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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Everyone can see this guy is a fake. Support this if you want https://www.change.org/p/seven-west-media-seven-west-media-and-daily-mail-stop-presenting-mr-mohammed-tawhidi-as-a-muslim-leader
  2. This guy is a nutcase. He is still the same old attention seeking kid he was at school. And now he is trying to be famous and the Centre of it all to boost his ego. His live interviews are horrible. He isn't smooth as he thinks he is live on tv. His logic is non existent. He has no knowledge of Islam. And just same old Tawhidi arrogance. I think he lived in his father's shadow for a very long time. And he wasn't anywhere near what expected him to be like with his father being the community Imam and leader. So that explains all his quest for fame. Literally quest for fame. He doesn't have
  3. Because nobody seems to care. From any of the camps. Ive only ever seen this forum advise against and expose him. A friend of mine has good contacts within the Shirazi camps. He has shown a few of tawhidi' streets and Facebook posts to them. But they didn't really think anything major of it. He was quite surprised when he saw their reaction............
  4. WhatsApped my friend about this imposter as I just revisited his Facebook page after a long time. This guy is up to no good! He is going to make life hard for anyone who calls themselves Muslim, Shia or Sunni alike. He reminds me of another nut job in U.K., I forget his name. But he is also the same type of fake guy. Anyway, back to Brother Tawhidi as he first used to like being called, he had called some people to try beat up his dad because his dad wasn't letting him do things with an Aussie girl apparently. He got kicked out of school because he was a total waste of space. Wouldn
  5. This guy is from Perth, my close friends were in the same suburb as him. They say he was a total waste of time and oxygen at school, he sucked basically at everything. Was very rude and the likes. Got kicked out of school was messing around at home sent away to Qom and we know what happened next. They thought he would have changed, matured and smartened up coming back. They met him once after that and he was totally the same. Now with this turban on his head all of a sudden. He would curse Ayt Sistani at school apparently. This guy is total garbage
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