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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aoa everyone I want to update that Mashallah both our families have agreed after 3.5yrs and inshallah we are getting married next month alhumdulillah.
  2. Hi im in a need of advice from your or your friends or family experiences on how they resolved an issue of marriage to convince parents. So for privacy and safety reasons I would not be using our names. But I belong to a Hindu family (but converted Islam recently) my partner belongs to a Shia family and it's an obvious reason of their reaction. But we have been together for 6yrs (admitting our mistake) but now we want to get married and seek forgiveness from aswt for our mistakes. But to make the marriage valid we are having difficulties to convince our families. As they are not accepting me even though I live and pray as a Muslim. I don't know why but everybody had told me that you can't do this. But I ended up doing it and I'm really happy as well. Converting was a big step but I'm glad that I did it and found peace. I need help from you guys to let me know what is the possible way to convince his parents or if you had been in this situation or someone you know who had to deal with this. Please let me know, we won't give up and keep fighting to make it happen. It was a true relationship an both of us had been loyal to each other for all that time. We were waiting to get settled and then tell our families about it but things don't move according to our wishes. It has already been a very long time since we have been trying to make it work. PLEASE DON'T COMMENT ON WHAT WE HAVE DONE AS WE KNOW ITS HARAM BUT MOVING FORWARD WE WANT TO HAVE HALAL RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR PARENTS PERMISSION. Thank you
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