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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I love seeing countries for myself. I was in Iran for almost a month late last year and learned so much more about that country and its problems by being there and talking to real Iranians than I ever could by reading newspapers and listening to the radio. On Sunday I'm off to Israel for a week for the first time. I'll be spending most of the time chilling in Eilat, but I'm going to do a 2 day sight-seeing trip to Jerusalem. As few Muslims ever get to go to Israel, and fewer have ever met or spoken to a real, live Israeli, I was wondering if there were any sensible questions anyone would put t
  2. Sorry I've annoyed you. I know you don't have to even answer any of my questions and I'm genuinely grateful that you have. The definition of "innocent" has often been tailored by people of all faiths to justify killing civilians. This was the reason for me being so pedantic. Path2Felicity, you have to understand that I live in Europe where even Imams are regularly caught out, twisting their words to appear to be peace and democracy loving citizens to the general public before being secretly taped saying what they really mean. I’m here to learn something. Thanks for enlightening me.
  3. Thank you for responding. I'm trying to learn. You've helped me understand something.
  4. I think you're being unfair Path2Felicity. I'm not trying to twist anyone’s words. But I find it strange that so few Muslims are willing to come out and say "I believe that suicide bombing is wrong, period". I think that the vast majority of people of other faiths would be unequivocal about it But not it would seem Muslims. Is that not a noteworthy difference in values worth discussing?
  5. So does that mean that you disagree that suicide bombing is a route into your "martyrdom"? I'm not sure we're disagreeing. And you don't need to beat me over the head with Israel's actions. I’m no apologist for them. I think they behaved appallingly, as did Hezbollah by using the civilian population as cover in the first place.
  6. Your answer is ambiguous because the term “innocent” is subjective. At university I was actually a member of a pro-Palestinian group called ‘The Friends of Palestine”. I left in disgust and ceased to sympathise with the Palestinian cause when I learned most of the Palestinian members of that organisation believed that no Israeli citizen is 'innocent' and therefore all can be legitimately killed because Israel has national service. I’ve seen similar arguments used in Shia Chat. So forgive me if I’m still unclear about whether or not, as a Muslim, you think that suicide bombing is a route to ma
  7. If you asked a Christian to describe Martyrdom, they would tell you that it is dying, peacefully and without resistance, for ones beliefs. Only in Islam it is taken to mean dying whilst killing others. And yes, Israel did target civilian buildings, for reasons you are fully aware of. Hezbollah hide in the civilian population. They fire rockets from the top of civilian buildings. The Israelis took steps to warn the civilians to evacuate the areas before bombing civilian buildings. I often feel uncomfortable about the behaviour of Israel, but I accept that even they take precautions to avoid TAR
  8. Are we disagreeing? Didn’t I accept that the concept of martyrdom could be seen as honourable to the martyr's side? However, I started my post by stating that martyrdom means different things to different people. My problem is with suicide bombers and the fact that I often hear the term “martyr” used by Muslims to describe those people. Similarly, I’ve heard suicide bombings described as “martyrdom operations”, by Muslims, as I’m sure you have. And yes, every now and then, a Tamil Tiger blows themselves up. But let’s leave out the diversionary arguments; it’s a fact that Muslims have a virtua
  9. Of course they love living in the West. They just hate the West. When I was in primary school, there was this dirty kid from a dysfunctional family in my class. My Mom invited him to our house because she felt sorry for him. I tried to be kind to him, but all he did was mess up my room, steal stuff, beat me up and break my toys. Deep down, I think that there's some of that dirty kid from the dysfunctional family in many of the Muslims living in Europe. They like our 'house', but they want to destroy it. They want to make it the same as 'back home'. Then they won't feel inferior. It's sad, but
  10. Cool it. And what's with the personal insults? I'm on your side. I think Muslim societies should be left alone. "Yanks and Brits out of Iraq", that's what I say. Let Sunni and Shia kill each other. It's a bit like a 'self-cleaning' oven. Who knows, after a few centuries of being left alone in backwardness and violence, Muslims might finally progress enough spiritually and culturally to join the civilized world. What I don't like is Muslims coming to the West and lying that they like democracy and freedom, whereas lots of them, deep down, are filled with envy and violent hatred just like you 'U
  11. A martyr means different things to different people Path2Felicity? Let’s not bother with the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side arguments. Obviously, in most wars, most fighters believe they are fighting for the ‘right’ side. Let us consider only “honour”. I can imagine that a fighter who dies fighting armed combatants could be technically described as “honourable” or a ‘martyr’ by his ‘side’. But what about the guy who sneaks into a bakery or a café and blows himself up, deliberately TARGETING and killing unarmed non-combatants? Men, women and children? Is that "honourable" Path2Felicity? And before we
  12. I admire your honesty dude! ;) Now how about you convince your millions of bretheren living in Europe and America to be as honest as you've just been. Maybe it will be the motivation we need to begin kicking their militant asses out of our societies.
  13. Like many rabid Jew-haters, Greg would rather get into bed with the Devil than criticise other Jew-haters. You’ll find him supporting Holocaust deniers and Jewish conspiracy theorists just as comfortably as he defends suicide bombers. Greg, put your hatred to one side for a moment and think rationally. It takes courage to take responsibility for, and face up to one's actions. To endure pain, incarceration, fear and hardship for one’s beliefs takes strength and integrity. Blowing one’s self up requires none of the above. It really is the ultimate cowardly act. It is reported that many suicide
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