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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A related matter is that our Homeland Security failed muserabily as if it was invisible, All the Khulafah were killed , a great lesson that we should not let it happen in future.
  2. @Guest Nuha You have no other halal way that Allah has made in this situation. Just tell him about your proposal to marry. He will take you as second wife eyes closed if he is a salih person but beware if he is not he may lure you into a relationship that is not halal also. Rest finding a natural cause to seperate and all is not possible , its very impractical. So work of marrying him as second wife then show him how much you love him. There is no other way No forum No such dua Nothing No counsel No crying No suffering more will solve your problem. I'm warning you don't stay in this situation You are very vulnerable. Just talk to him about marrying you that is it. Trust me there is no halal and practical solution anyone can ever give you.
  3. I think we have a final conclusion, you want to be with him by All means possible, but if you make dua and all that he seperates there is less chance. For a sure time with him , You will have to be his second wife. No other way out of your situation.
  4. So you want to marry him? I mean do you want to be his second wife? You can talk to him regarding and solve the issue. You explain to him and sacrifice what you can to marry him. Explain things to him, He would not mind taking a second wife. A very rational approach. Don't mind i'm just proposing a solution. with all due respects to you.
  5. I had made niyyah of marrying her 10+ years back and never talked to her before that even though i loved her. I approached her after i was in a stable career. She had already chosen a path and ditched my pure feelings and way of Sunnah for same kind of person who met you. It is a test from Allah, the result of which will effect who Allah has made you for. Make Tawbah and Ask Allah to help you. Remember Everybody of us will be tested.
  6. Nuha you sound very familiar to a person i have met in the past. She had very similar past as you then she hid it from me. We became very familiar I wanted to marry her even sent my parents for Nikah at the house because i liked her. She turned me down and rebuked/insulted my father and me for same kind of person and said she can't forget him. I have been in depression since last year. Wallahi it is a great trail. I have lost all respect in front of my parents and her parents just because she had same past also my niyyah was pure. Please make sure you don't ruin someone else life. Do tawbah from what you have done and ask help from allah and wait for his help.
  7. You can compare these also, check the pixelated images currently used and how they are loosing quality. I have tried to improvise one on the left
  8. You can compare the image quality The one on left is what i have tried to do, the one on right is the current image/ logo
  9. The above is the same as current logo but the quality of image has been drastically improved for website banner. The current image has heavy loss of pixels and quality. You can compare the images. (optional) The small green logo is also highly improved yet optional for twitter and facebook banners.
  10. I have tried to make revisions to the logos/banners
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