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  1. Yes but still i believe there is a sadaqah for this
  2. Allah huma salai ala muhammadin wa alai Muhammad 

  3. If istikhara comes bad for marriage but the person still wants to marry. Can they sacrifice sheep as sadaqah? Or is there any other way? Guys please help me on this with reference. Thanks
  4. If i am in wudhu or ghusl...and if i listen to music will my wudhu or ghusl break?
  5. Yes its allowed. But my recommendation is always avoid it and find a shia girl. Because in the end a shia mom will teach her about ahlulbayt a.s and teachings of masoom a.s which a sunni mother can't teach. There will always be a conflict in naming a child, praying way, breaking the fast at iftaar (timings), prostation on clay, and many more. Believe me things will conflict. i have personal experience. If you trouble finding a shia partner, i can recommend you put a profile on shiamatch.com Highly recommended Salam
  6. I saw myself saying salawat many times in my dream. What does it signify?
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