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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Same typically retarded "Muslim-Logic" arguments going on here. Just admit it folks, most of you lie in bed fantasising about the day that you can strut about your civilised, Western, neighbourhoods, violently forcing people to submit to your medieval dress codes like those filthy Baseeji thugs do in Iran. The fact is that Belguim is turning against the hejab because it recognises it as a symbol of political ideology, ethnic identity, cultural alligence and seperatism. If this rule makes Belguim a less attractive destination for Muslim Fundementalists from the third-world then thats only going
  2. It is NOT justifyable to kill innocent children anywhere. However, even in the worst excesses of the atrocities commited by the Allies, no one has been as despicably evil to TARGET children. To KIDNAP them. To deliberately STARVE them. To DELIBERATELY deny them water in unbearable heat so that they must strip naked and drink their own urine. Then blow them up whilst shouting "Alla o akhbar!" Only a Muslim would seek to justify such evil with such warped logic of "monkey see, monkey do". Its pathetic. What is it with you Muslims? Does Islam cause you lose half your brain cells? To lose your m
  3. I respect your forthright veiws on Europeans Sheikh. Good for you! Can you answer something for me then. Why is is that so many of you bretheren are beating down the doors of Europe to live amongst us barbarian rather than in nice civilised Muslim countries? ps I do hope that you are spouting your anti European hate and critisism with honour and integrity by doing it from your native Islamic country rather than from the comfort and freedom of a civilised Western country. Unlike so many of your hypocitical bretheren... Anyway, we digress. I made a a valid point that by blowing up school kids th
  4. Wow, a Muslim who accepts the existance of Al Qaida AND seems to accept that Beslan was an "atrocity". Youre in a minority dude. One of your bretheren on this site once described the killing of those children as "careless". And yes, the Holocaust was calculated evil. Only a bitter, Jew hating or retarded European would deny that. Funny then that so many Muslims deny it even happened...
  5. Ah, once again, retarded "Muslim Logic". No wonder you guys have so few friends in the civilised world. Hijacking a CIVILIAN plane occupied buy UNARMED CIVILIANS, cutting the throats of UNARMED WOMEN flight attendants, so that you can crash that plane into a military target may be legitimate for Muslims but for civilised people it is filthy, cowardly, evil terrorism. Capish? Your post, scholarship, as well as much of the twisted garbage posted by your bretheren begs the question, are so many righteous Muslims just good people following an evil religion or are they evil people following a good
  6. Good points. 75 percent of the Jewish population have left Iran since Islamic totaletarianism. Islamic Countries are [Edited Out]py places to live for anyone, but for Jews they are especially intolerable. In May 1998, Jewish businessman Ruhollah Kakhodah-Zadeh was hanged in prison for assisting Jews to emigrate. Nice. However, it cant be denied that Iran is better than most Muslim countries in it treatment of Jews. But it is a Muslim country, and therefore cannot escape the bitter, envious, anti Jewish ideology that is Islam.
  7. Not suprising that Muslims cannot decide what terrorism is. :dry: Lets ask what is "freedom-fighting?" Is it hiding like a cockroach among civilians instead of wearing a uniform like a soldier? Is it TARGETING and killing UNARMED non-combatants like a filthy coward instead of facing an armed enemy like a real freedom fighter? Is it blowing themself up to kill others and thinking this will get them straight into heaven, again like a filthy coward, instead of facing up to their actions like men? Is it applying the monkey-see, monkey-do logic to a situation, for example, justifying the targetin
  8. :!!!: Like what else are they going to say?
  9. The poor Chechens. There is no doubt that the Russians are commiting terrible atrocities on those people. However, who have the Chechens to champion their rights? Filthy, cowardly, Islamic Fundamentalists. Evil, terrorist, scum who think it legitimate to KIDNAP, STARVE and DENY water to little children in unbearable heat forcing them to sit naked and drink their own urine before blowing them up. Remember Beslan? :mad: Like the wretched Palestinians, the Chechens will never have friends in the civilised world as long as they look to the sick morality of Islamic Fundamentalism for a way out
  10. You also failed to address the points I made. And, you say " I honestly don't believe that asking women to observe Islamic style dress in an Islamic country is something that is extremely overbearing. " So therefore you would also apply the same argument to banning the wearing of the Hejab in constitutionally SECULAR schools in constitutionally SECULAR countries like France. Thought not... Anyways, now I diverted the thread. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  11. Hi Path2Felicity. Hope you are well. I recognise that Afganistan under the Taliban is different to Iran. But the picture makes an important point and is very relevent to Iran. A few years ago, during my many trips to Iran, I met a very nice lady called Mojdeh. She told me of how her taxi was once stopped by a group of Baseeji thugs. As it was late, and hot, she had let her hejab slip to her shoulders. “This ugly, screaming woman” (her words) dragged her out of the taxi. She was verbally abused by the men and slapped in the face by the woman for answering back. They took her to a police station
  12. Many Iranians abroad describe themselves as "Persians", because they're ashamed of their pariah regime and want to disassociate themselves from it. In Iran, Iranians constantly complain about the wretchedness and misery of their lives and the corruption and incompetence of their Government and institutions. Thousand of Iranians pour into Europe and the US every week trying to escape the misery created by the Islamists. How often do you hear of Americans trying to "escape" from the US... Ignoring Baseeji thugs and Islamic fanatics, I seriously doubt many real Iranians are proud to be Iranian.
  13. ^^^^ But I thought it was those pesky Jews and Kufar invaders wot blew up the Shrine. This is a US/Zionist/Masonic conspiracy! They're trying to pin the blame on some poor Muslim guy in order to discredit Islam! I mean, a cowardly Muslim terrorist, killing innocent people. Impossible! What lies will they think of next?
  14. Hmmm.... So even that fanatic, Ahmadinejad, is saying he is NOT a Holocaust denier. That must make those retards on this Forum who deny the Holocaust feel even lonelier and look even more stupid.
  15. Revolutionary Guard makes a valid point. In this world it is important for a guest to respect the customs and values of his or her host, whether or not they agree with them. Its just 'good manners'. We've all seen how some Muslims expect the world to bend to their 'needs' and respect their customs (however distasteful), yet Ahmadinejad proves his arrogance, ignorance and disrespect by embarrassing the woman in the picture. He was a guest in someone else's home. He should have behaved better. He should have followed Sistani's advice.
  16. I hope that acts like this make those "Alice-in-Wonderland" Euro liberals sit up and think again about allowing Turkey to join the European Union. As a student I travelled through Turkey from Istanbul to Van. Its a lovely, fascinating country. But it is a world apart from Europe. For years Turkey's government have struggled, often brutally, to force secularism on people, many of whom are deeply traditional and Islamic and culturally backward. If they can't succeed then how are the Bleeding Hearts of Europe going to deal with the millions (yes, millions) of poor, uneducated Turks who will inevi
  17. ^^^ But what will happen to her if she lives? Some righteous Muslim man will probably murder her anyway. Or she'll be ostracised by her family and community until she kills herself. There's plenty of horrific case-history out there on how Muslim societies treat women who have been raped.
  18. Although why any thinking woman would want to shake hands with a misogynist Islamist beats me. :huh:
  19. I tend to respect your posts. However, you have to see the irony in this one. With few exceptions, the Muslims on this Forum, in the streets of London and throughout Europe "insult us in our own home".
  20. Actually, its people like you who "spread vile corruption among humanity". I sincerely hope that you live in some dusty, third-world Islamic toilet and not in a civilised Western Democracy, but I bet you do live in the West... :angry:
  21. Almost without exception, the thousands of Muslims, and others, claiming Asylum in Europe every day are all "liars".
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