: The link in this post is NOT to a Shia site.] http://www.quran-islam.org/articles/dogs_(P1159).html ^^Great article from a website based on Quranism and hence uses only Quranic verses to determine things.
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