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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. canon Eos 50d, post processing in Lightroom and photomatix. thanks for the comment.
  2. i live in sydney, and have been here all my life.... but i love melbourne.... if you want religion within an american cultural setting.... then Sydney....if you want a truly cultural city, more like Europe and less like .....<insert name of american city with gangsters and UFC wrestling want to be's> then Melbourne..... not a fair comparison.... i love my rugby league but sport is about both team skills and individual skills, and im sorry to say, football (ie soccer) are more skillfull than rugby league players.... do you think Mick Weyman can perform the things that say..... Torres o
  3. some photos from the south west and south of England Penzance in HDR IMG_5984_5_6 by dragonsfan, on Flickr IMG_5981_2_3 by dragonsfan, on Flickr IMG_5978_79_80 by dragonsfan, on Flickr penzance marazion IMG_5961 by dragonsfan, on Flickr Lands End, United Kingdom IMG_5946 by dragonsfan, on Flickr Bath, United Kingdom Pulteney Weir, Bath by dragonsfan, on Flickr
  4. Salam my family and I moved to Bristol about 8 months ago from Sydney, Australia for work. It appears that i may have to move again, this time to London....what are the good suburbs in London to look for that have either a lot of Shia or Lebanese Shia. I know of Edgeware Road, but i dont want to be in central london.... our office are located next to Moorgate so i also dont want to be more than 60mins from work by public transport... any help will be appreciated. Wasalaam
  5. i would recommend CARLTON. Close to everything, good schools. safe. plus you dont get the idiot lebo factor as you would in Arncliffe/Banksia
  6. depends.... whats your degree? Can u write SQL?
  7. salam, if any one is interested i am hiring for the following role: We are seeking an experienced Application Support Analyst /Release Manager who is excited by the challenge to assist with delivering excellent IT service, application implementation and support. This is a dual role and your time will be split between both roles. It is important that you can fulfil the requirements of the Application Support Analyst role, and we are happy to deliver training for the release management. Requirements of the Application Support role include: • Experience working as part of a team to deliver qu
  8. Salam, Thanks for the info. Im joing a Australian Investment Bank to look after their IT operations I would be interested in: 1. Address of Msoque. Is it Shia or sunni? 2. Tips on where to live. Most ppl have recommended Clifton, that appears to be where most expats settle, so i am going to assume Clifton is very much a white anglo community? I'd prefer to be a little out from the CBD in the suburbs but no more than 30 mins by public transport. 3. What area/suburb are the halal butchers located in? thanks again Yeah... will be tuff... no rugby league in that area as well...i think one of the
  9. Salams all. I will be moving to Bristol from Australia in just over a months time for work. I will eventually be bringing my wife and my son (3 years old) along, once i have settled down and found a place. I'd like to make the transition as easy as possible for them, and a big part of that will be making contact with like minded people. If any one knows of Shia in the area could you please let me know. I understand that Bristol does not have a large Shia community so they will need to drive to other areas. I dont mind that, so if there are sisters who meet up on a regular basis in London or so
  10. Photos from Hurstville commemoration can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/13creativedragons/sets/72157623120294526/
  11. salaam congrats. Some great work there.
  12. im going to brag a little..... i took that photo!
  13. I say that all the time... Shia supporting the bulldogs is like a shia wearing the Israeli flag.
  14. Dragons suck...


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