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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If only it were the "words of uneducated teenagers". Khomeni was not an "uneducated teenager" and the millions of Muslims who supported his wicked incitement to kill were not all "uneducated teenagers". I accept that Islam is not manifestly evil. However, it is the only major religion which explicitly sanctions violence or murder against those who criticise it or wish to leave it. Is it any wonder Muslim societies can't drag themselves out of the Dark Ages when any debate which is deemed to be critical of Islam ends up getting people murdered? The Pope's speech, which Muslims found so offensi
  2. If you can’t discuss your aspirations for change on an Islamic website then where do you do it? In secret, underground caverns? (I thought that it was only the Jews who met in secret, underground caverns). :dry: Let’s face the truth Path2Felicity, you, as a typical Muslim don’t like upsetting the applecart. You don’t like to question your religion, no matter how immoral or irrational it might seem deep down. You don’t like to dig too deep lest you find more wicked and vicious aspects of an ideology you so want to believe is the will of god. So, you bury your head in the sand. Look Path2Felici
  3. You've only just discovered this? What planet have you been living on? I'm shocked that the more rational Muslims like you can't seem to understand why a rising majority of people in the West are increasingly suspicious, indeed fearful of the Muslims living among us. Those Muslims out there that believe their God supports such wicked and vicious actions have no place living in the free, tolerant and democratic West. Many would say they have no place living among human beings. The writing is on the wall. Unless those 'more rational' Muslims like you are able to win the argument against the irr
  4. Just returned to Blighty after almost a month on business in Iran, my longest stint ever. There's nothing like experiencing the Islamic 'Utopia' first-hand to convince one, beyond any doubt that, in the wrong hands, Islam can be the most defective, corrupt and indeed God-less ideology on Earth. So I wasn't too surprised to see this article today: The Times November 28, 2006 Slaughter in the mosque: a new terror for Iraqis Ned Parker and Ali Hamdani, Baghdad # Executions held in prayer rooms # Survivor freed after ransom paid Hassan Mahmoud has the build of a bouncer. But as he sits on a co
  5. The reason you're so miserable about things is because you know that people like me "who are at the heart of the problem" form a growing majority in Britain. You've read the opinion polls. You've heard our politicians. You've read our newpapers. We just don't think your culture is compatable with ours. Sikhs do just great here, Hindus and Jews thrive. Many different religious groups fit in and contribute, yet for some reason, and in Europe certainly, Muslims just don't seem to get it. I have nothing against Muslims. As I said, I'm off to Iran soon and I'm looking forward to seeing my Musli
  6. I'm off to Iran on business in a couple of weeks. Its been two years since I last visited. I love the country and its people but, as someone who is not a Muslim, and who actually disagrees with Islam, I wouldn't dream of living there even if I could. I really can't understand how the Muslims on this Forum can bare to live in Europe when you hate our culture, our values, our Governments and our laws. Be true to yourself. Go to a Muslim country. Take your education, your intellect and your willingnrss to work hard and contribute there. Make your new home a better, more Islamic place. You'll be h
  7. The Times, October 09, 2006 Why Muslim women should thank Straw Saira Khan The veil is not a religious obligation — it is a symbol of the subjugation by men of their wives and daughters MY PARENTS moved here from Kashmir in the 1960s. They brought with them their faith and their traditions. But they also arrived with an understanding that they were starting a new life in a country where Islam was not the main religion. My mother has always worn traditional Kashmiri clothes — the salwaar kameez, a long tunic worn over trousers, and the chador, which is like a pashmina worn round the neck or ov
  8. Absolutely [Edited Out] argument. Some self-appointed Muslim 'community leader' was spouting the same pathetic argument on the radio the other day. Why don't you try walking through a shopping mall or airport with a balaclava or a stocking over your head and see how quickly the police arrest you. Or try going to work or (if you are a European Muslim) try to claim unemployment benefit with a ninja mask on. See what happens. The tide is turning. The British have had enough. These backward and alien customs will be banned here sooner or later, as they are in Italy, with Germany and Holland fol
  9. Similarly, if someone is uncomfortable being close to Muslims should they be allowed to refuse to serve them in their business? Muslims have only lived in Britain, in any significant numbers, for twenty or thirty years. Alcohol has been part of British culture for thousands of years. Muslims have settled in Britain because it it a nicer place to live than the dusty, Islamic, 'toilets' most of our Muslim immigrants, or their parents have come from. Time to put up or get out.
  10. Suspect in terror hunt used veil to evade arrest By Sean O’Neill and Anthony Browne A MALE suspect in a major anti-terrorist investigation in Britain escaped capture by allegedly disguising himself as a Muslim woman dressed in a burka, The Times can reveal. The man, who was wanted in connection with serious terrorist offences, evaded arrest for several days as police searched for him across the country. * The fact that a fugitive remained at large after disguising himself in an Islamic dress which covered his face will further fuel the debate sparked by Jack Straw, Leader of the House of Commo
  11. Jnoub Libnan, you must understand that self-defence is a completely subjective term. The ‘Mujahedin’ in Lebanon claim ‘self-defence’ when they fire rockets into Israel. And with each rocket fired they allow Israel to justify it’s claims of ‘self-defence’ when they fire rockets into Lebanon. It seems that in every war, both sides claim 'self-defence'. Al qaida claimed they were defending Islam, (ie ‘self-defence’) when they blew up the Twin Towers. The Americans claim ‘self-defence for occupying Afganistan and Iraq. After all, why can't the “War on Terror” be described as 'self-defence'? Faiths
  12. Do you have a reputable, main-stream source for this article. I've had a quick search and found only obscure loony-tune and crazy-conspiracy websites like the one you provided.
  13. Don't worry about discouraging the personal insults; I'm big enough to laugh them off. I actually like them. They prove I've won the argument. :!!!:
  14. What is a "sabite"? I notice that you're a Sunni. Do you accept that there are also Sunni leaders out there that advocate "beatings, abductions and shootings ... in Allah's name."
  15. What is your point SpIzo? My hatred is of "the willingness for so many prominent Islamic leaders to support the equally ignorant and savage practices of stoning, hanging, beheading, whipping, maiming, limb-amputation, bone-breaking, etc. for anything from sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, insulting your prophet, changing religion or writing a rude book about Islam." As Satyam implied in his or her post, one of the typical Muslim responses to well-founded criticism is to say "what about Hindus, Christians, Jews, etc.", rather than just accepting the criticism and dealing with it. Every gr
  16. The claims and counter claims regarding Sati are irrelevant unless anyone can quote a prominent Hindu leader who supports it. Otherwise its not Hinduism, its just ignorant savages doing evil deeds. Some Africans, who call themselves Christians, torture and sometimes kill children to rid them of evil spirits. As long as no prominent Christian leader supports this practice its not Christianity, its just ignorant savages doing evil deeds. The difference with Islam is the willingness for so many prominent Islamic leaders to support the equally ignorant and savage practices of stoning, hanging, beh
  17. An excellent description of, for want of a better term, I call "Muslim-logic". But you left out; 5. Outrage! How dare you insult Islam! Censor the critisism! Behead the critic!
  18. And it is this simple belief that is used by people like Moqtada al-Sadr and his Sunni counterparts to go out and kill each other in "self-defence", again and again and again. Get it? As long as you have God-sanctioned killing in complicated and ambiguous ideologies like Islam then Muslim leaders will have carte-blanche to interpret “self defence” as they see fit. And the tit-for-tat killing will go on and on. I actually believe that Sistani understands this; hence his reluctance to call for a violent Jihad, and hence the subsequent disappointment among so many Muslims. As I said in my previo
  19. You have an opportunity here to show me I'm wrong. For centuries, European philosophers and thinkers (for example Voltaire) debated, criticised and yes, insulted the irrational excesses of Christianity. And eventually Christianity, reflected, learned and evolved. That is why Christians no longer burn women as Witches. Why do Muslims still stone, hang, behead, whip, maim and amputate for adultery, sexual orientation, apostasy? And why do so many Muslims (when they’re not eagerly baying for blood) simply bury their heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening? Because Muslims seem to comple
  20. Glad you approve! His guys are so good at beatings, abductions and shootings. Obviously all done in Allah's name. Spoken like a true Muslim! A true Muslim... :!!!:
  21. The attitude of Muslims towards the call for murdering Salman Rushdie is THE perfect, unequivocal example of the degenerateness of Muslim morality. I would start a thread about Salman Rushdie, but the Mods would simply remove it as they have in the past. But would you Path2Felicity, have the guts to trust your own conscience and common sense (gasp!), and contradict one of your great "scholars".? But of course, you "don't speak about things [you] don't know". How could you possibly know that killing a writer is, er, wrong and evil? And with this attitude you expect people to respect Muslims? :
  22. About the Muslim woman who asked for the rapist to be spared, of course it doesn't change my perception about Muslims. I know very well that many Muslims are thoroughly nice, decent people. I don't doubt that Muslims are no better nor worse than Christians, Jews, Buddhists or even athiests. I'm sure that you, Path2Felicity, are a very nice, peaceful, tolerant and decent person. However, I believe that most Christians, Buddhists and Jews wouldn't hesitate to say, out loud in front of their peers, that killing a writer who was rude about their religion was wrong and evil. They wouldn't hesitate
  23. Hi Path2Felicity I'm never averse to being proved wrong. And whenever I am, I happily apologise. I don't know much more about the Amish than I read about in the Times today, heard on the radio and saw in the movie 'Witness'. They just seem like nice folk. However, I heard today that they have forgiven the evil scumbag who killed their kids. Apparently they are praying for his wife. They just don’t come across as the sort of folk who, for example, who would call for the murder of a writer who insulted their religion. I know that the call for murdering Rushdie "didn't sit easy" with you. And you
  24. That's right. Good old 'Muslim-Logic'. Sunnis "transgress against" Shia and Shia retaliate. It's only right isn't it? Then the Sunnis, being good Muslims and all, retaliate back. After all its only "self-defense". And it's perfectly Islamic to defend yourself. And then the Shia retaliate against the Sunni's retaliation. Hey, it's okay to kill Sunnis, they're not "innocent". That's allowed under Islam. They started it, so you can kill them. Nothing sums up the retarded logic of Muslims better than your post. Poor old Sistani. People like him have lost the fight for the soul of Islam. The smart
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