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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @A true Sunni I think you have misjudged me brother, I have never even think about scheming or plotting against his first wife, I have just laid out the option he has given me , I have a doubt about it that's why I was reading about second marriages in Islamic pov and also wants opinions of different strangers because relatives and friends always attach their emotions while giving opinions. I am not a selfish person or want to lie with my loved ones, do you think its easy for me to just given up on all the wishes and dreams I had regarding my wedding? I have decided to give up on them but
  2. @Yama Nemati @Qa'im @Abu Hadi @notme @starlight @IbnSina Thank you so much for your advice , what I understand and now planned to do is try to inform the whole situation to my parents before taking any big step, and analyze whether the reasons of them refusing is Islamic or Un-Islamic. What I have judged him is that he bears good character and have good akhlaq and most importantly does not give up on things so easily. I admit he has problems with his first wife but they are not huge problems, his first marriage was a love-marriage and he still do loves her dearly and he has no plans of le
  3. The only reason for keeping it a secret for sometime is to avoid damaging his first marriage, where as we will inform my parents as soon as we have perform nikkah, we have not planned to keep it a secret forever and such things can never be hidden. As of your previous reply , they both have failed to create that understanding and he is in need of it that's why he was unintentionally looking for it and found that in me. Its not necessary that every married men or women is happy with his/her marriage but that doesn't mean he/she should leave him, and if Islam has allowed 4 marriages wh
  4. Trust me this is not some romantic fantasy I am 24 and he is 26 and way more mature than his age, we are sane adults but really wants to get married because we feel like we need each other, not in any sexual manner but for other kind of support in life. We know the consequences our decision we cause and it will be only because of our practiced customs. What I really wants to know is According to Islam is our moves right or wrong?
  5. Obviously our plan is not to live together as a big family, like I mentioned earlier, his employment is in the city where I live in and his first wife lives in other city away from him. His plan after we get married is to live with me and visit his other family once every 3-4 months and provide equal amount of money to both of his wives. I have no issue with that, he can visit his family when ever he likes but I honestly wants him to live with me longer... Is my this thinking right or not I am really in a dilemma here.
  6. According to my knowledge, Islam says that if father or guardian does not give consent to the nikkah due to any non-islamic reason (based on custom and tradition of the society) the girl CAN marry without the consent.
  7. Salam Brothers and Sisters, I am a 24 year old girl I have a job and currently living with my parents, obviously my parents wants me to get married to someone of their own choice, but I am interested in marrying a person who is 26 years old, is married and already has two children. I don't mind his first wife or his dear children and I am aware of all the rights she has over him. His current wife and children lives with his family in another city while he is currently living in the same city as me for 6 months now. He has good relationship with his wife and provide everything his wif
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