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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You are wrong. Being selfish is moral sin.Defnitly a true human we'll never be selfish. That too a true believer can never bhi a selfish
  2. Being selfish is a moral sin.And not guiding one to eternal bliss is too a selfishness. For eternal bliss one needs to submit to Allah. So desiring and striving of eternal bliss and inviting others is selfishness. In addition after Holy Prophet saw who's duty is to convey the message of Allah and guide non-Muslims towards Allah. What is our duty.And how much we have fullfill it.
  3. Is it recommended or permissible to read supplications in English.
  4. Seal is a sea animal. Is seal Halal or Haram?
  5. Salam sister. To be precise I will sau why at first the friend of Becca will do Iskikhara when Becca didn't asked her to do so. The solution lies with Becca herself, she has to think and decide about her future life.Now if by thorough thinking she couldn't come final decision.Then she might ask for Iskikhara. I don't feel doing rpeated Iskikhara is right.Ist result is last. May Allah help and guide her in this situation.
  6. Thanks.Yes we don't have any figure.Is there any responsibile system or authority to confirm.
  7. We know paying zakat and khums is mandatory on all who have surplus yearly income. How much weath we can generate if khums is will be paid by all all those whose income is enough that they come under it. Will it be enough to eliminate depravation in Shia Muslims. So it may also help in overall development and prosperity of muslims. @Mahdavist @Sirius_Bright @ShiaMan14 @Abu Nur @layman @El Cid
  8. You are best judge.If you feel that your religion won't compromise and you can preach and invite them then it's ok. But if you feel your religion then your hearafter is compromised then leave the country.
  9. The following passage from by Dr Farrokh may help to clear it question. Don’t waste yourselves! We are not allowed to assign ourselves as the suppressed! Our goal is to incorporate Allah’s attributes within ourselves. As to the medium through which this can optimally be actualised, we shall answer that during future sessions, inshallah. However, the concept of the mustad’af still requires further deliberation. The mustad’af is one whose journey to perfection and whose objective and goal to be Allah-like has been compromised. Their freedom has been hampered either out of their own doi
  10. If there is threat to your religion .Then leave the country.
  11. Just declearing Ali is my Imam isnot sufficient. Willayah of Imam is the means understanding and acknowledgiing Unity of Allah. Rather ones Jannah and he'll lies how much one has attained proximity to Allah through following the Quran and Imams .
  12. You didn't said how to do it.I mean how we should use the social media to Convey the Shia understanding of Islam. I mean what things or belief system we that will most effectively attract them to Shia Islam. If we any weakness that Hinder their conversion. Do you any religious custom that donoy appeal the inteecllect of people or acts as hindrence for their conversion or accepting our view. I
  13. This is a nice I dea. How to create the network.Who is our Target population. Hope you will elobrate. What I understood that you want put Shia understanding of islam to the people.
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