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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am an ambivert, (INTJ if I have to use those classifications) and I find that spending a day alone in bed watching videos or on the internet is a waste of time and life, which could be used for growing yourself in excellent ways. But also feel like a big party/social event can be a waste of time and energy that could be used for productive efforts. Puts me in a strange "on the fence" position.
  2. Thank for the guides, I will be studying them as much as I need! And I do intend on fasting, I surely must and have no anxiety over doing it. I was actually born during the holy month, and to have it occur so soon upon conversion makes my heart glad. But I am sure I will have questions, I shall ask when they arrive
  3. Thank you for your comments, I see already this is a good online community. I am in northern Minnesota (mesabi range) ive known the area well it's rural and I am sure of there being no Muslim presence sadly.
  4. Hello all, I hope this is the right area to post in. I've been on the path to find God my whole life, Islam has always held a particular draw to me which I felt was unique. But I only knew about Sunni Islam and it became unappealing, it felt slightly alien to me. So I put Islam off, but to put it simply, I was introduced to Twelver Shia Islam later in life and looked into it. I started to read books such as 'A Shi'ite Creed' by Shaykh as-Saduq, Al-Kafi, Nahjul Balagah, and so much of the truths within these immediately clicked with me. They are things which I had already came to the conclusion of on my personal "journey" Ive intensely been on since I was a very young child. Now conversion feels like a path which I really would like to pursue, but my issue is there are no Muslim communities here. The nearest one is over an hour and they are Sunni. I don't mind not having a community around always, but I have trouble learning the practical sides of things on my own unless it's done in my own way. I can and will understand the deep aspects of things which many may at first struggle with or not even pursue, yet the practical aspects, like how to properly pray, (I do not speak Arabic etc) what if I don't teach myself the right ways and since there is no Shia community here to learn from, and I am limited at leaving,I fear I would have no one to correct me and so I would be doing it wrong for perhaps years.. I am very sincere on these things and in seeking a conversion, and in many ways already feel parts of me are Shia when I connect so well with the wisdom that's been revealed to me, yet why do I struggle at learning the "simple" things? What should I do to properly learn & conduct "practial" aspects of being Shia when I would be entirely on my own? Thank you for your considerations on my issue, I wish you all good thoughts on God and wise actions.
  5. Not all those fashions were based off acid trips. In fact a lot of patterns and designs used then were based on Persian clothing from the middle ages, as well as the Victorian age (which was also influenced by old person styles) just look at all the crazy Paisley designs, we see the same all over old Persian things.
  6. I'll try to explain, but this particular topic is deep to me, its been a life long process. I've recognized these enemies since I was very little, and it made me do all I can to separate myself from the ways of my peers and society.. As a child in school I was always observing the behavior of my peers and the things this society taught them to admire and pursue, and it always seemed wrong, unimpressive and a waste of life, I wanted always to pursue something higher and something which set me apart from a society which I felt from the beginning had no place for me (and perhaps I should be thankful for that.) So I naturally pursued God without having to be introduced or encouraged, I obsessed over God, I admired ancient hero's of noble spirit and virtue, instead of celebrities and superheros, I longed for a spiritually whole environment, had none around me, so I think God gave me eyes which see through so much that many miss, and with them I often recognize what is evil and not of His way, and when I see it I want it to be destroyed immediately, and I want to show others how I openly oppose it, but not in an arrogant manner, but through an example of noble action and life. I believe by my focusing on God, focusing on true noble character and spirit, etc, right away started to put me as an outsider of this civilization, I became an enemy of my own generation early on and for it I saw even more clearly that which I need to avoid, that which must be vanquished by the righteous. Essentially I have found that whenever I pursue the opposite of this society, or pursue what this culture preaches against, it often turns out to be a good way which offends evil, and when I see that those of my peers who follow evil are bothered or confused with it, such confirms that I am fighting it even more.
  7. This entire society seems to be constructed in a way which destroys the human spirit, almost everything this civilization seems to expect of it's citizens is something which goes against God and natural order. Sometimes even the 'simplest' of acts, like driving a car and using gasoline, seems wrong for numerous reasons.
  8. My enemies are lies, disorder, meekness, degeneracy, perversion, low violence, mockery, that which stands to mock or destroy life, that which tries to limit creation and divinity, my own material desires are my enemy. Such a list can go on. .
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