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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In London we had one of the biggest demonstrations in our history AGAINST the war in Iraq! Almost two million ordinary men and women marched and said “not in our name!” What make you think those despicable terrorists who blew themselves up didn't kill people who took part in that march? How were the poor souls who died to blame for being killed? Those filthy cowards TARGETED unarmed, innocent civilians on their way to work for God's sake! Your "Monkey see, monkey do" argument is pathetic. And the silence from the other Muslims on this forum to your post is deafening! ***WE ARE NOT AFRAID!**
  2. You fail to understand that the problem is that Islam glorifies death and killing. That is why Muslims blow themselves up. It is too easy for evil people to take Koranic Texts and use them to justify killing. Why it that the very word Martyr in Christianity usually describes someone who is killed for their beliefs whereas it would seem so often in Islam a Martyr means someone who kills for their beliefs and dies while doing the killing? As long as Islam glorifies killing and dying for a cause, then Muslims will find an excuse to kill and die with the blessing of Allah.
  3. Who could the bombers be? • The CIA to keep Britain in Iraq? • Blair himself to justify being in Iraq? • The Jews, because lets face it they're behind everything? • Prince Philip to distract attention from his assassination of Princess Di? • Elvis? • Or a loose-knit, hate-filled, violent, extremist Islamic group which uses Koranic Texts to glorify death and killing to gullible cretins so that they can kill Kafirs and attain martyrdom all of which will fast-track them straight to paradise. Demosthenes, why must Muslims expend so much time and energy looking for Conspiracies?
  4. Rezz sezz Too true! But we can vote him out of office. We can also criticise our leader, condemn his actions and even insult him without being thrown in jail, murdered, beaten… Unlike in any Islamic country I’ve heard of. Touché! :P Aren’t freedom and democracy great?
  5. Oldsword said I see your point. If someone kills in the name of Allah, he will be judged accordingly. If he kills in self-defence, let's say someone who broke into his home, and says 'Allahu akbar" and kills the burglar, then God will judge him based on this situation. Rezz replies Is killing a burglar reasonable? Shouldn't one ask the burglar to leave your house before killing him? Does the Koran address this? Shouldn't one use the minimum reasonable force to protect one's self or one's property? English law does not allow the killing of burglars. It used to, but it was allowed to progress.
  6. Oldsworld81 said “... however God knows that sometimes it is justified to kill..in self-defence for instance. War is inevitable sometimes, and there are tons of killings that occur. Do blame people for killing or do you blame Islam (God) for killing? When you are at war, will you just stand there and get killed or will you fight back?… ...He has set rules for us to follow.” Look at my point again. I said that as long as Islam allows killing, then Muslims will find an excuse to kill in the name of Islam. During the many wars between Muslims (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan…) don't both sides shout Alla
  7. Thanks for the advice. I read your link. My mind is not closed. But you are as likely to convince me there is a God than I am going to convince you there isn't. My argument is that Islam is a flawed Ideology. For example, islam allows killing and at times, (primarily concerning times of war) it encourages it. Is this not true? We could have theological arguments to the end of time, but as long as Islam sanctions killing, Muslims will kill and justify it in accordance with their interpretation of the Koran. Is that not why we have so many Islamic Terrorists? The answer surely is that no person
  8. I started this thread and now I´ĺl finish it. My initial argument was that Isalm is a failed ideology. That is a fact. If it was´t then Muslim countries wouldn´t be the wretched places they are and so many Muslims would´t be trying to emigrate to the West. No one proved me wrong on this. Muslims, rather than questioning why they are so [Edited Out] choose to hide in an Alice in Wonderland world of Conspiracy Theories, where someone big, bad, and clever, is keeping them down. Lets face it, it is much easier to blame the Jews or Americans for their wretchedness than to accept responsibility for
  9. I don't have time to respond properly; just about to board a plane. Here's hoping I won't be sharing it with some Islamic Terrorist seeking Paradise! Excellent point though. The growth of Muslim population in Britain scares the [Edited Out] out of me. If we don't act our children may suffer under Sharia law. Britanistan? If it wasn't so scary it would be funny.
  10. What do YOU suggest, recommend, or advise those who do wish to bow to the muslim Allah to do, to "improve" their religion, particularly the shiah, since this site has a majority of shiah members. Peace Rawshni <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  11. Mak 10. Thank you for your honesty. I respect the fact that you make no excuses for Islam. You do not twist Islam in order to make it seem palatable to western democracies like so many of your fellow Muslims. I would not pretend to know nearly as much about Islam as you, but I whole-heartedly agree with your view on what Islam stands for, what it strives to achieve, and the methods it will use to achieve its ends. I just wish the British people would understand too. PS My response to the other poster regarding the Hijab: I’ve heard so many arguments about this I don’t actually care why or whet
  12. I fully respect your veiws that I will suffer eternal pain and damnation in an afterlife. Some Jews and Christians also believe this. However, neither the majority of Jews nor Christians espouse that I should suffer in this life for my beliefs. Unlike in Islam. In certain Islamic countries I would be imprisoned for saying what I have said on this site. I would be locked up for saying I'm not a Muslim! There are Muslims who would consider it their duty to kill me. That is the difference! If Islam was not a flawed Ideology then there would be no need for it to be imposed so viciously in Islami
  13. Katayon said: how would anyone find out that you are not a muslim anymore? are you going to go around screaming in the street ways? then yes you will probably be jailed for disturbing the public. No, I would be jailed for saying I'm not a Muslim, however quietly. And you know it! Katayon said: ”nobody will kill you today, but when the imam Mahdi (af) and prophet Jesus, will come and you declare yourself an unbeliever who was once muslim and rejected islam, and rejects God. then you will be killed and sent for your judgement and probably to hell.” Thanks matey you have just vindicated everythin
  14. In answer to your question, I was born a Shia. I do seek the truth. Earlier in this discussion, I was asked to post specific points. Well I have asked one specific point three times that no one has chosen to address. I'll ask again. 1. If I declared myself not to be a Muslim in a number of Islamic countries couldn't I be jailed? 2. According to the Koran couldn't I be killed with impunity by a Muslim for renouncing this religion. Answers please?
  15. And the middle-eastern media is more truthful? Why does it seem that Muslims would rather believe the Earth is flat than to look at themselves. 3) Fine whats your point * Whats my point about not being a Muslim anymore! I know for a fact that in some Islamic countries I could be imprisioned for this. Also doesn't the Koran say somewhere that someone like me can be killed by a Muslim with impunity?? 6) What Islamic world - there isn't one * Why don't I rephrase my original question to emigrating to countries with a Muslim majority. Most of you, with a few notable exceptions have completely miss
  16. How many days? I've been reading about Islam for years. Many members of my family are Muslims, thoroughly nice, decent, peace-loving people like the vast majority of Muslims. However, I believe they struggle with a flawed ideology. The results of this flawed ideology are Countries which are back-ward looking, oppressive and corrupt, communities who languish at the bottom of society and maniacs who are willing to kill in the name of Allah. "The killing of innocents is against Islam". How many times do we hear this? So what is an "Innocent?". Who except for Allah can judge who is Innocent? The i
  17. I was born a Muslim. Having lived in Britain most of my life I recently made an effort to learn about Islam, to try to make sense of the terrible things happening in the world today. My conclusions? Islam is a deeply flawed ideology. It is intolerant. It is totalitarian. It is not a religion of peace. Some of your members admit as much. Islam allows killing. (As long as the victim is not innocent!) Is there one Islamic country in the world that is truly tolerant of other religions? Is there any Islamic country that is economically, scientifically or politically successful? No, because Islami
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