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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mr.. Just read it with open mind. I never said Hihest position in Prophets. Rather I used term highest rank in common people.
  2. Shariah consider drinking of wine as sin. And using wine word to convey message is not sin. I have read many poems of Khomeini and never come acroos any poem which has homosexual content.
  3. Most of the urafas have used similar words in their poetry over hundreds .Despite knowing some common people criticise it. Non of the Arif paid heed to what common people say. Now do you mean all them are wrong and you are correct. The are Arif means atrained highest position that common individual can achieve before Allah. Now we common people who are drowned in all sorts of sin and ignorance criticise Arifs. Does it hold sense.
  4. What wrong they said.The followed and taught true Islam.And thank Allah we recognised them.
  5. How can you explain the beauty of world or female and sky ,moon flowers to blind who have never seen it or smelled it. You have to use some language that he understands so that you can convey it. Even then you can never convey the real thing which you see. Can we convey the feeling of pain or love in words to one who has never percieved it.
  6. I have read many poems but didn't come acroos any which is against ethics. If you have any let me know.
  7. It is order of Allah no one can challenge it. If one really loves other. Then what stops him to marry and then enjoy life.
  8. Mr... Love is different thing and homo. Is different. Even true love with opposite sex never nothi to do with lust and so. Our problem is mixing love with s*x
  9. Where did Imam said using these terms is sin. Where did any mujtahid called it heretic. Why should you dictate terms how to express Love. Hope the following paragraph of commentry on poetry of Khomeini ra will help you. O You saqi! Fill up my cup With wine to cleanse my soul! For my soul is overflowing, Flowing over with passion for fame. Fill up my cup with the wine Which annihilates this soul, Which expels the cope of intrigue And my well-laid traps from being. Even knowledge and gnosticism become hijab (veil, barrier) for him who sees and seeks nothing but the Truth (God) and he wants to tear up this veil, too, because knowledge and ‘irfan are holy only if they can be a road to Him, otherwise, they have no per se value: In the tavern, learning and mysticism have no way, For in the station of the lovers, fallacy has no way. And: When from the gnostic realm I came, I saw all that had been in vain, All that we’d heard or studied of, Was vain, after I came to love. While all regard gnosticism as the only road to reach Him, he (Imam Khomeini) is so monotheistic that he even sees ‘irfan as a barrier and declares it null and void. He wants the plain Truth, and since the bare Truth is nothing but the sacred Essence of the Friend, everything else is null and void
  10. I sorry if I am not able to convey you. Let me explain in simpler words. Who decide about what' he has composed. It is know arround 30 yeras since he passed.And no one decided. Ok tell me what is your personal view on his poetry. And it is not only Khomeini ra. But Mohammed Hussain Tabatabaie ra author of Al Mizan the highest Shia commentry of Qur'an. He too has poetry expressing his love for Allah .He too praised and love sofis. Is he too heretic.
  11. Let Allah decide weather love of Khomeini ra was right or wrong. That was his personal . There is nothing like fisq in it.
  12. At least metion what is his mistake. Is loving Allah to extent that one become like drunkard mistake.
  13. I have read most of poetry of Khomeini ra.And almost all poetry of Khomeini is like that. So before judging some one and giving judments do a research they give results. Can you say . How does one expresses love
  14. It is unfortunate that you have miss understood the the poetry. If you read poetry of Imam Khomeini ra where he uses same terms to express his love for Allah. But they use these terms metaphoric way . Because the language donot have any other word to covey the message.
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