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  1. yeah it used to be -20*C and I'd have to sleep with my jacket on yes
  2. I'm a new here in the capital of Ukraine. I'll be here for a while as I'm studying abroad. I would like to find some mosques to be at, ofc it'd be a bonus if the mosque is run by Shias. I don't have an issue with ordinary Sunni mosques, but as for the wahabi ones, no thanks
  3. so uh, after a classmate showed me a video made by antimajos production, I got a hyped to get back and clear some of that misconceptions they had (I honestly thought it would work to talk to these people), but I have 0 knowledge back in that old time, so whenever they'd ask me about something I didn't know about, I would search up the keywords on google, and shiachat would always be the first website that came about. After over a year or so, I then decided to create an account, because I kinda owed Shiachat for the help. :o and then I realized it had a chatroom... :-] Good thing u came to the right, because this place: https://discord.gg/TvJSJR9 would happely want people that want/can/would like to learn how to debate Sunnis/other theological groups
  4. they quoted Sunni books, but anyhows; what do you think the Shia rijali books will say about the narrators of those chains that have transmitted this fabricated narration? Second of all, we believe that Ummayids and Abbasids paid the scholars and those narrators to say these things, so they could legitimize their rulership by oppressing Ahlul Bayt (3)
  5. Question: A discharges fluid when she starts thinking about her husband or when seeing something simply exciting? Does the emission make her fast void? Answer: The fluid which a woman feels during foreplay or lustful thinking but it is not much to spread to other parts, is clean. Ghusl does not become obligatory in this case and it does not make wudhu void either but if there is much fluid and is called ejaculation and the fluid spreads to the underwear and this normally takes place during orgasm and full satisfaction, the fluid is najis (impure) and in this case ghusl becomes obligatory. In fact, if emission takes place without orgasm, the necessary precaution is that it is najis and it causes janabah. Hence, if a woman enters the state of janabah intentionally with the details mentioned above, both Qadha and kaffara become obligatory on her. The obligatory precaution is that she should restrain from eating and drinking for the rest of the day. https://www.Sistani.org/english/qa/02663/ Question: Whenever I am thinking about a beautiful woman, there comes out a liquid without any lust or ejaculation? Is it semen? How can I understand that it is semen or a clean discharge? Answer: As you have no certainty that it is semen, without the presence of the conditions required, the said liquid is pure (Tahir). 2Question: Does Ghusl Janaba become obligatory immediately when ejaculation takes place? Answer: It becomes obligatory to perform Ghusl before reciting the prayers. 3Question: Is precum impure? Precum is the pre-ejaculate fluid. Answer: No, it is pure (Tahir). https://www.Sistani.org/english/qa/01181/
  6. hmm... But like, how were they able to check the biographies of them? Or how did they get their hands on these documents? Etc.
  7. Salam brother, if there is something you want to know about, don't mind asking us here. I do believe that the brothers above me gave some good ways to start, but if there's something you stumble across and find a certain belief about Shiism a bit odd, don't mind telling us.
  8. Mashallah, I have seen this lie quoted everywhere, and it seems to be no one, not even [Edited Out], *************, youpuncturedtheark.wordpress.com and many other anti-Shia sites had the audacity to look at what the Sheikh (ra) said on the next page. What Sheikh Al Tusi (ra) said was that Shia hadiths was in a big mess by giving this story - QUOTATION END". What the sheikh (ra) said on the other page, is *that now he is going to solve that problem by writing down a book called "Tadheeb al Ahkam" the very book he was taken out of context for*!!!!! I have seen these silly lies, and boy oh boy, these are only making me more certain about Shiism.
  9. Assalamu A'laykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, I have been wondering, how did our scholars like Sheikh Al Tusi (ra) know if person x is reliable or not?? And the same thing goes for the Sunni scholars, but I'd rather know how our scholars knew it first. I have been searching and searching, but I haven't found any luck, but that's probably because most of the stuff we have in our text is in Arabic, so its quite hard for a person like me who isn't that great at Arabic to understand what I am reading. Jazakullahu feekum
  10. good, thats what I wanted to hear... Although I wanted to hear that from the guest :P
  11. which interpretation are we talking about? If I am a Shia, then I think I would take the Shia interpretations uwu
  12. http://corpus.purifiedhousehold.com/ This site needs some people who can translate Shia books from Arabic to English! admin@purifiedhousehold.com this is the email you need to contact, if you want to spread the message of Islam, so that everyone can understand our books. Not everyone can speak Arabic, even among the Shias themselves! Even I myself cant proper understand Arabic. Remember, whenever someone reads a hadith translated by your hands, you will get rewarded by it Inshallah.
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