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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As much as I realized, some of you guys are saying that Islam has developped through ages and managed to become sociable with a modern life. So if a woman muslim maries a non muslim, but her children become muslims, it is not a sin? Forgive me for my disinformations but in some sunni hadises I even heard that a woman muslim is kicked out of Islam if she maries a non muslim. And if it happens that everyone in her family is Islamic except the husband? I feel very unpleasant to hear that a personcan be kicked out of religion, I think if I believe in Allah no one can stop me to live with that faith.
  2. But what if the non muslim husband allows his children to choose in which faith they want to be and the islamic wife makes a good muslims out of her children?
  3. I tried but he was always denying, I feel like he has too much stereotypes about Islam because of sunnis, he thinks Islam is violent. I am very sad because I am not so strong to bring a good picture of Islam to him.
  4. A few months a go, I started dating with a man of my dreams. He impressed me and won my heart and we started planning the future together. The only thing I didn't like is that his parents didn't raise him like a muslim. He has the name but not the knowledge. He decided to let go of islam and become an atheist and he knows that is breaking my heart. Yesterday we had a fight and I asked him does he plan to stay an atheist forever and he said yes. I left him because I have a fear of my future children becomming atheists. Now my heart is broken and I only want to see him, but Im afraid of my wishes too. Please tell me, if a person doesnt know anything about islam, if he chose to be an atheist because he had no knowledge about his faith but still he is a good person with a good heart, can Allah forgive him? May he somehow go to Jannet? And can Allah forgive me for if I was married to him? I honestly always had a hope that he will start to love islam one day.
  5. This is exactly what I am afraid of. This kind of marriage would be nothing but a torture for me, and I dont want to be a divorced woman because that is also bad reputation and a shame for me and my family. This is exactly why I am scared to admit my sins...
  6. Thank you everyone for every single word. This is the only time I opened up about this theme and wrote my secrets in this site.Your support means a lot to me since I find this site has the true believers. I am only afraid because I dont want to spread drama for my parents, I dont want them to feel ashamed because of me. Since the tradition is very strict with my people I do struggle a lot. I know some girls went to hymen reconstruction so they got their virginity back, but I only think it would be a greater haram since I would lie to the man I will marry. Or I can get the tattoo out with a laser but scars will be there so I will end up ruining my body. I am very sad I learned through my mistakes and didnt realize the importance of the right path. Peace be upon you, may Allah bless you all.
  7. Selam. I must say, I am new into Shia world.I was raised in a basic muslim family but at my young age, western civilization has taken control over me and I became a rebel. I am only 20 years old now but I regret some of my decisions in the past. I have a fear that one day I wont get married because I am not a virgin and I have tatoos. One tattoo is written on arabian letters and it says "iman is my weapon", the other one is Zulfikar stabbed in a rose, so I dont believe they are a haram. But how am I going to find a man who will not treat me disrespectfull for this? I don't want to dissapoint my family when the wedding day will come and they find out that I am not a virgin and have tattoos. Please give me advices what to do and how can Allah forgive me my sins and take me out of this situation, I pray Allah will send me a Shia man who will understand me and not judge me over my past inshallah.
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