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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Strange.. Does anybody have an opinion? DAMASCUS, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of foreign jihadist fighters joining the battles against the Syrian troops were seen leaving Syria on Tuesday through borders with neighboring Turkey, the opposition Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. The reason behind the withdrawal is still vague, said the Observatory, citing one fighter as saying that his comrades "have been pulled out of Syria to join jihadists in Mali." The Observatory said the fighters pulled out from Syria's northwestern province of Idlib, a main hotspot in Syria's long- standing conflict. The Syrian government has for long accused Turkey of making its lands as routes for the foreign radical fighters in order to fight against the Syrian administration. Meantime, the Syrian air force shelled the town of Kureen in Idlib earlier in the day, said the Observatory. The London-based watch group also reported a big explosion in the town of Neyrab, a suburb of Alleppo, without spelling details on causalities. Air raids and mortar attacks had rocked the vicinity of the police academy in the town of Khan Al-Asal, in the northern province of Aleppo, the observatory said, reiterating that the academy has been besieged by the rebels since last month in a bid to storm it. In the Kurdish-dominated district of Ashrafieh, clashes erupted earlier in the day between rebel fighters and Kurdish local committees, the Observatory continued. In the meantime, the Syrian army waged a wide-scale operation in hotspots surrounding Damascus after intensive clashes and blasts when the rebels staged to explosions to make their way to Damascus. The rebels' fresh attempt to storm Damascus has failed, local media reports said. On Monday night, a passenger bus coming from the pro-government Sweida province in southern Syria was highjacked by gunmen, local media said, adding that the majority of passengers were children and women. Syria has been witnessing turmoil for nearly two years, leaving thousands of people dead and injured. No foreseeable solution was proposed as both conflicting sides have their own vision of political solution and dialogue. On Monday, Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said his government was ready to talk with all parties desirous of dialogue, including the armed rebels on ground while combating terrorism at the same time. For his side, the head of the opposition coalition abroad, Moaz al-Khatib, said his group was ready to go anywhere in order to " ease the suffering of the Syrian people." Also, the rebels' Free Army reportedly said they have their own conditions to embark on a dialogue with the Syrian government, mainly holding the dialogue in "liberated areas" and under international supervision. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/world/2013-02/26/c_124391005.htm
  2. Aleykoum salaam sister, So you’re basically fed up with the Iraqi way of handling marriage? You're not the only one.. And not all guys want pretty girls but there needs to be some sort of attraction. I dont think a guy can marry a girl that he considers unattractive. It just doesnt work that way. And I think the reputation of a girl tells you a lot about who she is and how she is perceived by others. Btw reputation isnt just important when it comes to girls.. Non sexual mutah.. lol I dont think there is one Iraqi father that would allow such thing. Its a great idea though and it would actually allow people to get to know each other in a proper way but there are way too many cultural issues.
  3. They are doing their best to cause internal conflict in Iran. Its very hard though, because Iran is like 95% shia. So they try to cause problems based on ethnicity and political preference. Mojahideen Khalq or the green movement and now the independence of Ahwaz.
  4. Ok so..what happened with the good old seyyid kamal haidary? He didn't refute the sunni point of view anymore? What is going on..
  5. Its not about tawassul. I believe tawassul is possible. I however have my doubts when it comes to asking ma'soomeen without tawassul. Most people dont refer to tawassul when saying ya Ali madad. They believe the ma'soom can help them without even asking Allah. Isn't that something different?
  6. Ye I havent seen any strong evidence either. I havent seen hadith or any quranic evidence that clearly state that the 14 ma'soomeen have the power to help you in this life without tawassul. If there are hadith supporting this then it would be greatly appreciated if someone took the time to find them so we can benefit.
  7. Marriage is important, and I think everyone deep down inside wants to marry. Half of our deen is marriage and a married persons prayer is much more valuable. I didn't want to marry before but all the talk with scholars and my parents convinced me. And lets face it, If a guy isn't married then its a big challenge to stay away from haram..
  8. Yes ofcourse. But couldnt you tell me where is the red line? Tawassul is well established without a doubt. But anything beyond that...?
  9. Thanks for all the answers, but it still isn't very clear to me. May Allah help you all insha'Allah Ok so let me try to explain again. My father said that when we say ya Ali madad or ya Ali adrikna we aren't doing tawassul. Its actually the belief that they will help you directly without tawassul. Is this shirk? I wonder.. Of course you believe Allah makes it possible for them to help you directly. Its a very interesting subject. But also kind of important. We need to know what is allowed and what isn't.
  10. Lol this is nonsense. Arabs dont particularly dislike Pakistanis and Indians when it comes to marriage. I'm a karbalai myself so you won't find more conservative than me. I think as long as someone is a mo'min and has good akhlaaq then where is the problem?And if there are Iraqis out there that won't allow their daughters to marry with men from other cultures then they should just look at our rolemodels. The ma'someen often had wifes from north Africa and other places. I'm sure they were trying to tell us something.
  11. sister I'm afraid to give you any advice because i know what could happen when your father finds out. I mean with us Iraqis they might end up killing their daughter no joke. All i can advice you is to stop talking to that guy and tell him that if he wants you he should contact your father. That's what a serious girl would do.
  12. Lol Lebanese and Iraqi culture isn't very different at all. I've known many couples like that. They're all divorced though lol.
  13. Its haram to have a relationship in islam, you're asking advice on an islamic forum so yes I'm definitely going to warn you.
  14. (salam) dear brother and sisters. I have a question about tawassul. I remember talking to my father( who did hawza for a while) about the subject tawassul. He told me that tawassul means asking Allah(azza wa djal) through someone who enjoys a high rank in the "eyes" of Allah(azza wa djal). I wasnt satisfied with the answer though. I asked him if it was possible for a ma'soom to give you something without tawassul. What if I asked one of the ma'soomeen without the intention of tawassul. Would it be shirk if I did? example, I believe Imam Ali(as) has the power to give things to people if they ask him without the use of tawassul. Where is the line between shirk and tawassul? Please help me out (wasalam)
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