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  1. This is very nice and Wellcome step. I have watched his most of vedio.Defnitely he one of best' ,even though he has criticised Shias too.
  2. The whole world and particularly Muslim world is facing a state of confusion and instability.And it was duty of OIC to address and settle the issues of Muslims .But OIC has failed to solve any problem faced by Muslim nations that too when many of issues where amongst the Muslim nation themselves. What is the reason for this failure of OIC.
  3. My question was that, "is there any religious backing for celebration of Nourooz.
  4. I think we should Stop giving classification of Awlias. That too when it is very elusive subject.At most what we can do is discuss what scholars have said about it.
  5. We know that Iran and regional Shia celebrate Nourooz .And it seems that some Shia give it religious colour. Is there any religious reason for celebrating it? Or it is just cultural festival?
  6. Why did you removed my post. What was wrong in it. And you should have informed me before removing it.
  7. Brother act quickly before it is too late.you are right that many Zakir have hihjacked the real Islam and missled the poor people. Try to guide and educate local sensible persons so that you may be effective.
  8. Why you brought Sunnis in it. youare obseesed by Sunnis, you should read post patiently before giving knee jerk reply. My question was what is your understanding of willayah,
  9. Before going further about accepting willayah of Imam Ali , we have to think. Why this willayah of Imam Ali as is so Important when we had already Willayah Prophet saww. And what is the meaning and understanding of willayah? Is just saying Ali is my leader sufficient proof of accepting his Willayah? @eThErEaL @Salsabeel.
  10. There are many Ahadith which is common in Both Shia and Sunni. And it is not necessary that all Ahadith from Sunni sources is wrong.
  11. Brother my post was not why Islam split into two branches. I don't know how right are you in saying that it was will and plan of Allah that destined the splitting of Islam. But my Post was that we should leave behind our sectarian titles (Sunni and Shia) , and own one title as prescribed by Allah' and that' is Muslim. By calling ourselves Muslims instead of (Shia and Sunni) we may avoid and overcome the secterian prejudice and disunity.
  12. I completely agree with you that title is not so important for hereafter. And my suggestion was we should own "Muslim" title to overcome the hatred and disunity. Because we we follow Islam.
  13. May Allah grant the heaven to those killed in two mosques. And give patience to bereaved family. And wrath on the prepators of this act.
  14. Actually to we unite we should be wellversed with teaching of Qur'an and Ahlebayt as. Our denial for unity means our ignorance from Islam. And it needs true' knowledge of Islam like Imam Khomine had and who invited Shias and Sunni for unity.Abd even he further said that those who try to spread disunity are tools of kufr.
  15. You didn't got my question. What about those Prophets who don't call themselves Shia. And my q question was Both Shia and Sunni should giveup their titles and own one name and that is Muslim (instead of Shia and Sunni).
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