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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What the teacher said may have been uncomfortable for Muslims, but it was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is sad, but it is often more convenient for institutions to sacrifice the 'factual' truth for the 'politically-correct' truth for fear of offending some minority's sensibilities. The man was a supply (or substitute) teacher who did not need to be formally "sacked". All the school had to do was to tell him he wasn't required back the following day. I’m sure that if he had had a right to sue the school for wrongful dismissal then he would have won, because in our le
  2. I really don't see your point? The Latin American gangs seem to be anti-social criminals. The Spanish response is predictable.
  3. Racism exists everywhere. It is not a 'white' or European' monopoly. I've even seen you racially abused on Shiachat by some Islamist. Something about "white boy living with mother". :!!!: I'm sure the Spaniards are "increasingly distrustful of Latin Americans". But not nearly to the same level as towards Moroccans, North Africans, Kurds and Turks. Except for the French, the most openly 'Islamophobic' Europeans I've talked to were Spanish. I like Muslims. It's Islam that I have a problem with. I oppose all 'complete political and social systems' which are intolerant, totalitarian and undemocr
  4. Yep, I'll be the first to admit that I often get carried away with my rhetoric. But this time you're being unfair. Read my post again; I never said Islam is evil, nor Muslims are idiotic. As for abiding by the laws of the land; I couldn't agree more. Path2Felicity, please stay with me on this. I want you to imagine something... Several years into the future, Iran becomes a mature, economically successful and fully functioning country, governed under Sharia law. One day, I decide to emigrate there for a better life and more opportunity. As a nice and respectful democratic secularist, I happily
  5. As neither of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents great-great-grandparents, and as far as I know, great-great-great-grand parents were "immigrants", then I hardly think that I can be described as a child of "immigrants". I have never had to make any effort to be ‘accepted in society’. I can’t say I have ever experienced any form of racism or prejudice in my life. But this is irrelevant. Considering that you seem to be a reasonably intelligent and rational person from some of your posts, I’m bewildered by your constant state of denial. Just look at recent opinion polls. Read the newsp
  6. Firstly, I believe that Canada has rejected any formal Sharia courts, and that there is a highly vocal and popular campaign against Sharia. I don't know of any democratic Western country, which allows Muslims to have separate laws and justice for their community. Almost anywhere, for minor civil issues, parties can use whatever form of informal tribunal they like, as long as the parties agree in advance and most importantly, that the tribunal's recommendations are NOT against the laws of that country. That’s where Sharia falls at the first hurdle and why the very idea of Islamic justice could
  7. That might seems pretty reasonable to you as a Muslim. I’m sure you are saying what the majority of Muslims on this Forum believe. However jalal27, would you be at all concerned that the vast majority of people in Europe who are not Muslims, value their democracies and find the idea of Sharia law repulsive? As a Muslim, are you surprised that so many Europeans are distrustful and suspicious of the Muslims living among them? Wouldn’t you be if you saw, in reports such as in this thread, that 40% if Muslims favour Sharia? Isn't it understandable to you that many Europeans wish to limit Muslim im
  8. BBC NEWS Monday, 29 January 2007 Younger Muslims 'more political' Young Muslims are much more likely than their parents to be attracted to political forms of Islam, a think-tank survey has suggested. Support for Sharia law, Islamic schools and wearing the veil is much stronger among younger generation Muslims, a poll for the Policy Exchange found. The report's lead author, Munira Mirza, blamed government policy for a growing split between Muslims and non-Muslims. Ministers should engage with Muslims as citizens, Ms Mirza said. 'Differences emphasised' Policy Exchange discovered that while the
  9. A demonstration of Shia against Al Quaida terrorists blowing up Shia shrines in Iraq is, er, not what your long-suffering 'host' countries is the West mean by wanting to hear Muslims denounce terrorism. Shouting "Marg bar Amrika" (or similar) in the Western countries which you or your wretched parents chose to make their home is NOT denouncing terrorism. It is not going to win the trust and respect of the 'host' nation. Your post is so pathetic. Just look at the partial picture of the banner at the top right of the picture. Something about 'divide and rule', I bet with the Americans or ‘Joos’
  10. I don’t hate Muslims. I love Muslims. I do however dislike Islam as an ideology. I dislike it in the same way that I dislike Communism, Fascism or any 'complete political system’, which is totalitarian, intolerant and undemocratic. Interesting that you singled out one of my points for criticism without arguing whether or not it was true. Here it is again; "In the US you, have thousands of miles of ocean between you and the dusty, wretched and backward societies from which most Muslims hail. Therefore, only the most educated, skilled and affluent minority Muslims are ever going to reach the US
  11. :!!!: So how the hell do you think was Islam spread? What happened to the civilised and sophisticated Zoroastrian culture in Persia? I suppose they all freely decided to become Muslims without any force, threats, discrimination and coercion from their Arab invaders. Come on! Even the daftest Muslim can’t possibly believe that. A Christian, anywhere, can CHOOSE to convert to another faith. A Muslim can't. Your societies imprison and even kill people for converting. And calling Christians a '5th column'! Oh the irony!
  12. In the US you, have thousands of miles of ocean between you and the dusty, wretched and backward societies from which most Muslims hail. Therefore, only the most educated, skilled and affluent minority Muslims are ever going to reach the US. And once there, the US system forces people to work and support themselves. Unfortunately, Europe’s borders are closer and more porous, and our welfare systems more ‘generous’. That’s why the vast majority of Muslims, who are poor, uneducated, backward and unskilled, tend to pour into Europe. They do this in three ways. Some (including, I suspect, a few o
  13. We wish. The reaction of one of the Mosques at the centre of the scandal is staggering. No acceptance of responsibility. No condemnation of the scumbags exposed espousing hate. Just manufactured outrage, victim hood and worst of all, denial. How typically Muslim. When will Islamic leaders, institutions and communities start taking responsibility for the sickness within their societies... Green Lane Masjid PRESS RELEASE (16/01/2007) Re: Channel Four Dispatches Programme “Under Cover Mosque” (15/01/2007) It is extremely disappointing but not at all surprising that ‘Dispatches’ has chosen to port
  14. Daily Mail 25 January This is the REAL racism on Channel 4 Richard Littlejohn Channel 4 has done us all a great service this week in exposing the vile racism and hatred which lurks within British society. The camera has laid bare the vicious enmity which so many of our fellow citizens harbour towards those of different ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. But, no, I'm not talking about Big Brother, I'm referring to Dispatches, which was broadcast on Monday night. Secret filming of incendiary sermons at some of Britain's leading 'moderate' mosques reinforced the findings of Sue Reid's inve
  15. NoorFatima I have no problem, I agree with you. People are either born gay, or become gay. I, unlike many of the bigoted retards who call for the murder of gays actually work with a few of these people and know them well. The one thing they all say is that they haven't CHOSEN to be gay. They all believe they were made that way. If you believe that some people are born gay then surely you believe they are as your 'god' made them. Therefore, how can you reconcile that with the fact that so many of your 'brethren', indeed your most senior ‘scholars’ call for the murder of these human beings? Yes,
  16. You're suggesting that homosexuals are born gay!
  17. Why, unless they're untrue? If they are then you can refute them, with facts, rather than 'non-posts'.
  18. So someone's dug-up some small-time, crazy, hate-filled crank. Can anyone produce a single, mainstream, Christian leader supporting this filth? Can anyone show huge numbers of Christians support this filth? Can anyone produce any verse in the New Testament justifying this action? No. That's the difference. Main-steam Islamic leaders regularly preach hate, intolerance, vengeance, violence and killing. They quote the Koran and Hadiths to support this. And millions of Muslims support their views. Don't try to compare Christianity to Islam. It's in a different moral and philosophical league.
  19. Doesn't "Murtaad" mean someone who 'good' Muslims are religiously bound to kill? So are YOU a 'good' Muslim? Are YOU one of your god's little killers? Your religion mocks itself dude, as you so eloquently highlighted in your post. What a religion! :!!!:
  20. Gay sheep are disgusting perverts who make a conscious choice to commit buggery for personal gratification. It is a fact that a single gay sheep will corrupt a whole flock in no time, abusing lambs and spreading disease. I am researching fatwas to see whether pushing a wall on top of them, stoning them or beheading them is the most Islamic way of killing these sickos. I also suspect that a kebab made from the flesh of these sodomising animals is haram, and will be asking Ali, my local doner-kebab van driver some pertinent questions.
  21. The Sunday Times December 31, 2006 Science told: hands off gay sheep Isabel Oakeshott and Chris Gourlay Experiments that claim to ‘cure’ homosexual rams spark anger SCIENTISTS are conducting experiments to change the sexuality of “gay” sheep in a programme that critics fear could pave the way for breeding out homosexuality in humans. The technique being developed by American researchers adjusts the hormonal balance in the brains of homosexual rams so that they are more inclined to mate with ewes. It raises the prospect that pregnant women could one day be offered a treatment to reduce or eli
  22. There is no longer a death penalty in Britain. There was, technically one for treason and if I remember rightly, for bombing a Naval Dockyard, but that is no longer the case. In any case, no one has been executed here for decades. I never said anyone should be locked up for posting a view, only for incitement to murder. But it doesn’t matter what I say, we already have laws here which would lock people up for incitement and we've finally got a few nasty Islamists safely in prison thanks to those laws. And what makes you think that I am the son of an immigrant (if that is even relevant)? Poor
  23. No doubt they're watching you... There is no death penalty in the EU nor in most Western countries outside the US. So glad you're trying to make the US a better place. I wonder what sort of hell hole it would be if Muslims and not Christians had written the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. :!!!:
  24. I'd hope they would but I live in Britain. Would they still accept my complaint? I can tolerate anyone’s right to hold repugnant views. But not when those views seek to incite violence or murder. You’ll find that the law (in Europe anyway) follows that basic premise. Calling for the killing of gays and 'apostates' (whatever that means to you people) is unacceptable anywhere, even in France (if indeed you reside there), and rightfully attracts the attention of the police. People with such views have no place living in civilised societies. If they can't be deported then they should be jailed. Th
  25. Wow! You live in New York!!! :!!!: If I happen to believe that the Koran and Hadiths are the proclamations of a bunch of Medieval-Arab control-freaks, then I'm not going to be impressed by A Follower's 'proof' am I? Think about it. My views on homosexuals? I didn't realise I had any, other than believing Muslims have no right to kill them. You'll find that this is the consensus (and the law) in all civilised societies, including the USA. I suspect that you wouldn't dare spout your nasty little opinions in public in New York. It makes me laugh that people like you who have such a massive ch
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