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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. All I know is that I'd rather be "shunned" than stoned to death / beheaded / have a wall push on top of me / hanged / have my limbs cut off / etc. etc. etc. Trying to compare the Amish to Muslims is laughable.
  2. The briefest reading of many a 'Scholars' fatwas always turns up the hateful, the intolerant and the downright murderous. However, in all my reading of Sistani's fatwas, searching for something unpleasant, I have found it very difficult to find anything particularly disagreeable about this intelligent and gentle man. No sabre rattling. No calling on people to kill others. No hate and intolerance. The guy really seems to be practicing the "religion of peace" mantra, blindly trotted out by so many Muslims. But let's admit facts, we all know that isn't true. Islam isn't a religion of peace. That
  3. Wow! Being a Muslim must be like having a lobotomy. You seem to completely lack any rationality. There is absolutely no room left in the Muslim mind for self-reflection, self-criticism, accepting responsibility or even intelligent debate. How do you think Jews and Christians stopped stoning people, burning witches and carrying out atrocities in the name of their god? By self reflection, critisism, accepting responsibility and intelligent debate. As long as Muslims simply blame "people like me and wahabis" as the only reason their community is increasingly disliked and feared throughout the c
  4. The topic starter wrote "Note how the warm/cuddly word 'piety' is used, instead of 'fundamentalist'." That is the point I was addressing. People are negative about Muslim Hejabs because they see them as a political badge, showing supporting for what many consider to be a backward, violent, intollerant and anti-Western ideology.
  5. Never heard of an Amish Leader condemning a writer to death for insulting Christianity. Never seen footage of screaming Amish showing outrage for cartoons they think insult them. Never heard of an Amish person blowing themselves up and killing others to get into heaven. Never heard of Amish people making constant demands for their governments to accommodate their staggering sense of entitlement. Never heard of Amish people calling for the killing of homosexuals, adulterers, apostates, neither do they amputate limbs, stone or whip people. Indeed, to quote one of Lester's posts "... anyone who h
  6. The Times October 03, 2006 Beatings, abductions, shootings: on patrol with the al-Mahdi army They bring death to the streets, but feel no shame and fear no reprisal. The leaders of the Shia militia's Baghdad 'office' talk to The Times Ned Parker and Haider Azzawi. ABU MAHA admits freely that he kills and kidnaps Sunni “terrorists”. At checkpoints Iraqi soldiers greet him by name and let him pass. For Abu Maha is a leader of Hojatoleslam Moqtada al-Sadr’s al-Mahdi Army in western Baghdad, a deadly force with such power that no politician dares take it on. The thousands-strong militia and a pol
  7. How is the above not anti-semetic? Even a moron can see that Iranian Jews have no choice but to be "discreet". Imagine if the West discriminated against Muslims in the way Iran and the whole Islamic world discriminates against Jews.
  8. Zoroastrians have the same problem. How do you think the ancient and civilised Persians were converted to Islam? When Islam wasn’t being forced on them by violence it was forced on them by coercion blackmail and bullying. And once you convert, you’ve sentenced your spouse and your kids to the being Muslims, for ever. Don’t think about changing your mind or they'll imprison or kill you… No compulsion huh?
  9. I was actually taking about quotes from your modern Ayatollahs. No one is saying that Islamic scriptures are all bad!
  10. Its not just we who disagree Path2Felicity, it seems that most of the world thinks that maiming, limb-amputating, killing homosexuals, adulterers, apostates etc. is 'uncivilised'. And yes, war is wrong. What's your point? The last Pope John Paul was very clear about his opposition to the war in Iraq, remember. So find me a quote from any main-stream religious leader of any major religion that calls for violence, war or killing. Now shall I post some from some of your scholars? See? You believe that your god gave you rules for everything in life. And you don't question those rules, however ir
  11. Interesting. So a Buddhist must love his enemy? Unconditional love. How Christian! I once had a discussion with a Buddhist who said that all violence and killing, whatever the circumstances were wrong. He claimed that wars could be won with peaceful resistance and self sacrifice. Nice thought. I've searched the Fatwas of Muslim Scholars, trying to find quotes advocating unconditional love, peace and tolerance and guess what? They don't exist. I even posted a request for Muslims to help me in my 'signature' but they couldn't come up with any either. Could explain a lot...
  12. Thanks for your reply. So that means Islam advocates violence? (Okay, in certain circumstances.) That’s all anyone is saying. We agree. Honestly, I'm not being rude or sarcastic. We agree. Its just that, since the Middle Ages, the other major religions have developed and evolved and, on the whole, their leaders now denounce violence and killing. That's why the rest of the world feels uncomfortable with your continuing ideology of god-sanctioned violence, maiming and murder. It just doesn't seem, for want of a better word, civilised.
  13. People of all religions behave badly. The unique distinguishing feature of Islam however, is how your religious leaders react. The main religious leaders of every other religion seem to always call for calm and conciliation whereas many Muslim 'scholars' and religious leaders fan the flames of Muslim rage and intolerance, some even advocating violence and murder. .
  14. Okay. The point is that Islam was spread by violence. Islam supports violence. Islam is maintained by violence. Islamic scholars, seemingly without exception, advocate violence. To name just a couple of examples off the top of my head, Khomeni called for the murder of a writer, and even Sistani who comes across as the most benevolent and peaceful of all your scholars advocates the murder of homosexuals. Please refute the points.
  15. Went to Thailand on my holidays this summer. Buddhism seems like a lovely, civilised, ideology. Can you recommend a concise book so that I can learn more? Also met some lovely Muslims in Krabi...
  16. In the spring, I spent a couple of weeks in Southern Portugal and also in Southern Spain where I witnessed the facinating, rich, Islamic heritage of that region. It is visually apparent that many people in the region have Arabic and North African ancestry. My point however is that Spaniards don't actually convert to Islam, unless they marry a (usually) Moroccan Muslim. Indeed most Spaniards I spoke to in that region were intensely anti-Islamic, even those who looked like they had Arab and Moorish ancestry.
  17. Muslims can't debunk what is written in the Koran, no matter how distasteful those words are, as they believe them to be the unadulterated words of their God. Anger and violence are a necessary reaction mechanism, to prevent them from having to face the irrationality of their doctrine. Extremists are enraged by the perceived criticism from the hated Kufar who quote it, while moderates who cannot disavow the terms of the Koran prefer more evasive interpretations. Or else they try to divert the debate without addressing the point, for example, by saying "but what about Bush, the Crusades, the N
  18. Have you read Eurabia by Oriana Fallaci? I spend most of my time between England, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic and her predictions are frighteningly accurate.
  19. Surely you mean Spanish who marry Morrocans and are told to convert.
  20. What is your point? That Christians have committed war, violence and atrocities throughout history? Of course they have. Christians know that. The Pope knows that. The last Pope acknowledged the evil of the crusades and apologised for them. Why can’t one ever imagine such magnanimity from any Islamic leader? Today, most Christians, like Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus reflect on their doctrines. They criticise. They debate. They rationalise. They progress. Sadly, most Muslims seek to silence all criticism absolutely, as opposed to meeting it with reasoned, measured debate. Some Muslim leade
  21. Of course Islam is a violent religion. The Pope’s actual quotation is not just a medieval point of view. It is a common modern view; read any Western newspaper. The quote said, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and then you shall find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” Is it true that the Koran contains such a command, and has it influenced modern terrorists? The answers, unfortunately, are “yes” and “yes”. The so-called Sword Verse from Chapter 9 must have been in the emperor’s mind: “So when the sacred months have
  22. A witty and perceptive piece in yesterdays Sunday Times. The Sunday Times September 17, 2006 You've said sorry, Holy Father - now demand a price Rod Liddle The Muslim world is in ferment, or even more ferment than usual, as a result of a speech given by Pope Benedict XVI at Regensburg University. Ben took a swipe at the notion that Islam is an inherently peaceable, easy-going, happy-go-lucky credo with a core philosophy that proclaims hey, why not live and let live, huh? Rather, he let slip: “Everything Muhammad brought was evil and inhuman,” which has an agreeably crusading, unequivocal r
  23. You missed the most important point! 8. All the while ensure that he submits to a backward, medieval ideology of intolerance, hatred and revenge. A narrow ideology which actively promotes war and killing as “self-defence”. A simplistic ideology which even promises to fulfil killers’ misogynistic fantasies in the after life. An ideology that espouses such a staggering level of entitlement for its followers that there will NEVER be any wish for the man to live in peace with anyone who does not submit to the same repressive ideology.
  24. Truly disgusting images. To glorify and trivialise war and killing to children is undeniably evil. But hey, don't Islamists abuse children as a matter of routine? And thats the problem. No matter how vile and discusting the actions of the Israeli government and individuals, the Islamists always go further. And Muslims everywhere condone it. Some examples:- The late Salah Shehadeh, one of the Hamas leaders in Gaza, stated in an interview on the Internet site Islam Online (May 26, 2002) that children should be trained properly prior to the execution of terrorist attacks, and that they should be
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