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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hmm... But like, how were they able to check the biographies of them? Or how did they get their hands on these documents? Etc.
  2. Salam brother, if there is something you want to know about, don't mind asking us here. I do believe that the brothers above me gave some good ways to start, but if there's something you stumble across and find a certain belief about Shiism a bit odd, don't mind telling us.
  3. Mashallah, I have seen this lie quoted everywhere, and it seems to be no one, not even [Edited Out], *************, youpuncturedtheark.wordpress.com and many other anti-Shia sites had the audacity to look at what the Sheikh (ra) said on the next page. What Sheikh Al Tusi (ra) said was that Shia hadiths was in a big mess by giving this story - QUOTATION END". What the sheikh (ra) said on the other page, is *that now he is going to solve that problem by writing down a book called "Tadheeb al Ahkam" the very book he was taken out of context for*!!!!! I have seen these silly lies, and boy oh boy, these are only making me more certain about Shiism.
  4. Assalamu A'laykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, I have been wondering, how did our scholars like Sheikh Al Tusi (ra) know if person x is reliable or not?? And the same thing goes for the Sunni scholars, but I'd rather know how our scholars knew it first. I have been searching and searching, but I haven't found any luck, but that's probably because most of the stuff we have in our text is in Arabic, so its quite hard for a person like me who isn't that great at Arabic to understand what I am reading. Jazakullahu feekum
  5. Hugo Boss


    good, thats what I wanted to hear... Although I wanted to hear that from the guest :P
  6. Hugo Boss


    which interpretation are we talking about? If I am a Shia, then I think I would take the Shia interpretations uwu
  7. http://corpus.purifiedhousehold.com/ This site needs some people who can translate Shia books from Arabic to English! admin@purifiedhousehold.com this is the email you need to contact, if you want to spread the message of Islam, so that everyone can understand our books. Not everyone can speak Arabic, even among the Shias themselves! Even I myself cant proper understand Arabic. Remember, whenever someone reads a hadith translated by your hands, you will get rewarded by it Inshallah.
  8. This is quite embarrassing, but I really need those ahadiths. I know I have seen a lot of them, but I never saved them :-/. I need as many of ahadiths that clearly states from the Prophet (pbuh & hf) that he said there will be 12 Imams (FROM SHIA SOURCES. I DONT WANT SUNNI SOURCES). And that Imam Ali (3) was appointed etc. I know I have seen a hadith where the Propbet (pbuh & hf) said all of these Imams (3) by name. And can you get the grading as well? Jazakullah alfi khair!
  9. actually, I just read this part of the tafsir of Imam Hassan Al Askari (3). It could be useful for you
  10. Hugo Boss

    Will he find me?

    Salam, the photos you gave him, did you post them on any other sites? If so, delete them from there. Let's say that the photo you gave him was photo "x". You have also posted this photo "x" on your facebook. If so, he can just use google to find your facebook by that photo. Its called "google reverse". Remember, I am telling you the SAME EXACT PHOTO. Have you posted it somewhere on the interne? (The one you sent to him?)
  11. seems to be I am a bit late for the "party". I'll just add this for those who need it in the future Inshallah. (page 331 and page 333) https://archive.org/stream/musnad_hanbal/musnda03#page/n329/mode/2up what does it say? Hadith 3062 from the Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal (sunni book ofc) that this hadith is sahih. in that red box, it says the Prophet (PBUH & HF) said: O Ali, you are to me what Musa (3) was to Harun (3). Then he quotes this verse: https://quran.com/7/142 (Harun (3) in this place was a KHALIFA. Look at the wording in this verse!!). Then the Prophet (PBUH & HF) says: You are the wali of every believer after me. What is the context here, but that it means Khalifa? Wali CAN mean Khalifa and other things, but the context is used as how? a Khalifa
  12. it really is strange that your mother should do such stuff... You have not in ANY way or form made her angry towards you? (I am sorry if you feel like I am saying its your fault, no I dont think its yours, I am just saying there might be a misunderstanding in an action you did, which made your mom so angry about it)...
  13. funfact: I WAS BORN WHILE THIS TOOK PLACE?! I WISH I WAS BORN A BIT EARLIER!! OMGG, THIS SOUNDED SO GREAT ;-; (I was born in 2001) (´ _ `) Wait... Could this then mean that Shiachat is my internet parent, since I was born at its good era?... Things just got a bit too weird...
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