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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Cupboard, lol? Explain further please. As for me, i've slept through many classes, and snored aswell :blush: .
  3. Sorry to Bump a 4 month old thread.. But what can i say , I LOVE PRISON BREAK! Sky, http://www.phazeddl.com/search.php?q=Prison+Break Direct dowlaod site, shouldn't be a hassle. Dhulfiqar, really cool observation, wouldnt have figured it out for another year! funny also .. lol In general, if you dont want to download anything; watch it directly from a streaming website, in the following you will see a list where you can watch Prison break and many other shows like Lost, heroes. 1. www.tv-links.co.uk <-recommended, most PB links are working. 2. www.tv-video.net <-SLow buffering, b
  4. Brisbane Broncos ./ As for the Tri-nations, what a punch from Mason.
  5. loser.... get over it Australians havent lost a test ever since the ashes( they might have lost 1 but i cant remember).On the other hand England lost plenty.Afridid already owned England in Pakland.
  6. lol...I seriously dont understand how any of you thought in any way Australia could lose to Bangladesh.They won it with 3 wickets in hand.I think the only reason why they were basically outplayed in the first 2 days was because the Sth African tour took alot out of them.
  7. Its all good.... So what we lost the first 2 ODIs.Well win the next 3.
  8. salam thankyou for offering...but as sister ruqayah pointed i live in auburn :D thanks brother for offering... :blush: We managed to get there no problems alhamdulila. We know how to get there from the station but our problem was that the the 1st time we went was that we got beverly hills station confused with hurstville station.But now itss pretty easy.Although on the way back i think we circled the city about 3 times, passed tempe ended up in flemington.......... But we ended up making home..yalla we only have to take 2 more days of this my family (excluding mother) comes back from iraq
  9. Depending on your marj3....
  10. ^^ salam i missed the first 2 days :dry: im still so pissed off. 1st day: we lost the way 2nd day:Mums auntie came over. 3rd day should be good inshaalah
  11. Ya-Ali


    you got a psp aswell ...we shall play via infrastructure We are knocking down our house and building in about a month inshaalah so I finally get to have a big room for my self (sighs).You know whats weird ???When i was 9 i used to have a room for myself halla now im in highschool and i have to share with 2 brothers. :mad: :mad:.My dads reasoning:yalla habibi just one more month and youll have a big room for yourself. P.S. After we build our double story house and if i somehow end up with my brothers ...WALLLLAAAA WALLLLA i aint gana sleep there.
  12. awesomee... im all drerssed up and me and my mum are going in about 15 min.Hopefully we dont lose the way as my father,brothers,sisters are in iraq.Street directory should be helpful.
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