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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I feel genuinely uncomfortable at the beginning and ending of every supplication. Ever since I was told that I should begin and end my du’a by praising Allah and sending peace upon the Prophet, I have had a gnawing at my mind before and after the prayer. Praise be to Allah, praise be to Allah, praise be to Allah, I would repeat in a murmur (or in a thought, of course). Then, I would reflect on what I had just expressed, just to make sure that it was solid. You know—to make sure the words were really there. Then, I would pray. That part was usually ok. At the end, though, I always felt so
  2. I am feeling that my anxiety disorder that I’d been dealing with for a year changed on me. It started feeling different. It went from a condition that I was suffering through no doubt, but I was dealing and coping with it, to something else that I was no longer able to deal with. Here are a few of the new sensations I have experienced: I started feeling chocked inside my chest. I started feeling something grasping and holding onto my chest and heart area. And it lets up very infrequently. I started feeling even more severely intense mood swings, severe nostalgia. I star
  3. When i left tumblr I was expecting a lot to change. I thought I’d start doing chores, I thought I’d re-memorize all the surahs and duas I’d forgetten, I thought I’d be praying all 5 with sunnah. I thought I’d become a muslim and a good person overall. I was wrong. Incredibly wrong. I didn’t realize that it was going to take more than just leaving a website to change who I was/am. I left tumblr and honestly…I could not believe how many hours I’d wasted. I got bored so easily without tumblr but even with leaving tumblr, I couldn’t get up to pray. There wasn’t a difference. I checked my favo
  4. Sorry to hear about this ! I also have mental illnesses depersonalization , ocd , emotional numbing and my mental illnesses took me away from islam. I was religious before, but it took my imaan with it. At one point islam made zero sense to me, I left it. but but buttttt I have an amazing man in my life who knows about my illness who knows about my state of imaan still he supports me guides me in Every matter , he is so caring so my point is when some one truly loves you he / she doesn't care about your height looks color or health so just don't worry !!
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